PowerShell Summit Europe 2015 – Last-Minute Attendee Details

The Summit is almost upon us! As a quick note, please plan to monitor the @PSHDonsBoss and @concentratedDon Twitter feeds leading up to the Summit. That’ll be the best way to get any last-minute changes or tips. Because our organizers are operating in a foreign land, their Twitter accounts are about the most sure-fire way we have to post breaking news. But, for now, here’s what you need to know: Our unofficial Sunday meet-up has become more official! Thanks to a generous grant from Enfo, http://www.Enfo.se , and the organizational skills of Niklas Goude, we’ll be meeting from 5pm to 7pm. We will also have […]

2015-August Scripting Games Wrap-Up

The August puzzler was intended to highlight the usefulness of REST APIs, and the relative ease with which you can wrap PowerShell commands around them. Our Celebrity Entry for this month will be from Warren Frame, followed by the Official Entry from the puzzle’s author, Don Jones. Celebrity Entry A short while back, I was plugging away on a fun PowerShell project, when I received a pleasant surprise – an invitation to write an article on the August Scripting Games Puzzle! For one reason or another, I’ve always missed out on the opportunity to participate in the Scripting Games, now I had no […]

TechSession Webinar: The Top 10 Considerations When Writing #PowerShell Advanced Functions

On Wednesday, September 2nd at 2pm EDT (1pm CDT), I’ll be presenting the September TechSession Webinar for PowerShell.org. The topic for this month’s session is: “The Top 10 Considerations When Writing PowerShell Advanced Functions”. Here’s what you can expect from my presentation: There are lots of things to consider when writing an advanced function in PowerShell depending on what the function will be designed to accomplish, what operating system and PowerShell versions it will be written for, and who will be using it. During this session, PowerShell MVP Mike F Robbins will walk you through the top 10 items that […]

The Start Sharing Challenge

I’m back from Techmentor Redmond 2015 which was my first public speaking talk ever. It went great. I met a ton of great people and really enjoyed myself. When speaking to IT pros one of the questions I typically ask them is “Are you blogging or sharing your knowledge?“. 9 times out of 10 I get a big, fat no. Why? It’s because they feel like they have nothing to share. They feel like no one would be interested in their ho-hum, mundane life as an IT guy. I always followup that comment with “How do you know?” which ultimately […]

PowerShell Summit North America 2016 – Call for Topics

PowerShell Summit NA 2016 – Call for Topics The PowerShell Summit is the number one conference where PowerShell enthusiasts gather and learn from each other in fast-paced, knowledge packed presentations. PowerShell experts from all over the world including MVP’s, Guru’s, community leaders and PowerShell team members, will once again join together for a few days in Bellevue, WA. to discuss and learn about maximizing PowerShell in the workplace. If you want to share your PowerShell expertise or story, then this is your official call to submit presentations for selection! PowerShell Summit North America 2016 will be held 4-6 April in […]

2015-August Scripting Games Puzzle

Our August 2015 puzzler tests your ability to retrieve data from the Web. If you’ve never done this before, it can be a real brain-bender – but don’t overthink it; experts can probably pull this off in a one-liner if they’re using a newer version of PowerShell! No related posts.

[UPDATED] Even Vaguely Considering PowerShell Cruise? READ THIS RIGHT NOW.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of next year’s PowerShell Cruise and am excited for the folks who are organizing it. Tonight’s webinar (which they’ll post to their YouTube channel) will be a chance for you to learn more. But. If you’ve never cruised before, you may not be aware of how the majority of the cruise industry works: Your cruise price includes your room, and is based on two people staying in the room together. Your cruise price includes most food on the ship – certain specialty restaurants may charge a la carte like a normal restaurant, […]

2015-July Scripting Games Wrap-Up

The July puzzler wasn’t intended to break your brain – but it was intended to highlight an extremely important pipeline technique – and to make you think about how PowerShell parses command lines. Let’s begin with our Celebrity Entry, from Boe Prox. We think you’ll discover some interesting new techniques in this answer – and learn from understanding how he got there. Celebrity Entry The 2015 Scripting Games have started and have taken a different route this year in that we are they are running a monthly puzzle vs. the usual format. That being said, I was asked to be a […]

PowerShell Summit NA 2016 – call for topics coming soon

The North American PowerShell Summit 2016 will take place at the Meydenbauer center in Bellevue WA. on April 4-6 2016. The Summit is a community event, with community based speakers. That means we need you to submit sessions. Members of the PowerShell team will be attending, and speaking, as in previous years as will a number of PowerShell MVPs. One of the goals of PowerShell.org is to help build the PowerShell community and that means helping and developing new speakers. You don’t have to be an established speaker to present at the Summit – just knowledgeable about your topic and enthusiastic about […]

Curious about PowerShell Cruise? Here’s how to learn more.

I’m stupid-excited about PowerShell Cruise. Did you know you can register now for just $500, which is fully refundable up to a point? And that doing so NOW gets you awesome amenities like free Internet minutes or liquor packages? Did you know I’m speaking? Did you…  Wait. You probably have a ton of questions, especially if you’ve never cruised. So on Wednesday July 29, at 4pm Pacific, get your answers. Go to https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4206318439550861826 to register for a webinar. I’ll host, and I’ll be joined by the event organizers, as well as the travel agency that’s handling the bookings. There’s literally no […]

Curious About the #PoshCruise? Ask Questions Here.

Jeffrey Langdon, Doug Finke, and untold others are putting together PoshCruise, a PowerShell Cruise Conference. I wanted to make sure everyone knew about it, because it (A) stands to be a lot of run, and (B) offers some special pricing through this month. The “conference” itself is free – you just have to pay for your cruise. There’ll be presentations (I’m guessing mainly on the “at sea” days of the 7-day trip, although personally I’ve rented a beach cabana on Great Stirrup Cay and will hold forth on technical topics over tropical cocktails).  Cruises can be a pretty good deal […]

Community Build Server is live!

I’m happy to announce that we recently received enough donations to set up the free PowerShell community TeamCity server that I talked about in a previous post. Build.powershell.org is now live and accepting projects! For more details, click the “Community Build Server” link from the Resources menu on this site. No related posts.

2015-July Scripting Games Puzzle

Our July 2015 puzzler is designed to make you really think about the PowerShell parser. Normally, you can more or less ignore the parser, because if you’re typing best-practice, long-form code (no aliases, spell out parameter names, etc), the parser deals really well with everything. But knowing how the parser works is useful, because when you get into tricky syntax, the parser can be harder to work with. So we’re going to test the limits of the parser’s patience – and your skills! No related posts.

Want to Blog at PowerShell.org?

PowerShell.org was never meant to be a small group of people doing good – it was meant to be a place where all of us can do good for each other. And that’s why everyone is invited to blog here.  Yup, even you. If you’d like blogging permissions added to your account, just e-mail webmaster@ with your site username, and we’ll make it so. Now, I do realize that a lot of folks would much rather blog in their own space, and that’s totally, 100% cool. But, if you’d like to blog here, we only have a few rules. Your Content is […]

PowerShell.org, Inc. 2015 Shareholder Meeting Roundup

I wanted to provide a quick wrap-up of the Annual Shareholder Meeting that we just concluded. We had a quorum of shareholder votes present online or by proxy, and we made some important decisions that I want to share with the community overall. One, we voted to amend the organization’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws to make some important structural changes. These are absolutely in line with our original intent for the organization, and reflect how we’ve actually done things, but now they’re “law.” The first was to remove any legal possibility of corporate funds being paid out to shareholders; all […]