Association for Windows PowerShell Professionals


You are viewing preliminary information. Additional information and the member Web site will become available in Q2 of 2014. is the driving force behind the Association for Windows PowerShell Professionals (yes, it’s AWPP for short), a professional development association designed to help make Windows PowerShell a more reliable, efficient part of organizations’ production environments. The Association has a mission consisting of three main components:

  • Education: We seek to provide cutting-edge education focused on the practical, real-world use of Windows PowerShell in business environments
  • Certification: We will provide professional, peer-reviewed verification and certification of our members’ Windows PowerShell knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Reflection: We facilitate an expert-driven peer review process to foster community and professional standards

Membership in the Association is USD750.00 per year. In support of our three main mission components, your annual benefits include:

  • Admission to one PowerShell Summit event each year*
  • Annual VERIFIED EFFECTIVE™ certification**
  • Script reviews through our Peer Review Panel

The AWPP Web site is available exclusively to members, and is used to access your membership benefits, renew your membership, and stay up to date with association news.

Association membership is a wonderful way to maintain a strong connection with the broader Windows PowerShell community, to show your professionalism with Windows PowerShell, and to demonstrate your commitment to operational automation in a Microsoft-based environment.


Fine Print
* Effective June 2013. PowerShell Summit events held after June 2013 are open only to Association members. Members are guaranteed a place at their designated PowerShell Summit event unless informed otherwise prior to paying their membership fee. If you change the Summit event you wish to attend, you will be able to verify availability prior to committing the change.
** One certification attempt per year; $200 per attempt thereafter or for non-members