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PowerShell Summit North America 2015 Registration Information

Registration for PowerShell Summit North America 2015 will begin on October 30, 2014, and continue through March 30, 2015. Visit the main Summit page for registration links, event dates, and other information. The event will be at Microsoft’s offices in Charlotte, NC.

Please note that we will only be accepting around 100 registrations. Payment is via PayPal; if you cannot pay via PayPal, please contact Summit at for alternate arrangements (such as check). However, leave plenty of time – we must receive your payment by 30 March 2015 in order to process your registration.

We understand that some of you need specific communications about the event, so that your organizations can understand its value as a training opportunity. Please contact us via e-mail and we will be happy to assist by providing the appropriate brochure or other information.

Accepting Topics for PowerShell Summit North America 2015

We are still accepting session ideas for PowerShell Summit North America 2015, to be held in April 2015 in Charlotte, NC. However, time is running out – so if you’d like to submit (speakers get to attend for free, although we aren’t able to cover other expenses), then you need to get on the ball!

  1. Go to Create an account.
  2. You can always return to to login and access your abstracts.
  3. Click Abstracts
  4. Click Submit Abstract

Provide a title and description; descriptions must be 50-250 words. Set the Status to “Ready to Review” when you are ready to send your session to us for consideration.

PowerShell Summit Europe 2014 – Status

As of this post, we have filled slightly over 50% of our capacity for the PowerShell Summit Europe 2014. Registration closes September 15, 2014. If we do not reach at least 45 attendees (we’re at 26 now), then it is unlikely we will have a 2015 event in Europe.

We do plan to record all sessions. Recordings will intercept the speaker’s laptop output on its way to the projector, meaning it will be a high-quality, high-definition recording. A room microphone should do a good job of capturing speaker audio, and an acceptable job capturing Q&A, discussion, and other room audio. These recordings will be posted on the YouTube channel within a few weeks of the event conclusion. We do not plan to include instructor video, although for select sessions we may experiment with doing so. You should not have high expectations for that, as it will be standard-definition, composite video of fairly low quality. It will be added to the projector feed, and will not replace the projector feed.

We will create a blog post here containing any other session materials that speakers make available to us. Again, that will be made available within a few weeks of the event conclusion.

We will have a designated Sunday pre-mixer location, announced right here on, for folks who arrive Sunday afternoon or early evening and who want to hang out for a few hours.

Monday night will feature a DSC Hackathon, a lightly competitive group event where we’ll seek to create and debug a new DSC resource that’s been in-demand from the community; suggestions will come both from direct community requests and from the PowerShell team’s internal “to do” list. We will provide opportunities for offsite participants, although the event will happen in real-time based on the Amsterdam time zone. There will be no accommodation for folks in other time zones – you’ll just need to be awake at the right time.

Tuesday night will consist of an informal pub crawl, with several nearby places designated as stops.

As a note, we have fielded several request in the vein of, “are there plans to hold a Europe Summit in __(insert country name here)__?” The answer is “no,” as we simply have not begun planning a future event. Note, however, that we’ve received a roughly equal number of requests from pretty much every major country in the European Economic Community, and we will definitely not be holding the next event in all of them at once. If there’s evidence that folks simply won’t travel outside their own country or immediate region, then a pan-European Summit may be impossible to support going forward. We will instead rely on local enthusiasts running PowerShell Saturday or local PowerShell Forum events, and will try to support those to the best of our ability. It’s our deepest hope that an annual all-Europe event can be successful, and it is our intent to rotate it through suitable cities throughout Europe each year.

Video: An Entertaining Evening on the Art and Science of Writing Scripts in PowerShell

Cody Konior brought us this:

An entertaining evening on the art and science of writing scripts in PowerShell targeted especially for beginners.

Interspersed with live demos, we’ll glance through the basics such as variables, loops, and the pipeline, then briskly overview modules, remoting, a little SQL, and email control. All sample code will then be combined to solve* a “totally realistic scenario” with a Rube Goldbergian nightmare.

This is a once-off event of fun and frivolity not to be missed.

