Jobs at

We’re always looking for folks to help us maintain this site and offer new resources to our audience. Sadly, none of these jobs pay much. Well, anything. Nobody really gets paid here. But the benefits are awesome – people say “thank you” all the time, and that feels really, really good.

Video Curator. This person will help us build a library of links to existing PowerShell videos on YouTube and wherever else. This probably needs a few hours weekly of effort. You’ll report to PowerShell’s CEO.

Webmaster. We’re looking for someone with solid WordPress, bbPress, PHP, and MySQL experience to be our Webmaster, responsible for maintaining the site, adding new features, and coordinating maintenance. This is probably an hour-a-day job most times, and you’ll report to’s CEO.

User Group Liaison. You’ll interface with various local user groups, mainly for the purpose of helping get their event meeting dates into our Event Calendar, but also helping them disseminate any other information they might want us to help publicize. This is probably a couple-hours-a-week job. You’ll report to’s Chief Community Officer.

TechLetter Editor. You’ll build out the monthly TechLetter based upon submissions given to you by authors. Knowledge of HTML is a must, along with at least basic CSS knowledge. A little PHP wouldn’t hurt, but isn’t required. This takes 6-10 hours a month, and you’ll report to PowerShell’s CEO.