PowerShell.org, Inc. 2015 Shareholder Meeting Roundup

I wanted to provide a quick wrap-up of the Annual Shareholder Meeting that we just concluded. We had a quorum of shareholder votes present online or by proxy, and we made some important decisions that I want to share with the community overall. One, we voted to amend the organization’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws to make some important structural changes. These are absolutely in line with our original intent for the organization, and reflect how we’ve actually done things, but now they’re “law.” The first was to remove any legal possibility of corporate funds being paid out to shareholders; all […]

PowerShell Summit Recordings

We’re nearing the end of our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign, and are pleased to announce that we’ve met our funding goal. Including offline donations, we will be able to purchase enough equipment to record the PowerShell Summit sessions and post those recordings to YouTube. We’ll begin with the Europe event in September! This is a truly humbling and momentous milestone for PowerShell.org. The generosity of the PowerShell community has simply been amazing. We’ve had five donations of $1,000, which helped push us over our goal incredibly quickly. Combined with numerous smaller donations, you’ve made it possible to record and preserve the […]

Fundraising: PowerShell People Kick Butt, Take Names

Our IndieGoGo Campaign is off to an amazing start, raising over $6,300 (including some offline donations) toward our ultimate $9,000 goal. So far, we’ve raised enough to ensure we can record two tracks of Summit content – enabling us to record speakers’ laptops and voice, and to post the videos on YouTube, for free. Meeting our full $9,000 goal will enable three tracks of recordings, which is what the North American show currently produces. The equipment we’re investing in will also support, should we choose to add it, an analog camera input and automatic picture-in-picture, meaning we can later add-on to […]

PowerShell Summit N.A. 2014 – Budget

As part of our commitment to being a transparent, community-owned organization, I wanted to share the basic budget for the upcoming Summit. Now that registration is cut off, we have most of our final numbers. Keep in mind that, at live events, things “on the ground” can change quickly – so these are, at present, only our expectations “going in.” $113,833.51 in net registration fees. This is after paying credit card transaction fees. -$398.00 for event insurance (already paid) -$76,466.04 for the venue, which includes A/V, F&B, room rental, etc. (already paid) -$9,335.01 for speaker lodging (hotel) -$3,000 for professional […]

State of the Org, ending 2013

I wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a very happy new year, and to do a sort of wrap-up of 2013 from PowerShell.org’s perspective. We started 2013 with a bang, including our first-ever PowerShell Summit North America, held on-campus at Microsoft in Redmond. We’ll be returning to the Seattle area in April 2014 for PowerShell Summit North America 2014, and are planning the first PowerShell Summit Europe 2014 in Amsterdam in September. For the N.A. show, we need about 50 more Summit attendees to break even, and can accommodate about 100 more than we’ve currently got registered. We […]

PowerShell.org’s Azure Journey, Part 4: Incoming Advice and Fun Facts

Had an opportunity to speak with some folks on the Azure team yesterday – Mark Russinovich was kind enough to make a contact for me. First of all, fun fact: Azure only charges you for used pages in VHDs. That is, if you create a 100GB VHD and load 1GB of data on it, you’re paying for 1GB of data. Very clever. So it’s charging you as if it was a dynamically expanding VHD, but of course it’s a fixed VHD with all of the related performance improvements. Nice. Second, they basically confirmed something I’d suspected. Azure’s “website model” tends to […]

PowerShell.org’s Azure Journey, Part 3: Load Testing [UPDATED]

So, I’ve gotten a two-VM version of PowerShell.org running in Azure. Yay, me! My *nix skills are unaccountably rusty (go fig), but it didn’t take too long. Restoring the WordPress installation was the toughest, as a number of settings had to be tweaked since the site is no longer under the same URL (the  test site that is). Baseline I ran a load test against the existing production site yesterday; you can view the results at http://loadimpact.com/load-test/powershell.org-1aa960e59c5972af12898b745de9ec49. This simulated a 50-person concurrent load from three US locations and on UK location, which approximates our real-world traffic. The results are what they […]

PowerShell.org’s Azure Journey: Part 2

I had no idea Azure gives MSDN subscribers a huge free monthly credit – $200 for the first month, and then on the Ultimate subscription level (which is what I get as an MVP) you get  $175 per month thereafter. That starts to really justify the MSDN pricing. You want a lab in the cloud? Free Azure! Given the free-ness of it, I decided to set up a PowerShell.org in the sky to see how it went. Configuring dual CentOS VMs was a bit of an all-day affair; I have less experience with RHEL (which is what CentOS is based […]

PowerShell.org’s Azure Journey, Part 1

When we started PowerShell.org, my company (Concentrated Tech) donated shared hosting space to get the site up and running. We knew it wouldn’t be a permanent solution, but it let us start out for free. We’re coming to the point where a move to dedicated hosting will be desirable, and we’re looking at the options. Azure and Amazon Web Services are priced roughly the same for what we need, so as a Microsoft-centric community Azure’s obviously the way to go. Azure Technical Fellow Mark Russinovich is having someone on his team connect with me to discuss some of the models […]

New PowerShell.org Visual Design Draft, Pt 2

Spoke too soon in the morning’s updates; my designer buddies worked last night and took their first stab at the forums pages. They also changed their mind about the big black boxes, which I appreciate ;). The forums material is denser now, meaning more info per page, which should please some folks. Samples below – and comments welcome. Just keep in mind these folks aren’t being paid, so be nice ;).   Whatcha think? They said they’re tweaking the smaller-screen version still, but I’ll update this post and add those examples once they’re ready. I know getting the forums working […]

State of the Org: Website, Games, Summit, and More

I wanted to share a quick update on PowerShell.org, Inc. First, a couple of Web designer friends of mine have volunteered to do a visual re-theme of the site. Below is some of their early work, and you’re welcome to comment; I’ll just remind you that they’re volunteers and doing this as a favor. So be nice! You’ll notice that one of these reflects the layout a smartphone would use, which trims much of the “chrome” in favor of the content. They haven’t tackled the forums yet – that’s harder, and will probably come last.   Second, in the last quarter of the […]

Now Accepting Nominations for PowerShell.org, Inc. Board of Directors

At our first annual Shareholders Meeting (shareholders will receive an e-mail from me later this week about that meeting), we will be voting on our Board of Directors. Our corporate articles permit our existing Board members to serve indefinitely, and so all are automatically re-nominated. The current Board includes: Myself (Don Jones) Kirk Munro Richard Siddaway Jason Helmick Jeffery Hicks The Board is responsible for appointing a CEO (which is currently myself) to run the company; the CEO then appoints other officers as needed to conduct the corporation’s business. I’ll reiterate that PowerShell.org is a not-for-profit business, meaning our goal […]

Own a Piece of the Community: Buy Shares in PowerShell.org, Inc.!

When Kirk Munro and I set this site up, and started redirecting traffic from the old PowerShellCommunity.org, one of our main goals was to make this a truly community-owned resource. We wanted it hosted independently (my company, Concentrated Tech, is being paid to host the site, so we get pretty good service and total control). We didn’t want to be beholden to anyone’s commercial interests or whims (companies do get distracted by their real jobs from time to time, after all). When we started talking to Microsoft about holding a PowerShell Summit, we wanted that to be community-owned too, and not […]