* Best practices not guaranteed.

Watch the video on YouTube.

PowerShell Summit 2014 Europe Registration Open Today

If you’re reading this, then registration for PowerShell Summit 2014 Europe should be open.

Please be sure to create an account using the attendee’s e-mail address, even if someone else will be paying. Summit attendance and all AWPP benefits are tied to the attendee e-mail address. Read the FAQ on the registration website if you need to pay by alternate means (other than PayPal), and contact Summit@ via e-mail if you have registration questions.

The account you create on the registration site will also provide access to the full agenda, session surveys, and other important items. Please remember your registered e-mail address and password. We suggest using a personal e-mail address to avoid high-powered spam filters at work. Save your confirmation e-mail, as you will need to print it and bring it on-site to the event.

All memberships are nonrefundable.

Remember that we have only 60 total attendee slots; that number cannot and will not expand, so please don’t wait until the last minute and then e-mail asking if we can accept “just one more” person. We can’t.

VERIFIED EFFECTIVE #PowerShell Exam Now Open to Everyone

Our VERIFIED EFFECTIVE Windows PowerShell Toolmaker exam is now open to everyone. The cost is $250, as the exam includes both automated grading and a human review element. Passed exams are considered valid for 2 years, and include an online confirmation that employers can use to check your status.

Visit to begin. Log in using one of the social network buttons provided, and then select the option to Purchase Exam Credits. You’ll walk through a couple of screens that explain how it works, provide you with an exam voucher code, and then walk you through the payment process. Your voucher code is activated once you pay – kind of like a gift card at a retail store. This is done so that you can give the voucher to someone else (e.g., if someone is paying for your exam).

Once you have an activated voucher code, you can redeem it anytime within one year. Redeeming it lets you review your selected program’s guide and prepare for your exam. Then, you can begin the exam anytime you want. The Toolmaker exam allows 6 hours to complete your exam assignment.

Good luck!

Public Beta for PowerShell “Toolmaker” VERIFIED EFFECTIVE Exam

We are preparing to open VERIFIED EFFECTIVE “certification” exams to the public for the first time, and are looking for 1-2 beta testers. If you think you might be interested, start by reading the Program Guide for the “Windows PowerShell Toolmaker” program:

Toolmaker Program Guide

The Program Guide explains how the program works, and what the exam entails. You take the exam online using your own computer.

If you think you might be interested, contact “Exams” at via e-mail. Note that you will be required to pay the full program fee of $250 via PayPal; that payment process is part of what’s being tested. Once you pay, we would expect you to begin the exam and complete your exam assignment within two weeks.

Because this is a beta test, we could decide to allow you additional time to complete your exam assignment, based solely on our observations of the behavior and performance of the system. We might also allow a retake of a different assignment scenario should that prove desirable to us from a systems and testing perspective. In the end, if you pass, you will receive a digital certificate; if you fail, you will not receive a certificate, nor will you receive any feedback on your performance or submission.

This offer is open to anyone, globally, but will be limited to the first 1-2 people who respond.

The VERIFIED EFFECTIVE exam is already open to PowerShell Summit North America 2014 alumni who registered before Feb 1, 2014. Use your Summit confirmation code as an exam voucher code, and contact “Exams” at (via email) if you encounter any problems in using your voucher code or taking your exam.

VERIFIED EFFECTIVE PowerShell Toolmaker Exam – Open for Summit Alumni (Read Carefully)

We’re now ready to open the VERIFIED EFFECTIVE Windows PowerShell Toolmaker exam to early registration (registered before Feb 1 2014) attendees of PowerShell Summit North America 2014.

To begin, visit Log in using one of the provided social networks, and then enter your Summit confirmation code (starts with “PSNA2014″) as an exam voucher. If you’re immediately returned to the same screen, then your registration did not qualify you for a free exam. If you forgot your confirmation code, we cannot assist. Please check your Summit badge, or your original confirmation e-mail. If your confirmation code is definitely from before Feb 1, 2014, but is not working, please contact Exams at for assistance.

