PowerShell Forum

PowerShell Forum is the brand name we offer to regional organizers of multi-day, annual PowerShell events held across the world. While there is only one PowerShell and DevOps Summit, we hope to help local organizers run PowerShell Forum events all over the globe.

Organize a PowerShell Forum

Interested in helping to organize a PowerShell Forum? Start with our comprehensive guide, which contains the experience and information we’ve collected in running events – including PowerShell Summit – for more than a decade.

Then, consider joining the mailing list we’ve created. You can communicate with other interested organizers. If you find an interested group, you’re welcome to move the discussion elsewhere if you like.

We encourage you to let us know about your multi-day events – we monitor the mailing list, so you can let us know your dates and location. We’re also happy to help you track down speakers, announce a call for topics, promote your event, and connect with the PowerShell team for possible presenters – again, just use the list above and we’ll do all we can to help.

Please note that our nonprofit status does not allow us to contribute funds to events organized by others, so our assistance will be limited to mentoring, publicity, and other services.