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Omaha PowerShell User Group Meeting Notes/Video

The first Omaha PowerShell User Group Meeting is in the books!  We had a great turnout with 26 people showing up last night.

The video Don Jones made for us is available on YouTube here.

Our next meeting will take place on August 26th with PowerShell MVP Bartek Bielawski doing the presentation on either Pre-Param Scriptology or PowerShell and OMI.  We will also have a short Scripting Game/Contest of some kind.  Stay tuned for the event sign up which should be going out soon.

If you would like to speak about PowerShell here is a list of some topics people have expressed interest in learning more about:

PowerShell Security/InfoSec
Desired State Configuration
OMI Interface w/PowerShell
.NET Methods/Classes/Underneath/Exploration
TFS/PowerShell Integration
PowerShell Formatting/Export Options
PowerShell Basics/PowerShell 101/Why PowerShell

Finally, if you have any ideas for things we could do for the Scripting Games/Contest please send them to [email protected]

Philadelphia Meeting – August 7th 2014

Join us Thursday, August 7th where Matt Wrock will be presenting a talk on Automation Testing.

Matt will start with some demos of Boxstarter illustrating how it can be used to build a self standing Windows environment with a focus on how to test the package installs on a virtual machine. Then we will explore some other tools and techniques suited for “machine convergence” testing. Many of these tools, like Vagrant and the Chef-based Test-Kitchen, have their roots outside of Windows but can most certainly provide assistance to PowerShell automation.

More about Matt:
Matt Wrock has over fifteen years of experience architecting scalable, distributed, high traffic web applications as well as configuration management and deployment automation. Matt currently lives in Woodinville, WA with his wife, two daughters, three dogs, two cats and ridable lawn mower. Until just recently Matt worked for Microsoft as a Sr. Software Engineer and now works for CenturyLink Cloud focusing on data center automation. Matt is project founder of Boxstarter and a committer to Chocolatey and Pester.

You can follow Matt on Twitter or subscribe to Matt’s blog.

Please register if you plan to attend in person or online. The meeting URL to join us remotely will be included in your Eventbrite registration confirmation.

Philadelphia Meeting – July 3rd 2014

Join us Thursday, July 3rd when Dr. Ferdinand G. Rios of Sapien Technologies will be joining us in person to present “Building PowerShell GUI Tool Solutions”.

Ferdinand Rios will discuss the differences between scripts and tools and how to easily create GUI based tools using PowerShell Studio 2014. We’re really excited to have Ferdinand with us and to learn all the cool possibilities PowerShell Studio brings to the table. In case you missed it you can also catch Ferdinand and David Corrales from Sapien on a recent episode of the PowerScripting podcast. We hope to see you there!

More about Ferdinand:
Dr. Ferdinand G. Rios is a 25+ year veteran of the software industry. His experience in the field runs the gamut from tech support specialist to developer; from data entry clerk to CEO. Besides his responsibilities as CEO, Dr. Rios enjoys being the lead programmer on SAPIEN’s mobile technology application, iPowerShell Pro.

Please register if you plan to attend in person or online. The meeting URL to join us remotely will be included in your Eventbrite registration confirmation.

PhillyPoSH 06/05/2014 meeting summary and presentation materials


Omaha PowerShell User Group is Open!

The Omaha PowerShell User Group is now open for business!  If you are in the Omaha-Council Bluffs-Lincoln area and are interested in being a part of it, either let myself, Jacob Benson (@vhusker) or Boe Prox (@proxb) know.

We are currently looking for a meeting place and are shooting for having our first meeting the last week in July.  In addition to finding out who might be interested in attending, we would also like to know what days/times work best for you and the kinds of things you would like to get out of the meetings.

You can follow us on Twitter at @OmahaPSUG.  If you wish to contact us through email you can reach us at [email protected] .

