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Florida PowerShell User Group Monthly Meeting – April 2013

April 16, 2013 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Meeting starts at 7:00pm till 8:30pm every third Tuesday of the month.

Guest Speaker:Jim Christopher

Jim has over 18 years of professional experience developing complex
software projects in highly regulated industries, including education,
gaming, and defense. His professional drive is designing software,
systems, and user experiences for automation, a theme that has earned
him a two-time Microsoft MVP for PowerShell (2011, 2012). Jim is a
frequent speaker at technical user groups and conferences.

website: http://www.codeowls.com
blog: http://www.beefycode.com

Topic:Strange Things with PowerShell: The Entity Framework Shell & Polaris


PowerShell is the most enabling automation technology I’ve encountered in my
career.  This is due in no small part to PowerShell being an object-based
shell.  In this session I’ll demo two *very* new integration projects that
use this feature of PowerShell to achieve wonderful and unexpected things.

The first project is the Entity Framework Shell (EFS).  If you aren’t
familiar with the Entity Framework, it is an Object Relational Mapping
framework from Microsoft that greatly simplifies the process of moving
complex .NET object models into and out of a database.  Developers love
Entity Framework as it enables them to quickly create a persistence layer in
their application without moving focus from their code.  The EFS is a
PowerShell module that makes your PowerShell session aware of the Entity
Framework.  You can use EFS to “mount” an entity model as a drive in your
PowerShell session, and then manipulate these entities using common
PowerShell cmdlets like new-item.  In short, EFS turns PowerShell into a
catch-all supporting toolset for any Entity Framework project.

Second is the Polaris project: an integration of PowerShell with the Windows
Explorer Shell.  You can use Polaris to display PowerShell objects in
Windows Explorer, just as if they were files in a folder.
Windows shell extensions normally require solid knowledge of C++ and COM to
create, but Polaris erases these barriers so anyone with a little PowerShell
know-how can customize the contents of Windows Explorer – in fact, I’ll show
you how you can create a customized GUI view of a PowerShell pipeline using
nothing but freely available PowerShell modules.

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 Thanks and see you all soon,

Your Host: Maximo Trinidad

Microsoft MVP – PowerShell
Florida PowerShell User Group: http://www.flpsug.com/ (moving to a new DNN CMS!) 

Blog: http://www.maxtblog.com/

Old Blog: http://maxt2posh.wordpress.com/

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April 16, 2013
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm