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Episode 219 – Alan Renouf from VMware on PowerCLI

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.
Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Alan Renouf about PowerCLI




Guests – Alan Renouf



The Question -

  • Mars mission – bring nothing, enjoy Parkour in zero gravity

Up Next: Damian Karlson and Jake Robinson talk about managing a VMware Cloud with PowerShell!

This week, Thursday Feb 7th, we will have as our guests Damian Karlson (@sixfootdad) and Jake Robinson (@jakerobinson). Topics to cover on the show include managing VMware vCloud Director with PowerShell, plus whatever ideas YOU ALL come up with during the live show!

As always, join us live at 9:30 PM EST Thursdays at http://live.powerscripting.net!

Up Next: Alan Renouf and Thomas Corfmat talk about VMware vCenter Orchestrator

Alan Renouf is back with us again, and this time he’s bringing a friend along from VMware to talk with us about how vCenter Orchestrator uses PowerShell. Have a look at the vCenter Orchestrator blog to see what they are up to, and especially check out the post titled vCO PowerShell plug-in.

Here’s a screenshot example:

We’ll be covering this TONIGHT at 9:30pm EST at our usual live stream: live.powerscripting.net!

Episode 166 – Alan Renouf talks PowerCLI

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Alan Renouf about PowerCLI!


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Chatroom Buzz

[21:53:59] <Josh_Atwell> ### ? for Alan…do you think PowerCLI would be as popular without the strong community it has?

[21:59:15] * BartekB blushing like teenage girl

[22:00:55] <JHofferle> ## How big can an environment get before you just *can’t* manage it without PowerCLI?

[22:03:30] <JHofferle> ## So vcheck is awesome, what are some other “must-have” scripts?

[[22:12:54] <McShauno> Powershell is the original Siri.

22:13:34] <Josh_Atwell> http://www.vtesseract.com/post/8733987058/vbeers-get-vbeers-function-v2

[22:18:14] <JHofferle> ## When is VMTN coming back?

[22:24:47] <Josh_Atwell> Providing Others With Enterprise Ready Scripts Helping Everyone Lighten Loads

[22:29:02] <BartekB> ## Is PowerCLI a module now? Or would it be in nearest future?

[22:38:42] <Josh_Atwell> ####  Is Onyx still useful? :)

The Question

Superhero: Neo