The current and future state of the Windows Management Framework

At the 2nd of October, Lee Holmes gave a presentation about the current and future state of the Windows Management Framework (WMF) during the Dutch PowerShell User Group (DuPSUG) at the Microsoft headquarters in The Netherlands. The slide decks and recorded videos will be made available soon, but this is what was discussed: The release cycle of the Windows ManagementContinue Reading »

Episode 285 – PowerScripting Podcast – Simon May from Microsoft

Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast we talk to Simon May from Microsoft News Skipped this week, sorry Interview Guests – Simon May Links Simon’s technet blog: personal: twitter: Chatroom Highlights: <Stuwee> ## is that report potentially in a powershell script? <halr9000> <halr9000> Simon’s technet blog: <halr9000>Continue Reading »

Tonight on the podcast, Kirk Munro talks about PowerShellGet!

We’re pleased to welcome long-time PowerShell MVP Kirk Munro back to the show tonight! He will be talking to us all about a new feature coming in PowerShell v5: PowerShellGet. Please join us at 9:30 PM EDT at our usual place ( for the live stream and chatroom.   Related posts: Episode 33 – Cage Match: PowerScriptingContinue Reading »

Announcing – PowerShell Hyper-V CookBook – Free!

Fellow PowerShell MVP and author Jeff Hicks has released a free ebook on PowerShell and Hyper-V which was sponsored by Altaro. The ebook is a cookbook style of recipes for managing a Hyper-V infrastructure and virtual machines. The eBook briefly discusses how to you use each recipe. All scripts and functions are included in aContinue Reading »

Join the DSC Hackathon at PowerShell Summit 2014 Europe

On Monday night (Amsterdam time, September 29th), we’ll be holding the first DSC Hackathon at PowerShell Summit Europe 2014. Attached are the scenarios we’ll be asking participants to select from. We’ll ask everyone to work in small groups, pick one scenario, and try to produce a custom DSC resource that solves the problem. Many ofContinue Reading »

Episode 284 – PowerScripting Podcast – Jason Helmick interviews Jon and Hal

Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast Jason Helmick interviews Jon and Hal. News The Seattle Script Club is back! September 24th The Atlanta PowerShell user group is back! September 25th Registration for the PowerShell Summit North America starts October 30th, 2014 A Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration book has been announced. InterviewContinue Reading »

PowerShell Summit Europe 2014 – final agenda

The final agenda for the PowerShell Summit is available at Circumstances beyond the control of have meant we’ve had to make a few changes to the agenda from that previously published. Look forward to seeing you all in Amsterdam. Related posts: State of the Org: Website, Games, Summit, and More PowerShell Summit NorthContinue Reading »

Instructions for PowerShell Summit North America 2015 Registration

If you’re planning to attend PowerShell Summit North America 2015, to be held at the end of April 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina, you should read the following important information: The registration site will be open from 30 October 2014 to 30 March 2015. There is about a 30-day window from the end of registrationContinue Reading »

Up Next: Alan Renouf shares what’s new with PowerCLI!

Please join us this Thursday at the usual time (9:30 PM EDT) and place (, as we welcome Alan Renouf back to the show! Expect to hear the latest from Al on PowerCLI and how you can manage your VMware environment from PowerShell. And you can also expect Hal to mangle Al’s name, yet again. Related posts:Continue Reading »

Tonight: Simon May from Microsoft talks Client and Cloud!

Please join us live at 9:30 PM EDT tonight, when we are welcoming Simon May to the show for his first appearance! Simon is an Enterprise Device Infrastructuralist at Microsoft, and tonight, everyone learns what that means. In his own words: It’s my job to explain Microsoft’s stuff to IT professionals, help them understand it andContinue Reading »

PowerShell Summit North America 2015 Registration Information

Registration for PowerShell Summit North America 2015 will begin on October 30, 2014, and continue through March 30, 2015. Visit the main Summit page for registration links, event dates, and other information. The event will be at Microsoft’s offices in Charlotte, NC. Please note that we will only be accepting around 100 registrations. Payment isContinue Reading »

Philadelphia Meeting – October 2nd 2014

Join us Thursday, October 2nd where John Mello will be presenting a talk on The different custom object creation methods and their performance tradeoffs. Followed by TJ Turner will give a talk entitled Intro to basic run space pools.   Please register if you plan to attend in person or online. The meeting URL to join us remotely will be included in yourContinue Reading »