New Technical Product Manager at Provance Technologies

Today is my first day working in my new role as Technical Product Manager at Provance Technologies.  A little while back Provance approached me to talk about this position, and it seemed like a very natural fit.  Rarely have I felt such a positive vibe from a company through the interview process, so I was […]

CIM vs WMI cmdlets-remote execution speed

Following on from my previous post we’ll look at how the two types of cmdlets compare for accessing remote machines. I used a similar format to the previous tests but was accessing a remote machine. First off was the WMI … Continue reading

PowerShell PopUp

At the recent PowerShell Summit I presented a session on adding graphical elements to your script without the need for WinForms or WPF. One of the items I demonstrated is a graphical popup that can either require the user to click a button or automatically dismiss after a set time period. If this sounds familiar, […]

Time for D-CRUD?

I was thinking on the plane back from the PowerShell summit about the CRUD activities. They are a concept we have inherited from the database world: C = Create R = Read U = Update D= Delete Create, Update and … Continue reading

Scripting Games 2013 have started

The 2013 Scripting Games kicked off during the PowerShell summit.  Event 1 is open and you can submit entries up until 23:59:59 GMT on 29 April 2013.  Voting on the entries starts at at midnight on 30 April. You can … Continue reading

PowerShell Summit–thank you

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who attended the PowerShell Summit this last week.  The Summit was a success – in no small part due to you. Your questions, and discussions, are what this is all … Continue reading

PowerShell Summit 2013 Kicks Off

I’m very excited to be in Redmond for a few days as part of the PowerShell Summit. I love catching up with old friends and making new ones all over PowerShell. If you couldn’t make it this year, and I know many of you will feel you are missing out, there’s always next year. We […]

Friday Fun PowerShell Commands by Noun

One of PowerShell’s greatest strength’s is discoverability. Once you know how, it is very easy to discover what  you can do with PowerShell and how. One reason this works is because PowerShell commands follow a consistent verb-noun naming convention. With this in mind, you can see all of the commands organized by noun. [crayon-517e7af2b3e5f/] This […]