Scripting Games 2013: Event 6 Notes

We have finally hit the final event of the 2013 Scripting Games! The past 6 weeks have given us many amazing scripts and some that were in need of extra work. Regardless, for those of you who have finished all 6 scripts in your respective, I say Congratulations! You have hit the finish line sprinting hard to the end! Now you can sit back and know that you made it and have learned (hopefully) some great things along the way. Remember, not only have you learned some new techniques, but also the techniques that you have used have taught others […]

Event 6 Judge’s Notes from Jan Egil Ring has Jan Egil’s thoughts on the final event. Related posts: More Judges’ Notes on Event 2 Jan Egil’s Event 4 Notes

Last events: my notes and scripts.

Oops! Looks like I totally forgot about posting what I did over here. Sorry! In order of appearance: Event 5 – script Event 5 – notes Event 6 – script Event 6 – notes This is last event, and I would like to thank everybody who took part in this games. Thank you guys for great ideas, inspiration, feedback… It was really educational experience for me (as it was in the past), and I hope it was educational for you too. And – congratulations for all the winners. No related posts.

Notes for Event 6

When I read the instructions for event 6, I thought that here’s a tough one. A lot of competitors won’t have access to a test environment with Windows Server 2012 and Virtual Machines that they can actually work with. So, I expected that many of the entries wouldn’t get tested and intended to forgive minor errors that would have shown up in testing. Well, there was one thing that really surprised me. The instructions were quite clear about minimizing “Are You Sure” queries to the user, but you can count on one hand the number of entries that included -Confirm:$false. This is just […]

Scripting Games 2013: Event 5 Notes

With week 5 in the books, I can see that everyone just continues to grow and show some great submissions. Of course, nothing is perfect and can always show areas of improvement, but trust me, you are all doing an excellent job! I was hoping to have this article completed prior to now, but between a flight to Tech Ed and forgetting my power cord for the laptop, I am just now getting this accomplished. Better late than never :). With that, head over to my blog to check out my notes on Event 5 here. No related posts.

Scripting Games Week 5

I loved this week’s challenge as it had the right wiggle room to bring out the best in our participants.  Of course, this is also the point in the games when we start to get everyone’s “A” game.  At this point even our new competitors are all warmed up and in the zone, and let me tell you the entries this week show it!   I want to start with the beginners as I actually ran almost every entry this week.  Honestly everyone fell into one of three buckets Select-string, Import-CSV or ,Foreach.  Let me explain there where three primary means […]

Notes on Event 5

Into the home stretch and the entries just keep getting better! The only advice I’d like to offer this time is to be careful to read the instructions carefully. They included the specific folder where the files were located and I noticed several misinterpretations in the scripts. Some included a mandatory Path parameter and others had a default Path that was not the specified folder. Including an optional Path with the correct default would certainly be acceptable, but not those variations. The instructions also included some ambiguity about what the log file actually contains. Was the client IP address in […]

Notes for Event 5

Jan Egil, or Norwegian expert commentator/judge, has posted his learning notes for Event 5: No related posts.

Event 4: My notes…

Active Directory is one of those things I just love to work with. That’s why I was really looking forward to this event. As always, I learned few things, but still – seen some mistakes that I would like to highlight. As always – you can read about those both in Polish and in English. Enjoy! No related posts.

Scripting Games Week 4

Again if you’re participating in the games this year you’ve already won!  If you’re not and you’re reading this post what are you doing!  I’ve watched authors step there game up over the past month, and I can tell you from personal experience the games will make you better at your real job.  It’s like sharpening an axe, an axe made of super juice that can automate the world Well that’s clever! I came across this script this morning. $prop = Write-Output Name,Title,Department,LastLogonDate,PasswordLastSet,LockedOut,Enabled Get-ADUser -Filter * -Properties $prop | Get-Random -Count 20 | Select-Object $prop | ConvertTo-Html -Title "Active Directory Audit" […]

Scripting Games 2013: Event 4 Notes

It is all downhill from here folks! Event 4 is in the books and we only have 2 more to go! Everyone has been doing an outstanding job with their submissions and it is becoming clear that people are learning new things and showing some great techniques with their code. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement with some submissions to make them even better or just some simple mistakes that can be cleaned up to make average submissions into amazing submissions. With that, its time to dive into my notes… You can check out the rest of this article […]

Event 4 Notes

Loved seeing [OutputType([PSObject])] in an entry this morning… that helps the help system document what your script produces. It’s a shame it doesn’t work well with custom type names (since those are a bit of a fake-out on the object), but it’s an attention to detail I appreciate. I am seeing a little bit of misunderstandings. Keep in mind that the lastLogonTimestamp attribute in AD is the one that replicates, although there is a long possible delay in that replication. There are other “last logged on” attributes that don’t replicate so you can’t rely on them unless you’re querying every DC (pretty inefficient). […]

Judge notes for Event 4

 Wow! That’s the only word I can think of to describe the submissions this time. I’m really impressed with the approaches taken to solve this problem. The only thing that could have been better is quitting when the ActiveDirectory module or the Quest snapin weren’t found. I chalked that up to not having experience with an actual audit where no answer is not acceptable, so I didn’t count against it when evaluating the scripts. But, on this point kudos to the one script that tested for the AD module, then the Quest snapin, and fell back to the ADSI accelerator […]

Jan Egil’s Event 4 Notes

Jan offers some perspective on Event 4 at Related posts: Event 6 Judge’s Notes from Jan Egil Ring