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Charlotte PowerShell User Group meeting for May

The Charlotte PowerShell User Group had a great meeting in late April with a special guest presenter, Lee Holmes. Due to this occurrence and scheduling conflicts for the month of May, our regularly scheduled meeting will not occur. Stay tuned for information about our next meeting which will occur on our normal day (1st Thursday of every month), June 4th.

Special Charlotte PowerShell Group meeting on 4/22 featuring Lee Holmes


Charlotte hackers, our regularly scheduled meeting on April 2nd will not be occurring. Instead we will have our monthly meeting on April 22nd. Can you hear the drum roll in the distance? It will continue to build to a crescendo as April 22nd approaches. Lee Holmes will be speaking at the meeting.

In this highly interactive session, Principle PowerShell developer Lee Holmes shares some of his favorite PowerShell tips and tricks. Attendees are encouraged to share their favorite PowerShell tricks as well, and so the session should be both fun and educational. 

This is a remarkably unique opportunity to interact with one of the cornerstone developers of PowerShell. We expect a large turnout given the proximity to the PowerShell Summit, so we are requiring everyone to RSVP this time around.

In addition, we’re giving Charlotte PowerShell Group members first crack at the reservations. Ed Wilson will be promoting this event heavily on his blog starting March 30, and it will likely be promoted as part of the PowerShell summit marketing as well. My point is – the seats will go fast. Get yours while you can.

Everyone wanting to attend this event will need to sign-up and join the Charlotte PowerShell User Group on MeetUp. Click on over and save your spot.

We look forward to seeing everyone and enjoying a great meeting with Lee.

Philadelphia Meeting – March 26th 2015

We’re really excited to announce our special meeting coming up on Thursday, March 26th. Joining us in person will be PowerShell MVPs The Scripting Wife, Teresa Wilson, as well as Steven Murawski of Chef Software. While we may have other special guests drop by Steven will be presenting a talk on PowerShell Desired State Configuration, ‘Intermediate DSC – Building DSC Resources‘. If you’re in the Philadelphia area and interested in PowerShell you do not want to miss this special meeting!

Intermediate DSC – Building DSC Resources
While there are a lot of DSC Resources out in the wild now, you’ll likely still have a need to create a custom resource.  We’ll dive into how we can use our existing PowerShell skills to develop DSC resources.  After that, we’ll touch on some more advanced patterns for ensuring proper operation of our DSC Resources – including testing DSC resources with Pester.

More about Steven:
Steven Murawski is a Community Manager for Chef (the automation platform for the new IT) and a Microsoft MVP in PowerShell.  Steven is a co-host of the Ops All The Things podcast.

Steven also helps run two local user groups, the Greater Milwaukee IT Pro User Community and the Greater Milwaukee Script Club. He speaks regularly to local user groups and can be found at various conferences.

You can follow Steven on Twitter or subscribe to his blog.

More about Teresa:
Teresa Wilson is a Windows PowerShell MVP. She is married to the Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson and started learning Windows PowerShell in 2010 for the Scripting Games. She thought it would be fun and maybe would encourage others to learn PowerShell also. In her free time she is an avid reader and loves to visit with others in the PowerShell community. She is the booking agent for the guests on the PowerScripting podcast and can usually be found hanging out in the chatroom on Thursday evenings.

You can follow Teresa on Twitter and check out her posts on the Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog.

Please register if you plan to attend in person or online. The meeting URL to join us remotely will be included in your Eventbrite registration confirmation.

March Omaha PowerShell User Group Meeting

This month we have several exciting things going on!  First, Trond Hindenes will be joining us via Lync from the great country of Norway for a presentation on Service Management Automation (SMA).  Trond is a Senior Consultant at Crayon who spends most of his non-snowboarding time working on Microsoft System Center, PowerShell, Active Directory, Virtualization and Microsoft Azure. You can find him onTwitter and on his website Trond’s Working!

Second, the first 30 minutes of this meeting will be used to announce the “official” formation of an Omaha System Center Users Group and to give attendees time to network with each other and talk to Matt, Kelly and Zac about the formation of the user group (if they are interested in learning more about it).  If you are interested in learning more about the Omaha Sytems Center User Group before the meeting you can find them on Twitter or you can email them [email protected] .

We will attempt to record Trond’s presentation using Lync but no promises :).

Event Registration is here.

Charlotte PowerShell User Group Meeting–3/5/2015

We will be bringing you a presentation by Jason Walker, @AutomationJason, at our next meeting. Jason will be discussing the Anatomy of a DSC Resource. The session will dive into the anatomy of a DSC resource and will provide an understanding of what it takes to develop your own DSC resources.

Food and drinks will be provided. Everyone is welcome. Please RSVP on the MeetUp event page so we can plan food accordingly.

February 2015 NoVa PSUG Meeting Notes

Matt had to cancel so we had a mini-scripting games. Bellow are the challenges.


