I’m in the midst of working on 10961C, the Windows Server 2012 R2 / Windows 8.1 / PowerShell 4.0 update of Microsoft’s 10961A/B course, “Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell.” I anticipate this being closed out by the end of November, 2013, so if you’ve taken or taught this course and have any feedback – even a typo – now’s the time to tell me. Drop a comment below, or e-mail me (if you have my address). Please, no Twitter replies on this one.

The course will not be substantially changed from the B rev; because PowerShell v4 doesn’t change much, especially at the entry-level covered by 10961, there wasn’t much to alter. But I’m trying to sweep up as many lingering bugs and typos as possible. Kudos to MCT Jason Yoder for firing over a list of fixes!

Some fun comments from the “A” rev feedback:

By day 3 (5 day class) most students felt over-whelmed.

There is not enough material.

Probably won’t be reconciling those two <grin>. Fact is, it’s really tough to write the perfect course for everyone, which is why having a live instructor who knows the material is so important to a great class.

No mention of filtering functions.

Because they’re largely “leftovers” that were succeeded by pipeline functions. That said, 10961 isn’t a programming course; that’s where 55039 picks up. If you’ve got folks who want programming taking 10961, they were placed into the wrong class.