About Us

PowerShell.org is owned and operated by PowerShell.org, Inc., a Nevada not-for-profit corporation. The corporation is owned by members of the community – until the end of our first fiscal year (ending June 2013), we offered shares of the corporation to help raise operating capital. We also award shares in the corporation to those who do the most to help build our community.

Our shareholders meet annually to elect our Board of Directors, which currently consists of Don Jones (Chairman), Richard Siddaway, Kirk Munro, Jeffery Hicks, and Jason Helmick. Our Board, in turn, appoints our CEO, who is currently Don Jones. The CEO appoints other executive positions, including Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer Jason Helmick, and Chief Community Officer Richard Siddaway.

Our COO’s primary responsibility is the PowerShell Summit, while our CCO manages The Scripting Games and connects with local user groups.

Our Board also appoints (or confirms our President’s appointment of) a Secretary (Jeff Hicks), Treasurer (Teresa Wilson), and Vice-President (Jason Helmick). These positions report nominally to the Board itself, and don’t typically have specific day-to-day duties.

The mission of PowerShell.org, Inc. is to provide educational resources to the global PowerShell community, and to provide assistance and resources to local and regional PowerShell user groups. We hold in-person and virtual events, including our annual PowerShell Summit and The Scripting Games, and we help other groups hold their own events. As a standalone corporation, PowerShell.org, Inc. is not intended to make a profit, but instead exists so that it can become a self-maintaining, perpetual resource that is independent of Microsoft and of any individual.

We are financially supported in part by proceeds from the PowerShell Summit and related in-person events, and largely by the generous donations of corporate sponsors. In exchange, our sponsors receive advertising space on the site and in our monthly TechLetter, and have the opportunity to participate in promotional events like The Scripting Games, Dr. Scripto’s Fun Book, and so on. We hope you’ll take the time to check out our sponsors and see what products and services they have to offer.