September Recap and October Teaser! – CincyPowershell User Group

We had a great time last week learning how to take code and make is shareable and reusable.  We learned about variables, scripts, and functions.  We were challenged to create your own function to check for free space on any computer. Summary of the night : Would you like fries with that? or Learn Powershell / DevOps….you choose!  October Teaser: We have a special guest speaking at our next meeting on October 27th.  We’ll be talking PowerShell, Storage, SQL and more!  Stay tuned for the event and announcement.  You won’t want to miss this session! Special Thanks to our sponsors Sapien […]

August Recap – CincyPowershell User Group

We had a great time last week diving into version control.  We learned a bit about different flavors, basics of how to get started, and most importantly why we need it as ITPros.  Powershell is the framework for what the Microsoft stack is doing with regards to Configuration management with DSC, Cloud, and Containers.   Summary of the night : Treat your scripts like code, future you will thank you for it! The PowerPoint Presentation is available on here Stay tuned for an update on September’s meeting which should be the 22nd or 24th of this month! Special Thanks to […]

TechSession Webinar: The Top 10 Considerations When Writing #PowerShell Advanced Functions

On Wednesday, September 2nd at 2pm EDT (1pm CDT), I’ll be presenting the September TechSession Webinar for The topic for this month’s session is: “The Top 10 Considerations When Writing PowerShell Advanced Functions”. Here’s what you can expect from my presentation: There are lots of things to consider when writing an advanced function in PowerShell depending on what the function will be designed to accomplish, what operating system and PowerShell versions it will be written for, and who will be using it. During this session, PowerShell MVP Mike F Robbins will walk you through the top 10 items that […]

Two More TechSession Webinars

Discovering TeamCity and Presentation by Dave Wyatt Introduction to using TeamCity for continuous integration, with particular focus on how we’ve set up for testing of PowerShell modules: Basics of TeamCity.  (How to set up a project.  Deeper understanding of how our templates and agents work.  How to expand on what’s already there once your project is created from the template.) GitHub integration.  (Build status icons automatically shown on GitHub branches and pull requests.) REST API basics.  (Build status icons on arbitrary websites or in files, etc.) A look at how the Pester project uses TeamCity to automatically […]

NYC Powershell Usergroup meets on July 13th

We have an exciting line-up for the July Powershell User-Group meeting. Powershell MVP, Tome Tanasovski will be presenting a beginner’s track on Powershell covering File Management, and Date/Time manipulations. We also have Powershell MVP Doug Finke, who will be covering Pester. AGENDA: Tome Tanasovski: File management – Managing paths – Reading data from a file – Finding strings in a collection of files – XML and CSV file manipulation – Exporting data to an HTML page Handling dates and time – Date and time formatting and custom date formats – Creating and updating a datetime object – Date comparison – […]

6th Dutch PowerShell User Group Event 2015 Recap

Richard’s Log, Stardate 2457169.5 Today’s destination is the Recap for the 6th Dutch PowerShell User Group 2015. Now in my hotelroom nearby Schiphol, rethinking all the awesome content I saw today, and the great talks from IT PROFESSIONALS like: Jeff Wouters, Microsoft DevOps Automation Consultant @ Methos – ( Twitter / Personal Blog ) Bartek Bielawski,Systems Engineer @ Optiver – ( Twitter / Personal Blog ) Ben Gelens, CloudOS Consultant @ Inovativ – ( Twitter / Personal Blog / Hyper-V Blog ) Stefan Stranger,Senior Premier Field Engineer @ Microsoft  – ( Twitter / TechNet Blog )  And last but not least, the absolute IT rockstar: Jeffrey P. Snover,Distinguished Engineer and the Lead Architect for the Windows Server Division,Inventor of PowerShell @ Microsoft – ( Twitter / Personal Website ) The day kicked of […]

Build San Francisco 2015

The Microsoft Build conference is in San Francisco again, and having missed PowerShell Summit this will provide some good content which can be seen live and afterwards at Channel 9. Aside from the great Developer content I am looking forward most to hearing what is coming to Windows Server specifically Nano. Having drank the Server Core Kool-aid I have been wanting a UNIX like footprint for Windows for years. If you will not be attending build the Northern California PowerShell User Group will be hosting Jeffrey Snover Thursday night April 30th at the new Microsoft Office in San Francisco. Please […]

April 3, 2014 Virtual PowerShell User Group meeting

PowerShell MVP Joel Bennett will present about authoring PowerShell modules, including tips, tricks and best practices for writing modules and functions that work well together (and behave properly in the pipeline) … and… NOTE: if you have QUESTIONS about PowerShell modules which you would like addressed, you can start adding them to the Q&A bar (and voting to rank them) already. Just click the “Q&A” icon overlay on the video placeholder:     Related posts: 6th Dutch PowerShell User Group Event 2015 Recap NYC Powershell Usergroup meets on July 13th

Atlanta System Center User Group meets this Friday!

Just wanted to give a shoot out to our friends in Atlanta at the ATLSMUG group that’s run by two MVPs here in town. They have a meeting this Friday that you should not miss! It’s a full day of free training and networking, plus food! You can find more info and the agenda here: No related posts.

Tampa Bay Powershell User Group – Jan Meeting

Next meeting: Topic: Winter Scripting Games Kickoff and Team formation Jan 16th 2014 6 – 8 PM back at Tek System Tampa Office FOOD PROVDED RSVP via – 4301 West Boy Scout Boulevard Suite 590 Tampa, FL 33607 No related posts.

A special presentation on getting started with PowerShell

Microsoft will be broadcasting a live special presentation – one that can’t be missed by anyone learning and using PowerShell. In fact, they will be broadcasting two events, which I will explain – but here is why you can’t miss them. On July 18th in a live broadcast – The inventor of PowerShell, Distinguished Engineer Jeffrey Snover, along with myself, will be taking you through the ins-and-outs of using PowerShell for real-time problem solutions and automation. There will be a second presentation in August going further into scripting, automation and building tools (cmdlets) – solutions to hand to other admins, […]

PowerShell Summit: Best Conference Deal Ever!

What’s the average tech conference cost these days? $1500? $2000? And that’s just to get in, to say nothing of hotel, air, food, and whatnot. The PowerShell Summit North America 2013 has an idea. Lets do a community-owned event, with a goal of breaking even and supporting an annual event, but not worry about a profit. Lets say you live in the US. A ticket to Seattle in April will run you $500-700 after taxes. Maybe less if you can get on a discount carrier like Southwest – they fly to SEA. Hotel will run you under $450 for three […]

PowerShell Summit “I’m Feeling Lucky” Tickets on Sale – $400 each!

That’s right, for just $400 you can guarantee yourself a seat at the PowerShell Summit North America 2013, to be held at Microsoft’s campus in Redmond, WA. Just 10 tickets will be made available at this low-low-low price, which is $150 off the normal registration rate. Why so low? Why are they called “I’m Feeling Lucky” tickets? Because while we’re committed to an April 2013 date, we haven’t actually locked in dates with Microsoft, yet. So to purchase these, you’ve got to be feeling flexible… or lucky! But it’s not a marriage. The tickets are completely refundable, up to 30 […]