PowerShell.org, Inc. 2015 Shareholder Meeting Roundup

I wanted to provide a quick wrap-up of the Annual Shareholder Meeting that we just concluded. We had a quorum of shareholder votes present online or by proxy, and we made some important decisions that I want to share with the community overall. One, we voted to amend the organization’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws to make some important structural changes. These are absolutely in line with our original intent for the organization, and reflect how we’ve actually done things, but now they’re “law.” The first was to remove any legal possibility of corporate funds being paid out to shareholders; all […]

The Scripting Games: Here’s What’s Happening

I know a lot of folks have been wondering about when the next Scripting Games will be. It’s a complicated answer… so bear with me for a minute while I unburden my soul to you. If you prefer to just skip the explanations, you can skip a bit to see what we’re doing, part 1. The Background I’m not sure how long Microsoft’s Scripting Guys ran The Scripting Games, but it goes back at least to 2006. Back then, the focus was on VBScript, it wasn’t until a year or so later that a parallel PowerShell track was started, and another […]

Why Remoting vs. SSH Isn’t Even a Thing

As you’ve probably read, Microsoft recently announced that they’re getting on board with SSH, and that they’ve plans to, in some future-and-unspecified version of Windows, include a default SSH server and client. Some folks have taken to the Twittersphere rejoicing this decision, even though I suspect they’ve no idea why Microsoft is doing it. Others have suggested that this is the downfall of Remoting (management via WS-MAN), because who would want that when you’ve got SSH? And so now I have to write this. First of all, let’s speculate – with some objectivity – why Microsoft is getting involved with SSH […]

DON’T Start Learning PowerShell?!?!?

Jason Helmick and I were recently up in Redmond recording a Microsoft Virtual Academy series entitled, “Building Your Datacenter One DSC Resource at a Time.” While we were there, we decided to film a tongue-in-cheek promo for the series that started with the premise that, “if you haven’t already learned PowerShell, you missed the bus.” Obviously, there’s a bit more to the story. No related posts.


We’ve had a number of people ask about a self-assessment for their PowerShell Toolmaking skills. We’ve decided to publish one, just once, in July. Here’s how to get it. Related posts: VERIFIED EFFECTIVE PowerShell Toolmaker Exam – Open for Summit Alumni (Read Carefully) Public Beta for PowerShell “Toolmaker” VERIFIED EFFECTIVE Exam The Future of PowerShell.org’s VERIFIED EFFECTIVE Program Let’s Make a PowerShell Job Interview Quiz. C’mon and Help.

Major Changes to DSC Pull Server Configuration IDs

Configuration IDs – Globally Unique Identifiers, or GUIDs, that DSC nodes use to identify themselves to a pull server – have always been a limiting factor in DSC design and architecture. In the April 2015 preview of WMF5, however, Microsoft has completely overhauled Configuration IDs. If you’re working with DSC, this is must-have information. No related posts.

What’s it Like at PowerShell Summit?

Ever wonder what it’s like to attend PowerShell Summit? Attendee Tommy Maynard blogged about his entire experience – including the build-up anticipation prior to the event – and it’s a great set of reads. Check it out. No related posts.

Why is Remoting Enabled by Default on Windows Server?

There was a brief and lively discussion on Twitter recently stemming from someone asking for advice on how to convince management to turn on Remoting. “Fire Management, if they have to ask” was apparently not an option, although it should have been. I mean, at this stage, you either know the value of PowerShell and its Remoting technology, or you’re being willfully ignorant. But that wasn’t where the discussion got lively. No related posts.

Management Information: The OMI/CIM/WMI/MI/DMTF Dictionary

Not too long ago, over on DonJones.com, I wrote an article that tried to explain some of the confusion between Microsoft’s World of Management Instrumentation – e.g., WMI, OMI, CIM, and a bunch of other acronyms. I glossed over some of the finer details, and this article is intended to provide more specificity and accuracy – thanks to Microsoft’s Keith Bankston for helping me sort things out. CIM and the DMTF Let us begin with CIM. CIM stands for Common Information Model, and it is not a tangible thing. It isn’t even software. It’s a set of standards that describe […]

Observations from our PowerShell Summit VERIFIED EFFECTIVE Exam

We offered our first in-person, proctored VERIFIED EFFECTIVE exam at PowerShell Summit in April 2015, located in Charlotte, NC. While the exam is not intended as a diagnostic or learning tool, there are definitely some observations I can share from glancing through some of the submissions so far. First, the exam isn’t easy. 31 people signed up to take it (our room capacity; more would have if we’d had space), and only 12 turned in submissions. Of those, fewer than 5 are probably going to pass by the end of the grading process. If you don’t know what [CmdletBinding(SupportsShouldProcess=$True)] does, then […]

Microsoft Publishes DSC Resource Kit in GitHub

When Microsoft first released the DSC Resource Kit (in Wave 10 as of this writing), they opened the door to community contributions. Our own PowerShell.org GitHub repo consists partly of DSC resource that used Microsoft’s code as a baseline, and then corrected problems or expanded capabilities. What we never had was a way for Microsoft to circle back, pick up those enhancements, and include them as part of an official future Resource Kit Wave. Now, we do. No related posts.

PowerShell Summit Europe VENUE CHANGE

We’re announcing a venue change for PowerShell Summit Europe 2015. Although we’re very appreciative to Microsoft for offering the use of their office in Kista, our registration velocity warrants a larger venue, and gives us the opportunity for a more central location. Dates are not changed. We will be at the Scandic Klara hotel, which is near to the HTL Kungsgaten, both of which has sleeping room available as of this writing. Both are as close as we can get to Stockholm Central station, and both are near a tram line. We are recommending that attendees reserve sleeping rooms immediately. A government […]

A Quick PowerShell Summit Europe Update (spread the word!)

First: Because e-mail these days is actually unreliable, what with spam filters and all, please know that we’re relying on you to keep yourself informed on Summit updates. Following the Summit category on PowerShell.org, and watching the @PSHSummit Twitter account, are the reliable means of doing so. First: Summit Europe is happening. There was some confusion because a draft blog post from a month ago got resurrected somehow, but the Summit is on. Second: We’re almost sold out. I think we literally have 2 or 3 seats left. There was a rush over this past weekend. Third: We’re exploring other venues in Stockholm […]