Episode 296 – PowerScripting Podcast – Joe Levy from Microsoft on Azure Automation

Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Joe Levy from Microsoft about Azure Automation Interview Azure Automation blog posts Azure Automation and DSC Channel 9 video Azure Automation getting started guide   Chatroom Highlights <Vern_Anderson> ## Does Azure automation just expose SMA or is it it’s own thing <aleksandar_> ## do users find powershell workflows complex and limiting? <aleksandar_> ## do people prefer to use portal UI to interact with runbooks or to work in ISE and automate everything? <aleksandar_> ## what are the main pain points for authoring runbooks? <aleksandar_> ## what are the […]

Up Next: Joe Levy from Microsoft talks about Azure Automation!

Tomorrow night we’ll be returning to Azure once more, this time with Joe Levy: Joe Levy is a Program Manager on the Automation and Integration team of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise division. He has expertise in PowerShell, PowerShell Workflow, System Center, Azure, and the Azure Pack. He is a graduate of Duke University, with a degree in Computer Science. In his free time, he likes to do pub trivia, wipe out going off jumps on his skis, and compete in hackathons. Please join us tomorrow night, Feb 26th at 9:30 PM EST for the live stream which is as always, live.powerscripting.net. […]

Up Next: next live show is Feb 12

Hi listeners! We just wanted to send a quick note to let you know about our upcoming shows: Feb 5: no show Feb 12: June Blender talks about PowerShell v5 and more Feb 19: no show Feb 26: Joe Levy, PM for Azure Automation Talk to you soon! Related posts: Up Next: Vittorio Bertocci will talk about AppFabric cmdlets Tonight on the show, Karsten Bott from EMC! This Wednesday: Ed Horley talks IPv6! Up Next: Jeffrey Snover and John Slack for the WMF5 pre-release party!

PowerShell.org’s Azure Journey: Part 2

I had no idea Azure gives MSDN subscribers a huge free monthly credit – $200 for the first month, and then on the Ultimate subscription level (which is what I get as an MVP) you get  $175 per month thereafter. That starts to really justify the MSDN pricing. You want a lab in the cloud? Free Azure! Given the free-ness of it, I decided to set up a PowerShell.org in the sky to see how it went. Configuring dual CentOS VMs was a bit of an all-day affair; I have less experience with RHEL (which is what CentOS is based […]

PowerShell.org’s Azure Journey, Part 1

When we started PowerShell.org, my company (Concentrated Tech) donated shared hosting space to get the site up and running. We knew it wouldn’t be a permanent solution, but it let us start out for free. We’re coming to the point where a move to dedicated hosting will be desirable, and we’re looking at the options. Azure and Amazon Web Services are priced roughly the same for what we need, so as a Microsoft-centric community Azure’s obviously the way to go. Azure Technical Fellow Mark Russinovich is having someone on his team connect with me to discuss some of the models […]

State of the Org: Website, Games, Summit, and More

I wanted to share a quick update on PowerShell.org, Inc. First, a couple of Web designer friends of mine have volunteered to do a visual re-theme of the site. Below is some of their early work, and you’re welcome to comment; I’ll just remind you that they’re volunteers and doing this as a favor. So be nice! You’ll notice that one of these reflects the layout a smartphone would use, which trims much of the “chrome” in favor of the content. They haven’t tackled the forums yet – that’s harder, and will probably come last.   Second, in the last quarter of the […]

Follow Up Survey About Azure Access Control Service

Vittorio, our guest from show 149, has asked that PowerScripting listeners please fill out this very short survey about Windows Azure Access Control  Service. Everybody who fills out the survey wins, absolutely free, one unit of good karma! Seriously, it’s super-short. Please go do that real quick, won’t take long, we swear! Related posts: Up Next: Vittorio Bertocci will talk about AppFabric cmdlets

Up Next: Vittorio Bertocci will talk about AppFabric cmdlets

On this week’s show (6/8/11 @ 9:30pm EST right here on Ustream!), we’ll be talking to Vittorio Bertocci about Azure, AppFabric, and his Access Control Service cmdlets. Be sure to drop by the chatroom Wednesday so that you can post questions to Vittorio and interact with your fellow PowerShellers! Related posts: Follow Up Survey About Azure Access Control Service