Up Next: Vaughn & Cody from Pure Storage

As you guys know, we love to have vendors on the show who show strong PowerShell support in their products. Pure Storage is yet another example, so we are having them on to talk about their all flash storage array, and how it can be managed using their open source PowerShell toolkit! Joining us onContinue Reading »

Home Labs for the IT pro

Every IT pro needs a lab. It’s not just the fact that we all have a little mad scientist in us, it’s a playground for experimentation and learning. By “lab” I do not mean a formal test or dev environment, but a much more informal setting that typically goes before the “dev” part gets started.Continue Reading »

Philadelphia Meeting – March 26th 2015

We’re really excited to announce our special meeting coming up on Thursday, March 26th. Joining us in person will be PowerShell MVPs The Scripting Wife, Teresa Wilson, as well as Steven Murawski of Chef Software. While we may have other special guests drop by Steven will be presenting a talk on PowerShell Desired State Configuration, ‘Intermediate DSCContinue Reading »

March Omaha PowerShell User Group Meeting

This month we have several exciting things going on!  First, Trond Hindenes will be joining us via Lync from the great country of Norway for a presentation on Service Management Automation (SMA).  Trond is a Senior Consultant at Crayon who spends most of his non-snowboarding time working on Microsoft System Center, PowerShell, Active Directory, VirtualizationContinue Reading »

The fastest Powershell #2 : Count all users in Active Directory domain

Dear readers, This is the second post of “The Fastest Series” on Powershell.org, If you would like to read the first post of this serie please go to: The fastest Powershell #1 : Remove carriage return and replace with a comma http://powershell.org/wp/2015/03/04/the-fastest-powershell-1-remove-carriage-return-and-replace-with-a-comma/ Question: What is the fastest solution to count all the users in ActiveContinue Reading »

Episode 296 – PowerScripting Podcast – Joe Levy from Microsoft on Azure Automation

Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Joe Levy from Microsoft about Azure Automation Interview Azure Automation blog posts Azure Automation and DSC Channel 9 video Azure Automation getting started guide   Chatroom Highlights <Vern_Anderson> ## Does Azure automation just expose SMA or is it it’s own thing <aleksandar_> ##Continue Reading »

The fastest Powershell #1 : Remove carriage return and replace with a comma

Dear readers, This is my first post of “The Fastest Series” on Powershell.org, The goal is to measure different techniques to perform a specific task and returns the fastest. All these measures are performed with the same task, under the same conditions, in the same environment and with the same criteria, it’s just about pure SPEED.Continue Reading »

February 2015 NoVa PSUG Meeting Notes

Matt had to cancel so we had a mini-scripting games. Bellow are the challenges.   Challenge 1 Generate a list of US Presidents sorted by last name alphabetically. Hints: Invoke-WebRequest http://www.presidentsusa.net/presvplist.html Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.HtmlWebResponseObject Challenge 2 Create a DSC Configuration that verifies the w32time service is set to Automatic startup and is in a Running state.   SomeContinue Reading »

Up Next: Joe Levy from Microsoft talks about Azure Automation!

Tomorrow night we’ll be returning to Azure once more, this time with Joe Levy: Joe Levy is a Program Manager on the Automation and Integration team of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise division. He has expertise in PowerShell, PowerShell Workflow, System Center, Azure, and the Azure Pack. He is a graduate of Duke University, with a degreeContinue Reading »

PowerShell Summit Europe Registration

Registration for PowerShell Summit Europe will commence on February 27th, 2015 at roughly 12:01am server time (I believe the server is in a Pacific time Azure datacenter). We will be limited to roughly 100 attendees. I want everyone to understand the basic rules of engagement for this. Setting up and running this event involves significantContinue Reading »

Episode 295 – PowerScripting Podcast – June Blender from SAPIEN Technologies

Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to June Blender from SAPIEN Technologies Interview https://www.sapien.com/software http://www.sapien.com/blog/ Chatroom Highlights <halr9000> https://www.sapien.com/software <halr9000> https://www.sapien.com/software/powershell_studio <JonWalz> http://www.amazon.com/T-Mobile-Nokia-Lumia-635-Contract/dp/B00LIWB34Q/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1423795422&sr=8-3&keywords=unlocked+lumia+635 <halr9000> https://www.sapien.com/software/powershell_helpwriter <migreene> List of phones on the testing list for WP10 – http://blogs.windows.com/bloggingwindows/2015/02/12/announcing-the-first-build-of-windows-10-technical-preview-for-phones-2/ <halr9000> http://www.sapien.com/blog/ <halr9000> http://www.ted.com/talks/daphne_koller_what_we_re_learning_from_online_education?language=en <jhofferle> MIT OpenCourseWare has a lot of good stuff.Continue Reading »