A Podcast about Windows PowerShell. Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Jeff Wouters about becoming an MVP News PowerShell Saturday #005 – Atlanta announced for Oct 26th Interview Guests – Jeff Wouters Links Jeff’s blog: http://jeffwouters.nl/ @jeffwouters PowerShell Deep Dives book: http://manning.com/hicks/ http://jeffwouters.nl/ Jaap Brasser, another prolific Dutch scripter MS PFE Stefan Stranger Chatroom Buzz <11MikeFRobbins> ## Ask Jeff about what he’s doing with AppAssure and PowerShell <11MikeFRobbins> ## Is there going to be a Winter Scripting Games? <PowerSchill> My song request for tonight: http://open.spotify.com/track/6yT7kcpsXNW7QS9xunPaox <Jaykul> side note: https://www.globalsign.com/ssl/ssl-open-source/ <PowerSchill> Was reading this article and finally got to the […]