Tonight on the podcast: Adam Driscoll and Andre Sayre talk about PoshTools!

(edit @ 4:14 PM EDT: last minute guest change!) Live show happens tonight! Please join us as we talk with Adam Driscoll, PowerShell MVP, and Andrew Sayre, SDE at Microsoft’s Visual Studio Cloud Tooling team. The topic is a big one: PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio, aka PoshTools! As always, showtime is at 9:30 PM EDT, and you can watch the live stream at See ya there! Related posts: Episode 119 – Adam Driscoll on PowerGUI Visual Studio Extensions

Adam Driscoll talks about PowerShell and PowerGUI® on .NET Rocks!

Recently Adam Driscoll of PowerGUI VSX fame was a guest on the .NET Rocks! podcast show, chatting with Carl and Richard about his TFS plugin for Android, PowerShell, PowerGUI, and PowerGUI VSX.  Today that show was made available for download, so head on over to the .NET Rocks! page listen to Adam, Carl and Richard […]

Episode 119 – Adam Driscoll on PowerGUI Visual Studio Extensions

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell. Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast we talk to Adam Driscoll about PowerGUI Visual Studio Extensions News Execute commands and scripts from anywhere including the office and remote locations, as well as from a Web browser or smart phone with PowerGUI Pro from Quest Software. With the MobileShell feature, administrators can quickly run commands to troubleshoot problems or make changes, even when away from your desk! This gives teams more flexibility to work remotely while traveling, and to leverage admins from other offices in case of an emergency. ·         Execute queries remotely […]