Forums Tips

Welcome to! We have just a few rules for you to keep in mind.


At the moment, the Forums Search is only available on the main Forums page.



Please don’t post a detailed description of a script you’re trying to write, and then ask how to do it. That’s basically asking us to write a script for you, and as unpaid volunteers we don’t have that kind of time. Instead, post whatever you’ve created so far, and try to ask a specific question about something you’re stuck on. If you’re stuck on multiple things, that’s fine – pick ONE to start with, and work through them one at a time.


No N00b Alerts

Please don’t ever apologize for being a newbie, or n00b, or whatever. We’ve all been there. It’s fine.


Attach Files

We permit you to attach TXT, PNG, and JPG files to your messages. If you have a long script, renaming it to TXT and attaching it would be greatly appreciated, instead of pasting it all into your message.


Format Your Code

Surround it in

 tags. Don’t use backticks to indicate code (that’s something WordPress does by default, but we’ve modified it because it mangles PowerShell code that includes back ticks). 


Don’t Be Brief

Try to stick with full command and parameter names instead of aliases. Makes your code easier to follow.


Tell Us Everything

Be sure to include all relevant information like error messages. That said, please don’t post hundreds of lines of code. We can’t run your code, and reading through a long script takes time. Please try to post just the bit that matters for your question.



Keep in mind we are not paid consultants, we’re unpaid volunteers. We aren’t going to write a whole script for you. Ask for help with a specific problem, and we’ll do our best to help out. If we’re helpful, say thank you! That’s out only payment.


Notifications for Forums Posts

If you’d like to receive an e-mail when someone replies to a thread you’re involved in, just check the checkbox at the bottom of the posting form whenever you add a reply to a topic, or when you create a new topic:


If you’d like to be notified of any new forums posts, you’ll need to subscribe to our notification e-mail list. This is an external list to help manage traffic on the Web server. It’s an all-or-nothing list – you’ll get an e-mail for every new post that shows up in the forums. To join, go to Enter your e-mail address and the list ID “porg-forums-notices” and click “Subscribe.” You can remove yourself at any time.