Desired State Configuration – Beware Of Circular Configurations

Lately, I’ve been working at converting a lot of my server configuration scripts into DSC configurations.  After all, what better way to learn than by updating your existing methods?  I recently ran into an issue, however, while converting my SCCM Distribution Point deployment script into a config, where the test systems inexplicably began rebooting every thirty minutes or so.  The Local Configuration Manager was configured to reboot if necessary, and these were fresh installs, so I knew that my culprit was most likely in my configuration. The config was pretty basic: Put the server into a Core state and uninstall the UI management […]

TechSession: Deploying Desired State Configuration with a GUI

What’s better than rapidly configuring servers with Desired State Configuration (DSC)? Building a GUI tool that will allow others in your organization to configure servers using DSC, without having to know anything about DSC themselves! In this TechSession I will demonstrate how to build a GUI tool using Sapien PowerShell Studio that will then be used to configure servers using DSC. This session will be recorded. Recording links will be posted on the YouTube Channel within about one week. We are accepting up to 250 registrations, but only 100 live attendees will “fit” in the room. If you […]

DevOps: A Practical Example

If you look at DevOps as a means of removing hurdles between coders and users, there’s almost no better real-world, practical example than Amazon Elastic Beanstalk. If you’re not familiar with EBS, look into it – it’s kinda cool. EBS isn’t suitable for every situation, to be sure. It’s mainly useful for Linux VMs, running Web sites, in fact, which isn’t 100% of your workloads. But the idea is pretty awesome. Developers store their code in a source control repo – ideally, Git. Along with their code – and this is the cool bit – they include a configuration file. […]

Setting up the DSC tools from Github

I have created a short blog series about how to setup the DSC tooling from the DSC repository. With the mindset of contributing changes.   Test-HomeLab -InputObject ‘The Plan’ Get-Posh-Git | Test-Lab Get-DSCFramework | Test-Lab Invoke-DscBuild | Test-Lab Test-Lab | Update-GitHub -David Jones   Related posts: Building a Desired State Configuration Pull Server Building a Desired State Configuration Configuration – Part 2 Configuring a Desired State Configuration Client The current and future state of the Windows Management Framework

February 2015 NoVa PSUG Meeting Notes

Matt had to cancel so we had a mini-scripting games. Bellow are the challenges.   Challenge 1 Generate a list of US Presidents sorted by last name alphabetically. Hints: Invoke-WebRequest Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.HtmlWebResponseObject Challenge 2 Create a DSC Configuration that verifies the w32time service is set to Automatic startup and is in a Running state.   Some links of note from our discussions: Some guidance around building ISE Addons PowerShell Big Book of Error Handling Extracting Tables from PowerShell’s Invoke-WebRequest Challenge 1 Solutions The next meeting will be on March 25th at the Reston Microsoft Office. Related posts: We Want Your DSC […]

Episode 293 – PowerScripting Podcast – MVP Brian Ehlert from Citrix

Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Brian Ehlert from Citrix about DSC and XenDesktop   Interview   Chatroom Highlights <JasonMilczek> ##Do you know if Azure Pack is going to be able to provision in Microsoft Azure any time soon? <Lars_Rasmussen> ### SNover said that even EXEs could be traced <halr9000> <halr9000>,+Woodstock,+GA+30188/@34.1491471,-84.416224,617m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x88f571b78f6681b5:0xbd70324994bd2272 <halr9000> <halr9000> <BrianEh> (the MVP blog) <halr9000> <BrianEh> <halr9000> here they are: <halr9000> <halr9000> <halr9000> <halr9000> <halr9000>     Question Superhero/Power – the power to convey […]

Up Next: Brian Ehlert from Citrix talks about XenDesktop and PowerShell DSC

This Thursday, we will be joined by Brian Ehlert from Citrix, author of the XenDesktop Desired State Configuration Resource Provider! Brian is a Hyper-V MVP since 2007, and writes at If you’d like to see the show live and chat with Jon, Hal, and your fellow scripters, you can join us this Thursday at 9:30 PM EST at Related posts: Episode 265 – PowerScripting Podcast – Narayanan Lakshmanan from the PowerShell Team on DSC Episode 275 – PowerScripting Podcast – PowerShell MVP Steve Murawski Episode 289 – PowerScripting Podcast – Mike Hendrickson and Jason Walker from Microsoft on […]

Episode 290 – PowerScripting Podcast – Jeffrey Snover and John Slack on PowerShell 5.0 (Technical Preview)

Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Jeffrey Snover and John Slack from Microsoft Interview Jo Ann Snover’s beautiful pictures from Turks & Caicos Here’s a larger set Chatroom Highlights <jsnover> ### HAL what hair products are you using today? <ehorley> ### curating code? <sepeck> ## Any known conflicts with things like Exchange or System Center Operations Manager like previous versions of PowerShell had? <McHelpin> ## or SharePoint??? add on to sepeck <darylscorner> ## Is Microsoft using WMF5 in the Cloud Platform System <darylscorner> ## does the previous Sep release have to be removed […]

Episode 289 – PowerScripting Podcast – Mike Hendrickson and Jason Walker from Microsoft on Configuring Exchange With DSC

Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Mike Hendrickson and Jason Walker from Microsoft about their DSC resources for Exchange News Mike’s book: new 4th ed of PowerShell TFM: WMF 5.0 November preview Limited Preview of the PowerShell Gallery Steven Murawaski is doing PowerShell DSC training in LA December 9th and 10th   Interview before: 1000’s of lines of script, harder to read with DSC: 400 lines, easy to read, no config drift blog post: powershellget: install-module xExchange Q&A on Technet Gallery   Chatroom Highlights <halr9000> <halr9000> <halr9000> <Stuwee> […]

Episode 288 – PowerScripting Podcast – Hal and Jon talk about Splunk and DSC troubleshooting

Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, Hal and Jon talk about Splunk and troubleshooting DSC Links <migreene> <alevyinroc> here’s my screen. <halr9000> <halr9000> wave 7 shipped <halr9000> wrong link: this one: <halr9000> <rcookiemonster> They did a series on it a short while back – has them I think <halr9000> <halr9000> <migreene> <JonWalz> <halr9000> Chatroom Highlights: <Schlauge> ### input inot splunk    key/value pairs?    custom objects? <Schlauge> ### @JonWalz   did you say you have a resource that pushes your PowerShell profile to a remove computer? Related posts: […]

Up Next: Configure Exchange with PowerShell DSC with Jason Walker & Mike Hendrickson!

This Thursday, we will be joined by two excellent guests from Microsoft: Jason Walker, and Mike Hendrickson. They will be talking about a rather large bit of PowerShell DSC code: the xExchange Resource Kit! Mike wrote a blog post series on the topic, and his first piece, Introducing xExchange – Managing Exchange 2013 With DSC – Part 1, starts with “why DSC”, and goes on to examine the contents of this resource kit. We will talk about it live this Thursday night at 9:30 PM EST, and we would love for you to join us! Viewers of the live stream get to […]

The current and future state of the Windows Management Framework

At the 2nd of October, Lee Holmes gave a presentation about the current and future state of the Windows Management Framework (WMF) during the Dutch PowerShell User Group (DuPSUG) at the Microsoft headquarters in The Netherlands. The slide decks and recorded videos will be made available soon, but this is what was discussed: The release cycle of the Windows Management Framework (WMF) Faster incremental releases of preview versions are being released. This rapid development means that companies that need specific new functionalities to tackle current problems they’re having, don’t have to wait as long as they had to in the past. Everyone should keep in mind […]

Episode 275 – PowerScripting Podcast – PowerShell MVP Steve Murawski

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell. Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Steve Murawski Interview Guest – Steve Murawski Links Community DSC Resources: Writing help for powershell modules Chatroom Highlights: <gpduck> <halr9000> <gpduck> also here are links to his talks on DSC from summit: <gpduck> <gpduck> <randal_hicks> <randal_hicks> <JonWalz> this is my favorite one-page post about the Summit <halr9000> <ehorley> Hum, limited to IPv4 only in <halr9000> <halr9000> here ya go ehorley <halr9000> <halr9000> * Vern_Anderson ( […]

Tonight on the podcast–Jeffrey Snover!

Hi everyone, it’s summer and we are recording on Wednesday. Don’t forget to drop by tonight of all nights, because we are pleased to have Jeffrey Snover back again! Topics include JEA, software defined datacenter, DSC for Linux, and anything else that YOU want to talk about! You can join us live at 9:30 PM at and ask questions of the inventor of PowerShell, and architect of Windows Server and System Center. Don’t miss it! Related posts: Episode 249 – PowerScripting Podcast – Distinguished Engineer Jeffrey Snover for the PowerShell v4 Launch Party Episode 20 – Jeffrey Snover is […]