Episode 255 – PowerScripting Podcast – Steve Roberts from Amazon on AWS and PowerShell

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell. Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Steve Roberts from Amazon on Amazon Web Services and PowerShell. News The Scripting Games are going on now! PowerShell Saturday #007 is on February 8th PowerShell Saturday #008 is on February 15th Interview Guest – Steve Roberts Links Amazon Web Services AWS Tools for PowerShell AWS .Net / PowerShell team Windows & .Net Developer Center Blog Twitter: @awsfornet Handling credentials with PowerShell tools   Chatroom Highlights: [21:55:58] <Brian___> http://amzn.com/1430264519 [21:56:13] <Brian___> Pro PowerShell for Amazon Web Services [21:56:33] <Brian___> Steve (speaking) was a […]

PowerShell.org’s Azure Journey, Part 1

When we started PowerShell.org, my company (Concentrated Tech) donated shared hosting space to get the site up and running. We knew it wouldn’t be a permanent solution, but it let us start out for free. We’re coming to the point where a move to dedicated hosting will be desirable, and we’re looking at the options. Azure and Amazon Web Services are priced roughly the same for what we need, so as a Microsoft-centric community Azure’s obviously the way to go. Azure Technical Fellow Mark Russinovich is having someone on his team connect with me to discuss some of the models […]