Episode 279 – PowerScripting Podcast – Matt Johnson and Ben Ten on PoshSec

Listen: Watch the recording: (behind the scenes) In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Matt Johnson and Ben Ten about PoshSec News The Omaha PowerShell User Group is having their first meeting on July 29th The NoVa PowerShell User Group is meeting July 30th MVP Steven Murawski will be talking DSCContinue Reading »

Philadelphia Meeting – August 7th 2014

Join us Thursday, August 7th where Matt Wrock will be presenting a talk on Automation Testing. Matt will start with some demos of Boxstarter illustrating how it can be used to build a self standing Windows environment with a focus on how to test the package installs on a virtual machine. Then we will explore some other tools and techniques suitedContinue Reading »

Video: An Entertaining Evening on the Art and Science of Writing Scripts in PowerShell

Cody Konior brought us this: An entertaining evening on the art and science of writing scripts in PowerShell targeted especially for beginners. Interspersed with live demos, we’ll glance through the basics such as variables, loops, and the pipeline, then briskly overview modules, remoting, a little SQL, and email control. All sample code will then beContinue Reading »

Up Next: Glenn Block talks about Asynchronous Programming

Please join us tonight at 9:30 PM EDT at live.powerscripting.net when we are talking with Glenn Block about some new asynchronous programming features in .NET, and tips and caveats about how you can work with them in PowerShell. You can read more about async/await at MSDN. Glenn blogs at codebetter.com, and can be often be seen at developerContinue Reading »

Help wanted–we need your show ideas!

As always, we are looking for ideas for interesting things to talk about on the show. If you have anything PowerShell-related that you want to know more about, then now’s your chance! Send us your ideas, and we will either find *the* expert on that topic, or Jonathan and Hal will take it on themselves! The pointContinue Reading »

Episode 278 – PowerScripting Podcast – Karsten Bott from EMC on EMC Storage Integrator

Listen: Watch the recording: (behind the scenes) Karsten Bott from EMC on EMC Storage Integrator News The PowerShell Team has posted DSC Resource Kit Wave 5 The xDSCResourceDesigner Module has been updated Don has posted his Practical PowerShell sessions from the PowerShell Summit NA 2014 LouPOSH is meeting on July 21st The Perth SQL ServerContinue Reading »

Tonight on the podcast: Matt Johnson and Ben Ten on the PoshSec project

Tonight should be a great show! Please join us at live.powerscripting.net as we talk to Matt Johnson and Ben Ten about the PoshSec project! Here is more info in their own words: PoshSec was created by Matt Johnson and Will Steele. The project was created because they felt there was a lack of security relatedContinue Reading »

PowerShell Summit 2014 Europe Registration Open Today

If you’re reading this, then registration for PowerShell Summit 2014 Europe should be open. Please be sure to create an account using the attendee’s e-mail address, even if someone else will be paying. Summit attendance and all AWPP benefits are tied to the attendee e-mail address. Read the FAQ on the registration website if youContinue Reading »

Episode 277 – PowerScripting Podcast – MVP Pat Richard on PowerShell and Lync

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell. Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to MVP Pat Richard about PowerShell and Lync News The PowerShell Summit North America is looking for speakers for 2015 The PowerShell Portland User Group is meeting July 15th The Greater Milwaukee Script Club is meeting July 15th TheContinue Reading »

Call for Presentations for PowerShell Summit North America 2015

The PowerShell Summit is the number one conference where PowerShell enthusiasts gather and learn from each other in fast-paced, knowledge packed presentations. PowerShell experts from all over the world including MVP’s, Guru’s, community leaders and PowerShell team members, will once again join together for a few days in Charlotte, North Carolina to discuss and learnContinue Reading »

Tonight on the show, Karsten Bott from EMC!

Please join us for our live stream tonight at 9:30 PM EDT when we chat with Karsten Bott, an mSpecialist at EMC about his work with PowerShell. Here’s his speaker bio from ch9: MSpecialist at EMC Corporation Nearly 25 Years in IT, Karsten spend more than 2 decades with Microsoft Windows. He is very much focusedContinue Reading »

Would you buy a PowerScripting Podcast T-Shirt?

We’ve long thought about offering a PowerScripting Podcast t-shirt for sale. It’s time that we did something about that! But because this is a hobby, not a business, we really can’t afford to purchase bulk inventory and all that. Luckily, there are plenty of web-based options these days. If we went the standard cafepress type route, where they handleContinue Reading »

Episode 276 – PowerScripting Podcast – Josh Atwell

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell. Listen: Watch on YouTube In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Josh Atwell News New PowerShell MVPs! Fabien Dibot Mike Robbins Matt Graeber Deepak Dhami Carlos Perez Emin Atac Interview Guest – Josh Atwell Links Worked at VCE Now works for SolidFire Storage Field Day 5Continue Reading »