Shortly – announcing the NA 2015 Summit speakers and agenda

We’ve been working feverishly to go through all the great presentation abstracts and make our selections. Everyone submitted really good abstracts, so if don;t receive an email by the end of the week, please understand that we only had so much room available.  This has been a difficult process, but we think we have built an excellent show for the NA 2015 PowerShell Summit. We will be sending emails to the accepted speakers for confirmation by the end of the week.  WE will then post the agenda after we have had confirmation.   No related posts.

Announcing – PowerShell Hyper-V CookBook – Free!

Fellow PowerShell MVP and author Jeff Hicks has released a free ebook on PowerShell and Hyper-V which was sponsored by Altaro. The ebook is a cookbook style of recipes for managing a Hyper-V infrastructure and virtual machines. The eBook briefly discusses how to you use each recipe. All scripts and functions are included in a separate zip file.Visit to learn more and download your free copy. Cheers! No related posts.

Last Call for speaker submissions for the 2015 NA PowerShell Summit

This is the last call for speaker submissions to the 2015 NA PowerShell Summit due on September 15th. We haven’t received the amount of submissions we would have expected, so if we don’t get enough submissions, then we’ll run a single-track event or… perhaps none at all. This is a venue for the community, and if there’s no participation, we may need to skip 2015 and try again in 2016. This is a labor of love (read unpaid) for the people that organize the event but we need your support by sending in submissions that you are willing to present. […]

Urgent – Why you should speak at the 2015 NA PowerShell Summit.

I was speaking at TechMentor last week – a great and well-run conference – and it seemed I was overly using the phrase “You should speak at the PowerShell Summit”. I enjoy meeting old friends and making new ones at conferences, it’s one of the pleasures of working with people I enjoy the most. I not only learn about the latest challenges that the attendees face, but I learn very product specific knowledge from them. It feels like they should be the ones on stage talking about their latest foray into some deep dark corner of IT. That’s when I […]

Call for Presentations for PowerShell Summit North America 2015

The PowerShell Summit is the number one conference where PowerShell enthusiasts gather and learn from each other in fast-paced, knowledge packed presentations. PowerShell experts from all over the world including MVP’s, Guru’s, community leaders and PowerShell team members, will once again join together for a few days in Charlotte, North Carolina to discuss and learn how about maximizing PowerShell in the workplace. If you want to share your PowerShell expertise or story, then this is your official call to submit presentations for selection! PowerShell Summit North America 2015 will be held April 20-22 2015 at the Microsoft Campus in Charlotte, […]

NA 2014 PowerShell Summit wrap-up and speaker slides

This years North American PowerShell Summit was an amazing event, not only because of the outstanding speakers and sessions, but also because of you – the attendees. The enthusiasm you brought from the first mornings welcome to the evening events – like Iron Scripter – was contagious. Even the PowerShell.Org organization team, which was very tired by the time the Summit launched, got re-energized by everyone’s excitement.  How can I forget Kendall Maddox winning that amazing trophy from the Iron Scripter event! The speakers from both Microsoft and around the world brought the latest and best information about PowerShell. As […]

New tools in my toolbox!

Much like a top mechanic, I keep a well-organized toolbox filled with up-to-date, high quality tools, ready to tackle any management, troubleshooting or automation project of the day. With the recent release of SAPIEN Technologies new 2014 lineup, I have some new tools and updates. Wanna’ see what’s in my toolbox? I’m happy to show you around on one condition. I’m interested in what you have in your toolbox, so share and we can discuss! As an admin working heavily with products such as Microsoft Exchange, Exchange Online, System Center and others, I find that I need many different tools […]

The N.A. 2014 PowerShell Summit Agenda is released!