You have until the end of 2014 to redeem your voucher and start your exam – this offer expires after December 31, 2014.

Once you redeem your voucher code, you can take as long as you want (until December 31st 2014) to review the Program Guide and learn about the exam. Once you begin the exam, you will have 6 hours to download your assignment, complete it, and upload your results. Grading can then take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on how busy we are at the time. This is a pass/fail exam (as described in the Program Guide) and you will not receive feedback on your submission.

At this time, we are not offering exams to anyone else. However, that time will come, probably later this year. Keep in mind that all attendees of PowerShell Summit Europe 2014 will receive an exam voucher, and we will also offer exams to non-attendees. We’re ramping this up slowly to make sure it goes well. We appreciate your patience.

PowerShell Summit Recordings

We’re nearing the end of our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign, and are pleased to announce that we’ve met our funding goal. Including offline donations, we will be able to purchase enough equipment to record the PowerShell Summit sessions and post those recordings to YouTube. We’ll begin with the Europe event in September!

This is a truly humbling and momentous milestone for The generosity of the PowerShell community has simply been amazing. We’ve had five donations of $1,000, which helped push us over our goal incredibly quickly. Combined with numerous smaller donations, you’ve made it possible to record and preserve the unique content offered at the Summit.

The campaign officially closes on June 1st; additional contributions will go toward ancillary equipment like shipping cases, upgrading our microphone plans, and so on.

You can see the list of contributors here. Our thanks to all of them!

Announcing TechSessions, the Free PowerShell Webinars from

We’re getting set to announce our first four monthly TechSessions, a new series of free webinars from Because we’re starting small, dates and times will be announced only in the TechLetter newsletter, starting with the mid-May issue. So if you want to know about the webinars, sign up for the newsletter!

We’ll initially be able to support 100 attendees in the live event; we’ll evaluate response and adjust as needed after the first few months. However, all webinars will also be recorded, and available to anyone for viewing at any time. Past session recordings will be announced on, and you’ll find a link to those on the Webinar page.

Once we’re ramped up, we’ll announce webinars in the main event schedule, along with the TechLetter. The live event will offer discussion, Q&A, and other benefits, so you’ll want to try and attend live if you can. These will be scheduled for the first or second week of the month in most cases, usually on a Thursday, and usually at 11am US Pacific time. However, specific months may require us to adjust all that to accommodate presenter schedules.

Please contact the Admin at (that’s a valid email) if you’d like to volunteer to present a session in the future! We’ll only be able to keep these going as long as we have presenters, so don’t be shy!

PowerShell Summit N.A. 2014 Financial Report

So, we think we’ve gotten all the numbers, and in keeping with our tradition of transparency, here they are:

We earned $113,833.51 in registration fees.

Expenses included insurance ($398), the event venue, A/V, and F&B ($73,835.21), speaker hotel arrangements ($11,599.80), event management ($3,000), speaker travel reimbursement ($11,677.36 – this includes registration fee refunds to several speakers), registration service ($1,490), and misc F&B expenses ($213.82).

That’s a profit of $11,619.32, which will immediately be rolled toward the expected $21,000 amount due to the hotel for PowerShell Summit Europe 2014.

We should point out that future Summit events will be on somewhat smaller budgets. For example, we’ll be more limited in our ability to cover speaker travel, and will not automatically provide hotel accommodations for speakers. The specifics will differ from event to event, and we’ll make all that clear as we plan each one. In many cases, we’ll be able to cover more speaker expenses if the event draws over a certain number of attendees; if the event draws fewer folks, there will be fewer funds from which we can reimburse.

Future Summit events will be funded entirely from the $800/person membership fee in the Association for Windows PowerShell Professionals (AWPP); of that, approximately $650 is allocated to the Summit, while the rest is allocated to operating expenses. Expect a detailed report on those operating expenses after we conclude our shareholder meeting in June 2014. Certain Summit special events (mainly evening receptions) may be funded in part or in whole by corporate sponsors, including Microsoft.