Challenge 1

Generate a list of US Presidents sorted by last name alphabetically.


Challenge 2

Create a DSC Configuration that verifies the w32time service is set to Automatic startup and is in a Running state.


Some links of note from our discussions:

The next meeting will be on March 25th at the Reston Microsoft Office.

Philadelphia Meeting – March 5th 2015

UPDATE: Due to the inclement weather forecast this event will be held online only via Lync!

Join us Thursday, March 5th when Derek Murawsky will give a talk on “Introducing Chocolatey”.

About Chocolatey
Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows in the vein of APT and RPM. Written in Powershell and based on Nuget, it allows for easy installation, upgrade, and dependency management of software on Windows. In this talk, I will give an overview of Chocolatey from a Sysadmin point of view, and show how easy it is to create packages of your own.

About Derek
Derek Murawsky is a IT Professional specializing in system architecture, design, and implementation. He can be found building, cooking, or tinkering with any number of gizmos and gadgets.

You can follow Derek’s blog at

Please register if you plan to attend in person or online. The meeting URL to join us remotely will be included in your Eventbrite registration confirmation.

NoVa User Group January 2015 Meeting Notes

Sean Metcalf gave a talk on “Mastering PowerShell and Active Directory” covering some of the following topics.

  • Interfacing with Active Directory through PowerShell.
  • PowerShell Active Directory Module Cmdlets
  • Forest & Domain Discovery
  • Useful AD Cmdlets
  • Computers, Users, & Groups, Oh My!
  • Interesting AD Config Data
  • Service Accounts
  • DCs & GCs
  • AD Replication Power
  • Tips & Tricks

Sean has posted the annotated slides from his presentation on his blog:

Active Directory Service Principal Names (SPNs) Descriptions

In February, Matt Graeber will be sharing. Plan to come out on the 25th.

Charlotte PowerShell User Group 2/5/2014

It has been quite a busy past couple of months and we have not had our monthly get-together. We are working to get back on track and will start in February. This month, I will be discussing IIS and PowerShell at our meeting. For those of you that do not know me, I am an IIS MVP and a PowerShell hack. I would like to tailor the discussion, demos, and examples to address specific questions or needs that the members have. You can also check out my powershell specific blogs here. Feel free to tweet to @owterri with any content requests that you have.

Look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.

Philadelphia Meeting – February 5th 2015

Join us Thursday, February 5th for a presentation and demo by ScriptRock, makers of GuardRail. Nick Beecroft, Mike Baukes, and/or Alan Sharp-Paul will join us remotely to showcase configuration monitoring, control, and automation leveraging DSC with GuardRail.

What do you have? Is it good?
As you accelerate your pipeline with PowerShell, you need a validation tool that can keep up. GuardRail is a configuration visibility platform that makes it easy to understand how an environment is configured so you know the changes that are happening are the right ones.

In this session we walk through using GuardRail to troubleshoot a cluster suffering from configuration drift, create a test suite to validate changes going forward, and generate the DSC files to assert those changes.

About ScriptRock
ScriptRock makes GuardRail, the configuration monitoring platform for data centers, cloud apps, and network devices. GuardRail gives your team visibility into the configuration of every environment from development to production to reduce lead time for change, recover more quickly, close security gaps, and automate effectively.

You can follow ScriptRock on Twitter or subscribe to the ScriptRock blog.

Please register if you plan to attend in person or online. The meeting URL to join us remotely will be included in your Eventbrite registration confirmation.

PhillyPoSH 01/08/2015 meeting summary and presentation materials

John Mello gave a presentation entitled “The ForEach and Where methods in Powershell v4 ”. A copy of his demo script and presentation are available here at our GitHub site. A recording of this meeting has been posted to our YouTube channel.

Philadelphia Meeting – January 8th 2015

Join us Thursday January 8th when John Mello will be presenting a talk on the Where and ForEach methods introduced in PowerShell v4. Following John’s talk we’ll have time for open discussion and scriptclub activities so bring a script or two to show off or get some help with.

Please register if you plan to attend in person or online. The meeting URL to join us remotely will be included in your Eventbrite registration confirmation.

Twin Cities PowerShell: PowerShell, APIs, and Twitter [Meetup Recap]

Fellow Scripters,

Here is a list of links related to the presentation given by Derek Ardolf:

Derek will be uploading an early version of a ConvertFrom-CurlCommand PowerShell script/function to his GitHub repo sometime soon. Links related to the speaker:

Here is a list of a few other resource links mentioned in the meeting:

We will be sending out a SurveyMonkey this weekend to our members on Checkout our page if you are in the Twin Cities, and want to take part. Thank you to all that attended, and we hope to see you next month!

Twin Cities PowerShell User Group

Minneapolis, MN
70 Scripters

This group is for anyone interested in PowerShell script programming. We welcome people at any level of proficiency, from beginners curious to learn what it’s about to profess…

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