Tonight on the podcast: Jeff Wouters is hands-on with #windows10 & #nanoserver

We have a live show tonight! Please join us as we chat with PowerShell MVP Jeff Wouters about his hands-on experience with Windows 10, Nano Server, and more! Jeff Wouters, MVP Windows PowerShell, is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Automation Consultant at Methos. With over 10 years of IT experience, an MBA degree and two Master degrees, he sharesContinue Reading »


PowerShell… An exciting frontier…

PowerShell… An exciting frontier… These are the voyages of a PowerShell adventurer. Its continuing mission: To explore strange new cmdlets… To seek out new modules; new parameters… To boldly go where no one has gone before!” Richard’s log, stardate 2457163. Our destination for today is my very first post on As you can see,Continue Reading »

Philadelphia PowerShell User Group Meeting – June 4th 2015

Join us on Thursday, June 4th when Dave Wyatt, will present The basics of encrypting and decrypting data, including symmetric and public key algorithms, key management / sharing, and digital certificates. This talk will focus on doing so in the .NET Framework and PowerShell. About Dave Dave Wyatt has been in the IT business since 1999 andContinue Reading »

Survey Results: Source Control for the IT Professional

First off – thank you to everyone who participated in the version control survey! We’ve had a fun few weeks – Somehow the PowerShell Summit, Build, and Ignite were scheduled back-to-back-to-back. Among a host of other announcements and tidbits, we found that Microsoft has open sourced the DSC resources on GitHub, that Pester will beContinue Reading »

Mississippi PowerShell User Group Virtual Meeting – May 12th 2015

Join us virtually on Tuesday, May 12th at 8:30pm Central Time when PowerShell MVP Kirk Munro will present “A peek inside the Poshoholic’s toolbelt”. It’s easy to get excited about all of the new technologies that are being talked about these days.  PowerShell 5.  Windows 10.  Nano server.  .NET Core.  But none of these technologiesContinue Reading »

Survey: Source Control for the IT Professional [Results in]

Edit: The results are in. I was watching Don and Jeffrey’s PowerShell Unplugged session from Ignite the other day, and something stood out. At 30 minutes in, Don asked the crowd whether they were using source control. Based on the video, the crowd wasn’t big on source control. I work in IT. If I asked thatContinue Reading »

NYC User Group Restart!

After a long hiatus, NYC Powershell User-group is back. Tome and Sunny will be presenting 2 sessions This is the inaugural series of Tome’s 1-year residency on Powershell Concepts (Beginner to Advanced) Tome Tanasovski: Concept of Objects – Object Characterization – Everything is an object – Sorting, Grouping, Counting – Where-Object and ForEach Language FundamentalsContinue Reading »

Episode 298 – PowerScripting Podcast -Vaughn Stewart and Cody Hosterman from Pure Storage

Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Vaughn Stewart and Cody Hosterman from Pure Storage Interview – Rob on Twitter – Cody’s blog   Chatroom Highlights <halr9000> <halr9000> <halr9000> <halr9000> <halr9000>     Question Superhero: Vaughn – Mr.Continue Reading »

Setting up the DSC tools from Github

I have created a short blog series about how to setup the DSC tooling from the DSC repository. With the mindset of contributing changes.   Test-HomeLab -InputObject ‘The Plan’ Get-Posh-Git | Test-Lab Get-DSCFramework | Test-Lab Invoke-DscBuild | Test-Lab Test-Lab | Update-GitHub -David Jones   Related posts: Building a Desired State Configuration Pull Server Building aContinue Reading »

Tonight on the podcast: Adam Driscoll and Andre Sayre talk about PoshTools!

(edit @ 4:14 PM EDT: last minute guest change!) Live show happens tonight! Please join us as we talk with Adam Driscoll, PowerShell MVP, and Andrew Sayre, SDE at Microsoft’s Visual Studio Cloud Tooling team. The topic is a big one: PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio, aka PoshTools! As always, showtime is at 9:30 PM EDT,Continue Reading »