YASG! (Yet Another Scripting Game)


The monthly Charlotte PowerShell Users Group meeting is coming up quickly. Mark Thursday, June 5th on your calendars. All of our MIA leaders should be at this one. Hopefully we will be able to personally congratulate the Teresa, aka ScriptingWife, on her recent MVP Award. Jump on over to the MeetUp page and let us know if we will see you there.

May NoVa PowerShell User Group Meeting Notes

Here are some links for some of the topics discussed last night.

Simple example of Unit Testing PowerShell with Pester.

PowerShell Provider Framework

We agreed that the next meeting will be in one month, likely June 25th. Again at 7PM and at the same location.

If you have questions, you can email me directly at NoVaPsug at You can also communicate through the mailing list. Email listmanager at if you want to add or remove yourself from the list. Emails sent to info at will be forwarded to everyone on the list if you have a question, but don’t know exactly who to ask.

If you have a topic you’d like to talk about, send me an email. There was some interest from the group in learning more about CDXML. Also, if you are working on something and want to share, bring it with you. We have some people very comfortable with PowerShell that can help you solve problems and take your script to the next level.

I hope to see you at are our next meeting.

– Chris

Philadelphia Meeting – June 5th 2014

Join us Thursday, June 5th when Jeff Hicks will present on “Getting Started with Desired State Configuration (DSC)”.

Getting Started with Desired State Configuration (DSC)
DSC is the big game changer for IT Pros. With DSC you no longer have to write PowerShell scripts to manage and configure your servers. Now you use PowerShell to build and manage server configurations. Want your server configured a specific way? Build a configuration and the server configures itself! In this presentation we will look at the principals of DSC and explore what it takes to get started using DSC in your environment.

More about Jeff:
Jeffery Hicks is a multi-year Microsoft MVP in Windows PowerShell, Microsoft Certified Professional and an IT veteran with almost 25 years of experience, much of it spent as an IT infrastructure consultant specializing in Microsoft server technologies with an emphasis in automation and efficiency. He works today as an independent author, trainer and consultant. Jeff writes the popular Prof. PowerShell column for, is a regular contributor to a variety on online sites, as well as frequent speaker at technology conferences and user groups.

Jeff’s latest books are Learn PowerShell 3 in a Month of Lunches, Learn PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches and PowerShell in Depth: An Administrators Guide.

You can keep up with Jeff at his blog , on Twitter at and on Google Plus at http:/

Please register if you plan to attend in person or online. The meeting URL to join us remotely will be included in your Eventbrite registration confirmation.

PhillyPoSH 05/01/2014 meeting summary and presentation materials

  • Boe Prox gave a presentation entitled “Managing WSUS with Windows PowerShell”. During his talked Boe went over the various ways you can orchestrate WSUS using PowerShell. A copy of his presentation materials are available here.
  • We then had a group discussion around:
      • Lido Paglia and John Mello discussed their experiences and what they learned at the 2014 PowerShell Summit,,
      • The differences between how Active Directory Users and Computers displays groups when compared to Get-Aduser in regards to primary group membership. In PowerShell the primary group is only returned in the PrimaryGroup property and all other groups are returned in the MemberOf property, while ADUC will show every group the user is a member of.
  • A recording of this meeting has been posted to our YouTube channel

NoVaPSUG Just Getting (re)Started

There is not much information to share so far, but we will be holding meetings for PowerShell users in Northern Virginia sometime soon. At the moment, the location is set to be in Herndon, just off of the toll road.

I’m still working to get control of That site will be updated as soon as possible, but will be the primary group site from now on.

Keep your eyes on for updates.

– Chris

Charlotte 5/1/2014 Meeting update

The regularly scheduled meeting for the group will not be held due to overlap with the PowerShell Summit and travel related to it for some of our members. If there is interest in scheduling a side meeting, we can do that to accommodate those of us that are not attending the Summit.

If not, we will be back on track and ready for YASG! (Yet Another Scripting Game) on 6/5/2014. Looks like it is going to be a good one.