PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit April 4-6, 2016 • Bellevue, WA, USA

Registration will open December 1, 2015 through March 1, 2016. We will offer 4-day and 3-day passes.

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This is our annual, global event featuring expert presenters, participation by the PowerShell product team members, and an incredible opportunity to meet and mingle with the PowerShell community.

Call it a Deep Dive. Call it a conference. Call it whatever you like, the Summit is a unique and special event. It’s the in-person gathering place for PowerShell enthusiasts and PowerShell.org forums users. It’s a place to explore and further you knowledge of DevOps principles and practices. It’s a place to make new connections, learn new techniques, and offer something to your peers and colleagues.

PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit is an official production of The DevOps Collective, Inc.. All sessions (to the limit of our technical ability and barring any glitches) are recorded, and posted for free on the PowerShell.org YouTube channel, often within a week or so of the event’s conclusion. But that’s no substitute for the live event, where you’ll also engage with experts, MVPs, product team members, and peers in an environment that’s quite unlike anything you’ve experienced before… unless you’ve been to a PowerShell and DevOps Summit!

Note: The Summit was formerly held in both North America and Europe. Due to time constraints and an evolving vision for the event, The DevOps Collective will produce only a single, global Summit event each year. It is our hope to nurture additional, regional events with local community members across the world.


PowerShell Forum

The Summit is a single, global event typically held near Microsoft campus in Bellevue, Washington, USA. However, we recognize the need for a variety of PowerShell- and DevOps-related education throughout the year and across the world. For that reason, we provide resources for those wishing to hold a PowerShell Forum (or PowerShell and DevOps Forum, or a similar event under another name), or other related event, in their region. Visit our PowerShell Forum page for more information on organizing or finding these events.


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