Up Next: Brian Ehlert from Citrix talks about XenDesktop and PowerShell DSC

This Thursday, we will be joined by Brian Ehlert from Citrix, author of the XenDesktop Desired State Configuration Resource Provider! Brian is a Hyper-V MVP since 2007, and writes at blogs.Citrix.com. If you’d like to see the show live and chat with Jon, Hal, and your fellow scripters, you can join us this Thursday atContinue Reading »

Episode 291 – PowerScripting Podcast – Garrett Serack from Microsoft on OneGet

Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Garrett Serack from Microsoft abount OneGet Interview https://oneget.codeplex.com/ http://www.powershellgallery.com/   From the Chat room <Doug> ## When will PowerShell be open sourced? <gpduck> ## is powershellget open source (or going to be if not?) <gpduck> ## will powershellget eventually support a system-wide listContinue Reading »

VERIFIED EFFECTIVE Exams to be Held at PowerShell Summit NA 2015

Although we have decided to discontinue the online VERIFIED EFFECTIVE exams (as outlined previously), the organization has decided to offer the exams as a live, proctored event at the PowerShell Summit North America 2015. If all goes well, this could become a regular Summit offering. Details: You must be registered to attend the Summit. There isContinue Reading »

[UPDATED] PowerShell Summit N.A. 2015 – Additional Capacity

UPDATED: We’ve moved the date to January 11th in the below; we’ll need some additional time to get the capacity opened up, and moving a bit past the holidays was needed. We will be opening approximately 35-40 additional spaces for PowerShell Summit N.A. 2015. This change will be made sometime in the evening of January 11th,Continue Reading »

NJ PowerShell Users Group Meeting: Presenter Doug Finke – Microsoft MVP

The NJ PowerShell User Group is having a meetup on Thursday, January 8th from 6:00 – 8:00 PM. If interested, please register through the Eventbrite website to track attendance for ordering pizza.  For those attending online (Webex) we will send a follow-up email with the meeting link based on Eventbrite online registrants.  Agenda: 6:00 – 6:30: PizzaContinue Reading »

The Future of PowerShell.org’s VERIFIED EFFECTIVE Program

As many of you know, we’ve offered a VERIFIED EFFECTIVE exam program to help formally vet someone’s skills as a PowerShell “Toolmaker.” The exam focused on your ability to create advanced PowerShell tools that follow standard shell practices and patterns. We made the exam available to Association of Windows PowerShell Professionals members, meaning anyone whoContinue Reading »

Episode 290 – PowerScripting Podcast – Jeffrey Snover and John Slack on PowerShell 5.0 (Technical Preview)

Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Jeffrey Snover and John Slack from Microsoft Interview https://www.powershellgallery.com/ Jo Ann Snover’s beautiful pictures from Turks & Caicos Here’s a larger set Chatroom Highlights <jsnover> ### HAL what hair products are you using today? <ehorley> ### curating code? <sepeck> ## Any known conflictsContinue Reading »

PowerShell Summit N.A. 2015 Status Update & Info

As of this post, PowerShell Summit North America 2015 is full, and registration has been cut off. We’re taking some time to confirm our numbers and venue capacity; if we’re able to open additional seats, that will happen in January 2015. We will allow any additional capacity to be registered until one month prior toContinue Reading »

Twin Cities PowerShell: PowerShell, APIs, and Twitter [Meetup Recap]

Fellow Scripters, Here is a list of links related to the presentation given by Derek Ardolf: Twitter RESTful API Documentation Application Management for Twitter: Generates API Keys and Tokens for OAuth Twitter’s Interactive API Console The PowerShell MyTwitter Module on GitHub Invoke-RestMethod Help Documentation Invoke-WebRequest Help Documentation Invoke-RestMethod Bug (PowerShell v3) Derek will be uploadingContinue Reading »

Up Next: Garrett Serack from Microsoft Talks about OneGet!

Note: We are recording on WEDNESDAY this week (Dec 9th), not our usual Thursday! Please join us tomorrow as we chat with Garrett Serack (@feathercowboy), open source engineer from Microsoft. The main topic of the evening will be a little project called OneGet. From the project site: What is OneGet? OneGet is a unified interface toContinue Reading »

JOB POSTING: Help us Run PowerShell.org

[UPDATE: We’ve gotten an outpouring of responses – I’m literally a bit teary-eyed right now – so I’ll work with the existing set of volunteers and post again should everyone realize what we’re asking and go running for the hills!] We’re looking for a volunteer to take over regular maintenance of the PowerShell.org website. WeContinue Reading »

A Crowdsourced PowerShell Proficiency Exam

I wanted to call your attention to Smarterer, a company recently acquired by my employer, Pluralsight. Smarterer’s schtick (apart from vexing my auto-correct) is that the host crowdsourced technology assessments. In other words, the community decides what questions to ask someone in the test. The magic is that their back-end engine, over time, figures out whichContinue Reading »

Philadelphia Meeting – December 4th 2014

Join us Thursday, December 4th where Steven Murawski will be presenting a talk on Intermediate DSC – Building DSC Resources. While there are a lot of DSC Resources out in the wild now, you’ll likely still have a need to create a custom resource.  We’ll dive into how we can use our existing PowerShell skills to develop DSC resources.Continue Reading »

Episode 289 – PowerScripting Podcast – Mike Hendrickson and Jason Walker from Microsoft on Configuring Exchange With DSC

Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Mike Hendrickson and Jason Walker from Microsoft about their DSC resources for Exchange News Mike’s book: new 4th ed of PowerShell TFM: WMF 5.0 November preview Limited Preview of the PowerShell Gallery Steven Murawaski is doing PowerShell DSC training in LA December 9thContinue Reading »