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European Summit deadline approaching

There are just over two weeks left for you to register for the European PowerShell Summit. At the moment we are still short of the number that would enable us to repeat a European Summit in 2015. We had a lot of comments from people stating they wanted a Summit in Europe. Now is the time to step up and support that idea.

Hope to see you there

Accepting Topics for PowerShell Summit North America 2015

We are still accepting session ideas for PowerShell Summit North America 2015, to be held in April 2015 in Charlotte, NC. However, time is running out – so if you’d like to submit (speakers get to attend for free, although we aren’t able to cover other expenses), then you need to get on the ball!

  1. Go to Create an account.
  2. You can always return to to login and access your abstracts.
  3. Click Abstracts
  4. Click Submit Abstract

Provide a title and description; descriptions must be 50-250 words. Set the Status to “Ready to Review” when you are ready to send your session to us for consideration.

PowerShell Summit Europe 2014 – Status

As of this post, we have filled slightly over 50% of our capacity for the PowerShell Summit Europe 2014. Registration closes September 15, 2014. If we do not reach at least 45 attendees (we’re at 26 now), then it is unlikely we will have a 2015 event in Europe.

We do plan to record all sessions. Recordings will intercept the speaker’s laptop output on its way to the projector, meaning it will be a high-quality, high-definition recording. A room microphone should do a good job of capturing speaker audio, and an acceptable job capturing Q&A, discussion, and other room audio. These recordings will be posted on the YouTube channel within a few weeks of the event conclusion. We do not plan to include instructor video, although for select sessions we may experiment with doing so. You should not have high expectations for that, as it will be standard-definition, composite video of fairly low quality. It will be added to the projector feed, and will not replace the projector feed.

We will create a blog post here containing any other session materials that speakers make available to us. Again, that will be made available within a few weeks of the event conclusion.

We will have a designated Sunday pre-mixer location, announced right here on, for folks who arrive Sunday afternoon or early evening and who want to hang out for a few hours.

Monday night will feature a DSC Hackathon, a lightly competitive group event where we’ll seek to create and debug a new DSC resource that’s been in-demand from the community; suggestions will come both from direct community requests and from the PowerShell team’s internal “to do” list. We will provide opportunities for offsite participants, although the event will happen in real-time based on the Amsterdam time zone. There will be no accommodation for folks in other time zones – you’ll just need to be awake at the right time.

Tuesday night will consist of an informal pub crawl, with several nearby places designated as stops.

As a note, we have fielded several request in the vein of, “are there plans to hold a Europe Summit in __(insert country name here)__?” The answer is “no,” as we simply have not begun planning a future event. Note, however, that we’ve received a roughly equal number of requests from pretty much every major country in the European Economic Community, and we will definitely not be holding the next event in all of them at once. If there’s evidence that folks simply won’t travel outside their own country or immediate region, then a pan-European Summit may be impossible to support going forward. We will instead rely on local enthusiasts running PowerShell Saturday or local PowerShell Forum events, and will try to support those to the best of our ability. It’s our deepest hope that an annual all-Europe event can be successful, and it is our intent to rotate it through suitable cities throughout Europe each year.

PowerShell Summit 2014 Europe Registration Open Today

If you’re reading this, then registration for PowerShell Summit 2014 Europe should be open.

Please be sure to create an account using the attendee’s e-mail address, even if someone else will be paying. Summit attendance and all AWPP benefits are tied to the attendee e-mail address. Read the FAQ on the registration website if you need to pay by alternate means (other than PayPal), and contact Summit@ via e-mail if you have registration questions.

The account you create on the registration site will also provide access to the full agenda, session surveys, and other important items. Please remember your registered e-mail address and password. We suggest using a personal e-mail address to avoid high-powered spam filters at work. Save your confirmation e-mail, as you will need to print it and bring it on-site to the event.

All memberships are nonrefundable.

Remember that we have only 60 total attendee slots; that number cannot and will not expand, so please don’t wait until the last minute and then e-mail asking if we can accept “just one more” person. We can’t.

European PowerShell Summit

There seems to have been a bit of confusion regarding the European PowerShell Summit as the site will tell you that registration is currently unavailable.
There isn’t a problem and the Summit HAS NOT sold out at this time. WE just haven’t opened registration yet.
Registration will open on 15 July 2014

NA 2014 PowerShell Summit wrap-up and speaker slides

This years North American PowerShell Summit was an amazing event, not only because of the outstanding speakers and sessions, but also because of you – the attendees. The enthusiasm you brought from the first mornings welcome to the evening events – like Iron Scripter – was contagious. Even the PowerShell.Org organization team, which was very tired by the time the Summit launched, got re-energized by everyone’s excitement.  How can I forget Kendall Maddox winning that amazing trophy from the Iron Scripter event!

