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Charlotte 5/1/2014 Meeting update

The regularly scheduled meeting for the group will not be held due to overlap with the PowerShell Summit and travel related to it for some of our members. If there is interest in scheduling a side meeting, we can do that to accommodate those of us that are not attending the Summit.

If not, we will be back on track and ready for YASG! (Yet Another Scripting Game) on 6/5/2014. Looks like it is going to be a good one.

Philadelphia Meeting – May 1st 2014

Join us Thursday, May 1st when Boe Prox will present on “Managing WSUS with Windows PowerShell”.

Managing WSUS with Windows PowerShell
Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is an extremely useful enterprise patching solution from Microsoft that allows you to keep your systems up to date with various types of patches. Boe is going to show us how to hook into the API and generate your own reports, view the configuration of the server and the application and synchronization events as well as automate your approvals using PowerShell.

More about Boe:
Boe Prox is a Senior Windows System Administrator and has been using PowerShell since 2008. He is also a recipient of the Microsoft MVP award in Windows PowerShell. He is also a recipient of the Microsoft Community Contributor Award for 2011 and 2012 and is an Honorary Scripting Guy. He is a moderator on the Hey Scripting Guy forum and is active and in the Windows PowerShell forum as well. He was also a judge for the 2012 & 2013 Scripting Games as well as a coach for the 2013 Winter Scripting Games. His current projects are PoshPAIG, PoshWSUS, PoshEventUI and PoshChat, all available at Codeplex.

Boe has published a several articles for Microsoft’s Hey Scripting Guy! blog and the PowerShell Magazine as well as having 2 chapters on TCP Communication and WSUS in the PowerShell Deep Dives book.

Please register if you plan to attend in person or online. The meeting URL to join us remotely will be included in your Eventbrite registration confirmation.

PhillyPoSH 04/04/2014 meeting summary and presentation materials

  • Ashley McGlone gave a presentation entitled “Demystifying The PowerShell Scripting Process”. During his talked Ashley broke down the script creation process by starting with a task and working through the cmdlet discovery process to build a repeatable task into a script. A copy of his presentation materials are available on his blog
  • We then had a group discussion around:
    • DSC and how various group members are using/testing it
    • WMF 5.0′s OneGet
    • ConEmu a windows console emulator
  • A recording of this meeting has been posted to our YouTube channel

Charlotte 4/3/2014 Meeting – Using PowerShell in Websites

The monthly Charlotte PowerShell Users Group meeting will be held tomorrow, April 3rd at 6PM EDT. The meeting is held at the Microsoft Charlotte Office (8055 Microsoft Way, Charlotte, NC).

This looks to be an awesome meeting with guest speaker Jason Walker. Jason will demonstrate running PowerShell scripts in a cool and novel way – from a website. If you would like to attend, please jump on over to the MeetUp page and let us know you are coming.

April 3, 2014 Virtual PowerShell User Group meeting

PowerShell MVP Joel Bennett will present about authoring PowerShell modules, including tips, tricks and best practices for writing modules and functions that work well together (and behave properly in the pipeline) … and…

NOTE: if you have QUESTIONS about PowerShell modules which you would like addressed, you can start adding them to the Q&A bar (and voting to rank them) already. Just click the “Q&A” icon overlay on the video placeholder:



Atlanta System Center User Group meets this Friday!

Just wanted to give a shoot out to our friends in Atlanta at the ATLSMUG group that’s run by two MVPs here in town. They have a meeting this Friday that you should not miss! It’s a full day of free training and networking, plus food!

You can find more info and the agenda here:

Philadelphia Meeting – April 3rd 2014

Join us Thursday, April 3rd for a Presentation by Ashley McGlone on “Demystifying The PowerShell Scripting Process”. This will be a great overview for beginners and intermediate users alike that will cover beginning with PowerShell cmdlets, progressing into scripting, moving into function and module authoring, and finishing with you becoming the PowerShell Hero of your team!

Demystifying The PowerShell Scripting Process
Tired of copying and pasting scripts from the internet?  Want to write youwn scripts?  Become the go-to scripter on your team.  This presentation will break down the scripting process into logical steps you can follow.  Learn how to wrap cmdlets into scripts into functions into modules that you can reuse and share with your team.

More about Ashley:
Ashley McGlone is a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer (PFE). He started writing code on a Commodore VIC20 back in 1982, and he’s been hooked ever since. As a former Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) Ashley used to teach MCSE classes on Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. Ashley spent eight years of his IT career administering a large enterprise where he scripted for Active Directory and thousands of workstations. Today he specializes in Active Directory and PowerShell, helping Microsoft Premier customers reach their full potential through risk assessments and workshops. Ashley’s TechNet blog focuses on real-world solutions for Active Directory using Windows PowerShell.

You can follow Ashley McGlone (GoateePFE) on Twitter and check out his blog on TechNet. Ashley will also be speaking at the PowerShell Summit at the end of April in the Seattle area where attendees can meet PowerShell MVPs and members of the PowerShell team! It’s not too late to register for an incredible community driven event!