Additionally, we have so far raised approximately $7,000 (net after fees) toward recording future Summit sessions. That’s almost enough to provide full three-track recording, and it’s definitely enough to provide two tracks of recordings. Since Europe will only be one track, and since the N.A. 2015 show hasn’t yet been determined, we’re definitely proceeding with the equipment purchase as we can to this point.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the PowerShell Summit and!

IRON SCRIPTER TOURNAMENT at PowerShell Summit North America 2014

I hope you’re getting excited about the Summit!

Monday night, don’t forget to bring your fully-charged laptop to the evening reception, where we’ll be having a one-hour (max) IRON SCRIPTER tournament, complete with an IRON TROPHY.

We will accept a maximum of about 50 entrants, although we encourage people to work in small teams. Here’s how it’ll work:

  1. You’ll be handed assignment sheets detailing the evening’s Theme Ingredient. You’ll have to prepare three courses: Appetizer, Entree, and Dessert. You’ll also receive a blank scorecard.
  2. There will be color commentary as people get started and as they work on their entries. We’ll have someone, probably with a microphone, looking over your shoulder. Be prepared.
  3. Once you complete ALL THREE COURSES, you’ll find one of our 5-6 judges and have them score you. You’ll receive 1-5 points in each of 4 categories: Taste, Presentation, Creativity, and Use of Theme Ingredient. You’ll then go find two other judges, for a maximum of three judges per entrant. Notice that we will have more judges on-hand that you will need to visit – we’re hoping that’ll expedite judging for everyone. However, there are no time bonuses – “first in” doesn’t get any better consideration than “last in,” except toward the end the judges may start to get cranky and belligerent.
  4. Judges are expected to be COMPLETELY BIASED. They may discriminate based on everything except your skin color and gender – meaning they’re going to be relying on their own preferences and personal tastes to determine your score. Judges are also likely to be drinking, which will hopefully make things even more fun.
  5. Your completed three-judge scorecard will be handed in to our able assistant(s), who will tally your final score. That’s simply adding up all the points you’ve been given – a maximum of 60 points, if we’re doing the math right.
  6. The person/team with the most points WINS. We fully expect a tie. But… after one hour of coding, we’re done. If you’re not finished by then, you’re out. Frankly, it should take you 30 minutes if you know your stuff.
  7. The tiebreaker, if needed, will be a SUDDEN DEATH VERBAL ASSIGNMENT. The first entrant with the (a) correct (b) nicely formatted (c) cool entry will win the IRON TROPHY.

There is no such thing as “cheating.” That is, if you can look it up, fine. If you can make it up, fine. “Whatever.”

There is to be no whining, no arguing with the judges, and much cheering. We are going to be laying out an incredible spread of food. We’re buying the first case and a half of wine, and a half barrel of local beer – after that runs out, it’ll be a cash bar. We have the room until 9pm, so we hope you’ll stick around, enjoy the show, and start making and renewing your PowerShell community connections.

Remember that the tournament will be only the first hour-ish of the evening – from there, it’s mix mingle, and have fun!

Capturing the Goodness! Getting Ready for PowerShell Summit North America 2014


As you pack your gear, consider how you’ll be capturing the awesomeness that our speakers will be presenting.

If speakers want to share their session materials, they may – we’ll post (right here) anything we’re given. Most speakers will probably permit audio and/or video recordings (please ask first), which you’re welcome to make and, with the speaker’s permission, share. If that’s your plan, keep in mind that power outlets will be limited, so you might want to work with a device that can have an extra battery or something.

Notepaper works well, too, and you’ll need to bring your own.

And of course, if you have a tablet or something and want to take notes on that, go for it. Again, spare batteries are the order of the day, as you shouldn’t expect a power outlet to be handy.

Due to the expense and logistics, we are not making official recordings of any sessions. We know everyone wants them, it’s just an expense we couldn’t take on this time. But if the speaker is okay with it, we’re not stopping you from doing so. Maybe team up with other attendees and trade off recording duties? If you do record and share videos, let us know, and we’ll be happy to publicize the URL and get you some mad YouTube h1tz.