The speakers from both Microsoft and around the world brought the latest and best information about PowerShell. As an attendee, you were the first to see new technologies – like the PowerShell Team demonstrating DSC with Linux!

On behalf of the organizers at PowerShell.Org I want to say a huge thank you to all of the attendees and speakers. I also want to thank our special Sponsor SAPIEN Technologies for taking the time to come to the Summit and for handing out free fully licensed versions of their version control product Version Recall.

Are there resources from the Summit available?

Yes. More than you might think. As an example of how the PowerShell community never stops amazing me, @vhusker (Jacob Benson) created a Curah site with a ton of resources from the Summit. Start here!

Also, Many of the speakers contributed their slides and code, which can be downloaded here.

Derek Ardolf put together a great link page to video’s and slides on his site here.

Help us for next year!

If you have suggestions on how we can improve next years Summit, send me a tweet or email to @theJasonHelmick. We listen carefully to your suggestions and I want to hear from you.

In fact, from suggestions we received, we started a campaign during this years Summit to raise enough funds to record all of next years sessions – AND YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!  I’m not saying we can accommodate everyone’s likes and dislikes, but we certainly want to hear about them and see how we can improve your experience.

Thanks to everyone for making this year’s North American 2014 PowerShell Summit a huge success. Watch PowerShell.Org for upcoming news on next year’s Summit.


PowerShell Summit N.A. 2014 Session Videos!

Aaron Hoover was kind enough to webcam the Summit sessions he attended, and he’s posted the videos on YouTube. URLs, from Aaron’s channel, are below.

Just Enough Admin – Security in a Post-Snowden World – Jeffrey Snover – PowerShell Summit 2014

Windows System Internals with PowerShell – Adam Driscoll – PowerShell Summit 2014

PowerCLI: How to Automate Your VMWare Environment Reports – Matt Griffin – PowerShell Summit 2014

Parallel Execution with PowerShell – Tome Tanasovski – PowerShell Summit 2014

PowerShell for Security Incident Response – Lee Holmes and Joe Bialek – PowerShell Summit 2014

Leverage Multi-Threading for Speeding Up Your Scripts – Jason Walker – PowerShell Summit 2014

Advanced PowerShell Eventing Scripting Techniques – Matt Graeber – PowerShell Summit 2014

Using PowerShell as a Reverse Engineering Tool – Matt Graeber – PowerShell Summit 2014

On the Job: Putting PowerShell Scheduled Jobs to Work – Jeff Hicks – PowerShell Summit 2014

The Seven Secrets of CIM – Brian Wilhite – PowerShell Summit 2014

WSMan Cmdlets – Richard Siddaway – PowerShell Summit 2014

Networking Administration with PowerShell – Richard Siddaway – PowerShell Summit 2014

Kerberos Delegation, CredSSP, and Windows PowerShell – Aleksandar Nikolic – PowerShell Summit 2014

The Joy of Intellisense: Tab Expansion – James O’Neill – PowerShell Summit 2014

Trending and Reporting – Don Jones – PowerShell Summit 2014

Leveraging Web Services with PowerShell – Trond Hindenes – PowerShell Summit 2014

Monitoring Using PowerShell – Josh Swenson – PowerShell Summit 2014

Cmdlet-ize the Registry – Richard Siddaway – PowerShell Summit 2014

PowerShell Module Design Rules (and When to Bend Them) – Kirk Freiheit – PowerShell Summit 2014

PowerShell Summit Recordings

We’re nearing the end of our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign, and are pleased to announce that we’ve met our funding goal. Including offline donations, we will be able to purchase enough equipment to record the PowerShell Summit sessions and post those recordings to YouTube. We’ll begin with the Europe event in September!

This is a truly humbling and momentous milestone for The generosity of the PowerShell community has simply been amazing. We’ve had five donations of $1,000, which helped push us over our goal incredibly quickly. Combined with numerous smaller donations, you’ve made it possible to record and preserve the unique content offered at the Summit.

The campaign officially closes on June 1st; additional contributions will go toward ancillary equipment like shipping cases, upgrading our microphone plans, and so on.

You can see the list of contributors here. Our thanks to all of them!

PowerShell Summit N.A. 2014 Financial Report

So, we think we’ve gotten all the numbers, and in keeping with our tradition of transparency, here they are:

We earned $113,833.51 in registration fees.

