All this Summer, we’ve been encouraging your feedback in a series of Great Debate posts. Most of the topics came from the 2013 Scripting Games, where we definitely saw people coming down on both sides of these topics. My goal was to pull everyone’s thoughts together into a kind of community consensus, and to offer a living book of community-accepted practices for PowerShell. This’ll be a neverending story, likely adapting and growing to include more topics as the years wind on.

But here’s the start: DRAFT-2013Sep_Practices is the first draft, officially a Request For Comments, based on the comments you’ve all contributed to the Great Debate posts over these past few weeks. I tried to capture consensus where I saw it, and to outline both sides of the great back-and-forth we’ve seen.

NOTE: The cover image in this draft is just a placeholder; this book is NOT dedicated to error handling. Its working title is correctly shown on the page following the cover image.

I’m going to leave this post in place until October 1st. Please drop any comments you’d like to offer to the final first edition of this ebook, and let me know if there are any topics you’d like to see debated in the future. After October 1st, I’ll publish the final edition of this Practices guide as one of’s free ebooks. The final first edition will also become part of the next iteration of The Scripting Games, as its official “best practices” guide. In fact, you’ll notice in this draft that there are a couple of Games-specific comments, since the Games sometimes have different drivers than a production environment.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!