PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2016 – the agenda

We’ve finalised the agenda and we’re starting to publish session information on the web site at https://eventloom.com/event/login/PSNA16 There are a handful of sessions on the site at present. The rest will be added over the next week or so. Keep checking back to see who’s been added. Registration opens 1 December 2015 No related posts.

PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2016 Info

Here’s everything that’s fit to print regarding Summit 2016, running April 3-4-5-6 in Bellevue, WA! You can also download: Brochure-PowerShell and DevOps Summit 2016 to share with your boss and team. Registration Registration for Summit will open December 1, 2015, and run through March 1, 2016. Visit the registration website for more details. Registration will be limited to about 200 attendees. Initially, we will only offer registration for a 4-day event, which includes full-day pre-conference sessions on April 3rd, 2016. On February 1st, 2016, we will open any remaining space for 3-day registration. Agenda The registration website will list the complete agenda, […]

Summit 2016 – Call for topics is closed

The Call for Topics for the 2016 Summit is now closed. We’ve had an amazing number of top quality submissions. We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to submit a proposal for a session at the Summit. We’ll be working through the submissions over the next few days as we put the agenda together for what looks to be a superb Summit. We’ll publish the schedule as soon as we can.  Once we have the agenda finalised we’ll let you know. Related posts: PowerShell Summit Europe 2014 – All videos available Call for Presentations for PowerShell Summit Europe 2015 […]

Win a Free 4-Day Pass to PowerShell and DevOps Summit 2016!

Want to attend the newly expanded, 4-day PowerShell and DevOps Summit coming to Bellevue, WA in April 2016? Well you can – if you make your own community contribution! Our TechLetter newsletter is looking for articles. And, November is of course NaNoWriMo, the National Novel Writing Month. But we aren’t looking for a novel – just newsletter articles! So we’ll call it National PowerShell and DevOps Article Writing Month (NaPoshDoArWriMo). Er. Or something. Anyway, here’s the rules: Submit your articles in Word or RTF format, in a ZIP file via email, to “editors” here at PowerShell.org. Please include a plain-text file […]

Speaking at PowerShell Summit 2016: Topic Ideas for Aspiring Speakers

Our call for topics for PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit 2016 is open until November 1st, and I thought I’d share some ideas for the kind of 400-level content we’re looking for. First, to submit abstracts, pre-register as a speaker candidate. Be sure to fill in the brief demographic information presented, and then add any information for the Attendee Directory that you’d like. When you’re done with that, select Abstracts from the menu at the tippy-top of the page, and enter your session information. Be sure to include, as the first characters in the abstract, either “[45m]”, “[90m]”, or “[120m]” as an […]

Call for Topics Extended: PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit 2016

In light of our recent announcement regarding the future of PowerShell Summit, we are extending the call for topics to the end of October, 2015. We invite speakers to re-visit their existing proposals and indicate the desired length of their session. For example, simply add “[45min]” to the session abstract if you feel your session is suitable for our traditional 45-minute time slot. Or, indicate an alternative of [90min] or [120min].  We also are broadening the scope of the event to include a variety of DevOps-focused topics. We welcome sessions on DevOps practices, tooling, and technologies. Topics on any technology […]

Future of PowerShell Summit in Europe and North America

As we kick off PowerShell Summit Europe 2015, I wanted to share some decisions we’ve made regarding the future of the event. When we first launched PowerShell Summit in 2013, our goal was to be the spiritual successor of the former “PowerShell Deep Dive” events held as part of Quest’s The Experts Conference (TEC) event. Dell’s acquisition of Quest eliminated TEC, and PowerShell.org worked with the PowerShell product team to create the Summit. It’s important to understand that Microsoft has never financially supported PowerShell Summit, except for sending team members to participate and present. Microsoft wanted to ensure the Summit […]