Have you been wondering what the agenda for the N.A. 2014 PowerShell Summit was going to be? Been waiting to purchase that golden ticket? The wait is over!  We now have the complete agenda, speakers and titles for the PowerShell Summit NA 2013. Make sure to check the PowerShell Summit Agenda page for updates and a full agenda with session abstracts! You certainly don’t want to miss any of the special events! We would like to thank all speakers that sent in abstracts for the summit. We wanted to have all of you! Refer to the official page for the […]

Speaker agreements for the N.A. PowerShell Summit have been sent!

Before Don pokes his head in to the secret list and starts leaking names again, we will be officially announcing the speaker lineup and agenda as soon as we receive signed agreements back. We were overwhelmed with session titles and abstracts, many more than we anticipated – thank you ALL for actively participating and offering to speak at the PowerShell summit. I think when you see the final list, you will find a great balance of Microsoft Team members, MVP’s, Guru’s and non-MVP’s – all joining together for a great PowerShell summit. Make sure to follow the latest news and […]

My review of Microsoft Exchange 2013 PowerShell Cookbook

We all agree that PowerShell is an amazing real-time and automation management tool. While many of us focus on the in-depth workings of our favorite tool, the real test is in its everyday use managing the products we are responsible for – Exchange being one of mine. Many of you already know that the Exchange team invested heavily with implementing PowerShell starting with Exchange 2007. This was an enormous risk considering that most admins would not begin adoption of PowerShell for a few more years. The maturity of the cmdlet implementation – the ability to perform every task with the […]

MVA PowerShell Jumpstart 2 Scripts for Aug 1st.

If you are joining Distinguished Engineer Jeffrey Snover and Myself for the second PowerShell Jumpstart – then grab these scripts if you want to follow along. These are learning scripts that will be used throughout the presentation for demonstration purposes. MVA Jumpstart 2 Scripts See ya Aug 1st! Jason Related posts: A special presentation on getting started with PowerShell But wait – there’s more! Scripting and Toolmaking on Aug 1st.

But wait – there’s more! Scripting and Toolmaking on Aug 1st.

Microsoft Virtual Academy will be broadcasting a live presentation of PowerShell scripting and toolmaking. In this presentation, Distinguished Engineer Jeffrey Snover and Senior Technologist Jason Helmick will get you started turning your automation scripts into reusable tools that look and feel just like cmdlet’s. This fast paced presentation will be loaded with best practices and guidelines for making Advanced Functions and building modules that can be shared with your entire administrative team. Start building your own solutions for your custom business needs and let PowerShell take you to the next level. You don’t want to miss this! Full Page Link: […]

A special presentation on getting started with PowerShell

Microsoft will be broadcasting a live special presentation – one that can’t be missed by anyone learning and using PowerShell. In fact, they will be broadcasting two events, which I will explain – but here is why you can’t miss them. On July 18th in a live broadcast – The inventor of PowerShell, Distinguished Engineer Jeffrey Snover, along with myself, will be taking you through the ins-and-outs of using PowerShell for real-time problem solutions and automation. There will be a second presentation in August going further into scripting, automation and building tools (cmdlets) – solutions to hand to other admins, […]

Maintaining scripts and version control

So, here is a problem that has started affecting Admins working with PowerShell. It’s a problem that Developers have solved for years, and expert PowerShell automation/toolmakers have followed suit. For the newer scripter a problem you’re going to start to have is maintaining scripts over time – especially after months of changes. Imagine maintaining a module or script, making a change or adding a new function – everything seems to work fine, then two months later someone says – “Hey that script doesn’t work anymore!”  Oh my god, what change did I make last March 3rd – I have no […]

Need something to read while on vacation?

Here is something to do while sitting by the beach this summer – try out a new PowerShell book. Go ahead and take it for a spin. I haven’t read mine yet, so reviews are welcome and encouraged!  Here are the details: Packt Publishing are offering free copies of  Windows Server 2012 Automation with PowerShell Cookbook : in exchange for a review either on your blog or on the title’s Amazon page. Streamline routine administration processes Automate the implementation of entire AD infrastructures Generate automatic reports that highlight unexpected changes in your environment Monitor performance and report on system utilization in detailed graphs and […]