You can also find the GoateePFE speaking at TechMentor 2014 this August in Redmond, WA. where you can see a number of presentations on a variety of technologies to help you get more done at work. Ashley also has a chapter in the PowerShell Deep Dives book regarding AD SID History.

Please register if you plan to attend in person or online. The meeting URL to join us remotely will be included in your Eventbrite registration confirmation.

PhillyPoSH 03/06/2014 meeting summary and presentation materials

Philadelphia Meeting – March 6th 2014

Join us Thursday, March 6th for a Presentation by Bartek Bielawski on PowerShell and OMI.

OMI: PowerShell Everywhere
CIM cmdlets and CDXML commands are advertised as technology that enables PowerShell users to manage anything in your datacenter. Managing non-Windows systems wouldn’t be possible without something that PowerShell can talk to on the remote endpoint, and that’s were OMI comes in. In this presentation Bartek will show you how you can manage processes on Linux using OMI and CIM, and how easy it is to build your own commands on top of these technologies.

More about Bartek:
Bartosz (Bartek) Bielawski is a busy IT Administrator with an international company, Optiver. He loves PowerShell and automation and that love earned him the honor of Microsoft MVP. He shares his knowledge mainly on his blogs: in English ( and Polish ( and through articles published in the Polish IT Professional magazine. He is also a co-author of the PowerShell Deep Dives book.

Please register if you plan to attend in person or online. The meeting URL to join us remotely will be included in your Eventbrite registration confirmation.

PowerShell Saturday 007 in review


PowerShell Saturday was a huge success. Thank you to all of the speakers, event organizers, and most of all attendees for making it a great day. A new Iron Scripter was crowned and received this awesome trophy.

Embedded image permalink 

Congrats to Stephen Owen aka @SRed13!

There were many great sessions for both beginners and advanced scripters. Some of the speakers even posted slides, videos, and scripts of their presentations. Check out Brian Wilhite’s, @bwhilhite1979, ‘CIM’narios downloads from the event. Ashley McGlone, @GoateePFE, posted his beginner sessions including slides, video, and the coveted scripts here.

If you attended and haven’t requested your free ebook from O’Reilly (the flyer was in the goody bag), you might be surprised by the list that is available.

Until next time, Happy Scripting!

PhillyPoSH 02/06/2014 meeting summary and presentation materials

Art Beane gave a presentation using PowerShell to automate applications using COM . A copy of his presentation materials are available on our GitHub Repository. Due to recording issues, we do not We do have a recording of this meeting on our YouTube channel.

Philadelphia Meeting – February 6th 2014

Please join us Thursday, Feb 6th for a presentation by Art Beane on using PowerShell to automate applications using COM. Usually at the start of a project, the first task is to document the IT Infrastructure and generate reports in Excel and Visio, which, as with all Microsoft Office products, can only be externally automated through COM objects. Over the years, Art has developed a number of tips, tricks, and snippets to make COM object processing easier that he is happy to share with us.

More about Art:

Art Beane has been working in IT for more than 30 years, starting at Digital Equipment Corp where he was assigned to help develop solutions to complex and large scale problems. Some of them included the first deployment of Ethernet in a production environment, a design for a launch control system for the Space Shuttle, deployment of an expert system to automate tasks for an Australian ministry, and the resolution of a network connection problem for Space Mountain at Disney World. After Digital, Art worked at Banyan Systems as the global consulting project manager where he worked mostly on email projects like message automation at Singapore Telecom and the merger of Korean companies Lucky and Goldstar into LG. Since Banyan’s demise, Art has been a contractor working mostly on data center designs and automation. Most recently that work has concentrated on PowerShell scripting in WMI/CIM, AD, VMware, and NetAPP. Art is active in the PowerGUI and SpiceWorks PowerShell communities.

Please register if you plan to attend in person or online. The meeting URL to join us remotely will be included in your Eventbrite registration confirmation.

PowerShell Saturday 007 style

Last year was the first annual PowerShell Saturday in Charlotte, NC. We were 002. This year, we are back and will be blowing minds in 007 style. We have some great speakers and sessions lined up and there are still tickets available.

The popular Iron Scripter! competition will also be back.

All of the information you could want to know about this event is located on the PowerShell Saturday site. Jump on over, take a look around, and don’t forget to register.

PhillyPoSH 01/09/2014 meeting summary and presentation materials

  1. Lido Paglia gave a presentation entitled “A PowerShell beginner’s guide to using GitHub”. During his talk Lido went over the history of GitHub and how you can use it to manage your scripts and to collaboratively code (e.g. The Winter Scripting games!). A copy of his presentation materials are available on our GitHub Repository.
  2. Lido Paglia and John Mello both went over their approach to the homework problem they presented during the 11/07/2013 meeting. You can find a copy of Lido’s and John’s script in our GitHub Repository.
  3. A recording of this meeting has been posted to our YouTube channel; please note that there are some audio issues near the end of the recording.