Expenses included insurance ($398), the event venue, A/V, and F&B ($73,835.21), speaker hotel arrangements ($11,599.80), event management ($3,000), speaker travel reimbursement ($11,677.36 – this includes registration fee refunds to several speakers), registration service ($1,490), and misc F&B expenses ($213.82).

That’s a profit of $11,619.32, which will immediately be rolled toward the expected $21,000 amount due to the hotel for PowerShell Summit Europe 2014.

We should point out that future Summit events will be on somewhat smaller budgets. For example, we’ll be more limited in our ability to cover speaker travel, and will not automatically provide hotel accommodations for speakers. The specifics will differ from event to event, and we’ll make all that clear as we plan each one. In many cases, we’ll be able to cover more speaker expenses if the event draws over a certain number of attendees; if the event draws fewer folks, there will be fewer funds from which we can reimburse.

Future Summit events will be funded entirely from the $800/person membership fee in the Association for Windows PowerShell Professionals (AWPP); of that, approximately $650 is allocated to the Summit, while the rest is allocated to operating expenses. Expect a detailed report on those operating expenses after we conclude our shareholder meeting in June 2014. Certain Summit special events (mainly evening receptions) may be funded in part or in whole by corporate sponsors, including Microsoft.

Additionally, we have so far raised approximately $7,000 (net after fees) toward recording future Summit sessions. That’s almost enough to provide full three-track recording, and it’s definitely enough to provide two tracks of recordings. Since Europe will only be one track, and since the N.A. 2015 show hasn’t yet been determined, we’re definitely proceeding with the equipment purchase as we can to this point.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the PowerShell Summit and!

PowerShell Summit Europe 2014 – Call for Topics

The PowerShell Summit is the number one place where PowerShell enthusiasts gather and learn from each other in fast-paced, knowledge packed presentations. Experts from all over the world including MVP’s, Guru’s, and PowerShell team members, join together for a few days to discuss and learn how to maximize using PowerShell in the workplace.

And now the PowerShell Summit is coming to Europe. PowerShell Summit Europe 2014 will be held September 29, 30, and October 1 at the Hotel Park in Amsterdam, Holland.
If you want to share your PowerShell expertise, then this is your official call to submit presentations for selection!

Topic Areas – What we are looking for
We are looking for 45-minute presentations covering a wide aspect of PowerShell expertise. We have three main topic areas that may assist you in building an abstract.
• PowerShell Internals – A deep look into the inside workings of PowerShell and practical solutions that are built from them. These presentations are more focused on the PowerShell development community that is building extensions and solutions relating to PowerShell.
• PowerShell in Production – These presentations are focused on domain specific PowerShell solutions for IT Pro’s such as managing Exchange, System Center, IIS, SharePoint, VMware and more.
• PowerShell Features Deep Dive – These presentations are a deep look into configuring and working with PowerShell features and capabilities such as PowerShell Remoting, PowerShell Web Access, Reporting and more.

We are open to presentations across the entire ecosystem that has been built around PowerShell; so don’t hesitate to send an abstract for your particular area of expertise. And don’t think, “oh, I can’t do a presentation!” We aren’t looking for Toastmasters winners – we’re looking for folks to be a part of the community! Take the leap and present! Each session is only 35 minutes, with 10 minutes for Q&A!

Presentation submissions – What you should send to us
Presentations will be 45-minutes in length (planning for 30-40 minutes of material and 5-15 minutes of Q&A) and the submission should include the following:
• Presentation Title
• Presentation abstract – a description of the presentation and the topics covered. 100 words or less and suitable for marketing.
• 50 word biography

You can submit multiple presentations in the same topic area or for different ones.

What you get if you present

The European Summit is working to a very tight budget as this is the first time we are running it. Compensation for speakers will be free admission (not free Association for Windows PowerShell Professionals membership,, just free admission, which includes food). We will not reimburse hotel, expenses, or travel. It’s important that speakers not register for the conference, because we will not be refunding you if you do that.
The financial situation may change to a certain degree if the event sells out but we can’t cover all of your expenses as a speaker and we can’t make any guarantees at this stage.

We also ask that you help publicize the event.

Presentation submission deadline – When you should send it by
Start sending your presentation submissions immediately! The selection committee will start selecting presentations as soon as they arrive so you don’t want to miss out. The last day we will accept presentation submissions will be May 23, 2014.
Send your proposals to [email protected] Please either put multiple proposals in a Word doc, or send just one proposal in the body of an email, so that we can track these more easily.

When you will know you’ve been selected
The selection committee will start reviewing submissions immediately and begin the selection process. You will be informed if one or more of your presentations have been selected and sent a contract on or before June 14, 2014. You will need to return the signed contract by June 21, 2014.