PowerShell Summit Europe 2015 – Last-Minute Attendee Details

The Summit is almost upon us! As a quick note, please plan to monitor the @PSHDonsBoss and @concentratedDon Twitter feeds leading up to the Summit. That’ll be the best way to get any last-minute changes or tips. Because our organizers are operating in a foreign land, their Twitter accounts are about the most sure-fire way we have to post breaking news. But, for now, here’s what you need to know: Our unofficial Sunday meet-up has become more official! Thanks to a generous grant from Enfo, http://www.Enfo.se , and the organizational skills of Niklas Goude, we’ll be meeting from 5pm to 7pm. We will also have […]

PowerShell Summit North America 2016 – Call for Topics

PowerShell Summit NA 2016 – Call for Topics The PowerShell Summit is the number one conference where PowerShell enthusiasts gather and learn from each other in fast-paced, knowledge packed presentations. PowerShell experts from all over the world including MVP’s, Guru’s, community leaders and PowerShell team members, will once again join together for a few days in Bellevue, WA. to discuss and learn about maximizing PowerShell in the workplace. If you want to share your PowerShell expertise or story, then this is your official call to submit presentations for selection! PowerShell Summit North America 2016 will be held 4-6 April in […]

PowerShell Summit NA 2016 – call for topics coming soon

The North American PowerShell Summit 2016 will take place at the Meydenbauer center in Bellevue WA. on April 4-6 2016. The Summit is a community event, with community based speakers. That means we need you to submit sessions. Members of the PowerShell team will be attending, and speaking, as in previous years as will a number of PowerShell MVPs. One of the goals of PowerShell.org is to help build the PowerShell community and that means helping and developing new speakers. You don’t have to be an established speaker to present at the Summit – just knowledgeable about your topic and enthusiastic about […]

What’s it Like at PowerShell Summit?

Ever wonder what it’s like to attend PowerShell Summit? Attendee Tommy Maynard blogged about his entire experience – including the build-up anticipation prior to the event – and it’s a great set of reads. Check it out. No related posts.

Observations from our PowerShell Summit VERIFIED EFFECTIVE Exam

We offered our first in-person, proctored VERIFIED EFFECTIVE exam at PowerShell Summit in April 2015, located in Charlotte, NC. While the exam is not intended as a diagnostic or learning tool, there are definitely some observations I can share from glancing through some of the submissions so far. First, the exam isn’t easy. 31 people signed up to take it (our room capacity; more would have if we’d had space), and only 12 turned in submissions. Of those, fewer than 5 are probably going to pass by the end of the grading process. If you don’t know what [CmdletBinding(SupportsShouldProcess=$True)] does, then […]

PowerShell Summit – North America Launches!

The PowerShell community descended on Charlotte, North Carolina for the third annual PowerShell Summit – North America this week!  Enthusiasts, MVPs, community leaders, and the PowerShell product team came to discuss the latest and greatest ongoings in the PowerShell world. The festivities kicked off in downtown Charlotte at the Ri Ra Irish Pub this last Sunday.  New network connections were made and old friends reunited over fine brews in the Victorian-style public house before getting a good nights’ rest before the three day summit. Monday started off with an exciting lineup of speakers to discuss some of the hottest community topics […]

PowerShell Summit Europe VENUE CHANGE

We’re announcing a venue change for PowerShell Summit Europe 2015. Although we’re very appreciative to Microsoft for offering the use of their office in Kista, our registration velocity warrants a larger venue, and gives us the opportunity for a more central location. Dates are not changed. We will be at the Scandic Klara hotel, which is near to the HTL Kungsgaten, both of which has sleeping room available as of this writing. Both are as close as we can get to Stockholm Central station, and both are near a tram line. We are recommending that attendees reserve sleeping rooms immediately. A government […]

A Quick PowerShell Summit Europe Update (spread the word!)

First: Because e-mail these days is actually unreliable, what with spam filters and all, please know that we’re relying on you to keep yourself informed on Summit updates. Following the Summit category on PowerShell.org, and watching the @PSHSummit Twitter account, are the reliable means of doing so. First: Summit Europe is happening. There was some confusion because a draft blog post from a month ago got resurrected somehow, but the Summit is on. Second: We’re almost sold out. I think we literally have 2 or 3 seats left. There was a rush over this past weekend. Third: We’re exploring other venues in Stockholm […]