The final agenda will be announced early July and posted on PowerShell.Org.
We look forward to your submissions and your help in making PowerShell Summit Europe 2014 your most valuable IT/Dev conference of the year!

Fundraising: PowerShell People Kick Butt, Take Names

Our IndieGoGo Campaign is off to an amazing start, raising over $6,300 (including some offline donations) toward our ultimate $9,000 goal. So far, we’ve raised enough to ensure we can record two tracks of Summit content – enabling us to record speakers’ laptops and voice, and to post the videos on YouTube, for free. Meeting our full $9,000 goal will enable three tracks of recordings, which is what the North American show currently produces.

The equipment we’re investing in will also support, should we choose to add it, an analog camera input and automatic picture-in-picture, meaning we can later add-on to include video of the speaker(s) as well as what’s on their laptop.

This equipment also meets an important set of goals for us: It requires no software on speaker laptops (often problematic), and it’s operated – literally – by a single big, red, lighted button. Meaning, it’s easy to use and shouldn’t interfere with the live audience’s experience.

I’m personally humbled by the generosity of our community. While larger donations are being considered “share purchases” in, Inc., these contributors are essentially getting nothing in return for their money – but they’re making something possible that will benefit everyone. Making this content permanently available, for free, will become a treasure trove of valuable information forever. I can’t express my gratitude enough.

Tell a colleague, tell a friend: Every donation helps, no matter how small. And thank you, thank you, thank you.

Help us Record the PowerShell Summit Sessions

We’re often asked if the PowerShell Summit sessions will be recorded or live-streamed. The answer, so far, has been “no,” because the equipment needed to do so gets expensive.

But we’re willing to give it a go – with crowd funding. Check out our IndieGoGo campaign, where you can contribute to making session recordings a reality – forever. We’ve got about 30 days to reach our goal. So if recorded sessions are important to you – now’s the time to put your money where you mouth is!!

Fingers crossed!

IRON SCRIPTER TOURNAMENT at PowerShell Summit North America 2014

I hope you’re getting excited about the Summit!

Monday night, don’t forget to bring your fully-charged laptop to the evening reception, where we’ll be having a one-hour (max) IRON SCRIPTER tournament, complete with an IRON TROPHY.

We will accept a maximum of about 50 entrants, although we encourage people to work in small teams. Here’s how it’ll work:

  1. You’ll be handed assignment sheets detailing the evening’s Theme Ingredient. You’ll have to prepare three courses: Appetizer, Entree, and Dessert. You’ll also receive a blank scorecard.
  2. There will be color commentary as people get started and as they work on their entries. We’ll have someone, probably with a microphone, looking over your shoulder. Be prepared.
  3. Once you complete ALL THREE COURSES, you’ll find one of our 5-6 judges and have them score you. You’ll receive 1-5 points in each of 4 categories: Taste, Presentation, Creativity, and Use of Theme Ingredient. You’ll then go find two other judges, for a maximum of three judges per entrant. Notice that we will have more judges on-hand that you will need to visit – we’re hoping that’ll expedite judging for everyone. However, there are no time bonuses – “first in” doesn’t get any better consideration than “last in,” except toward the end the judges may start to get cranky and belligerent.
  4. Judges are expected to be COMPLETELY BIASED. They may discriminate based on everything except your skin color and gender – meaning they’re going to be relying on their own preferences and personal tastes to determine your score. Judges are also likely to be drinking, which will hopefully make things even more fun.
  5. Your completed three-judge scorecard will be handed in to our able assistant(s), who will tally your final score. That’s simply adding up all the points you’ve been given – a maximum of 60 points, if we’re doing the math right.
  6. The person/team with the most points WINS. We fully expect a tie. But… after one hour of coding, we’re done. If you’re not finished by then, you’re out. Frankly, it should take you 30 minutes if you know your stuff.
  7. The tiebreaker, if needed, will be a SUDDEN DEATH VERBAL ASSIGNMENT. The first entrant with the (a) correct (b) nicely formatted (c) cool entry will win the IRON TROPHY.

There is no such thing as “cheating.” That is, if you can look it up, fine. If you can make it up, fine. “Whatever.”

There is to be no whining, no arguing with the judges, and much cheering. We are going to be laying out an incredible spread of food. We’re buying the first case and a half of wine, and a half barrel of local beer – after that runs out, it’ll be a cash bar. We have the room until 9pm, so we hope you’ll stick around, enjoy the show, and start making and renewing your PowerShell community connections.

Remember that the tournament will be only the first hour-ish of the evening – from there, it’s mix mingle, and have fun!