Up Next: Glenn Block talks about Asynchronous Programming

Please join us tonight at 9:30 PM EDT at live.powerscripting.net when we are talking with Glenn Block about some new asynchronous programming features in .NET, and tips and caveats about how you can work with them in PowerShell. You can read more about async/await at MSDN. Glenn blogs at codebetter.com, and can be often be seen at developer events near you! Related posts: Next live show is June 19 This Wednesday: Ed Horley talks IPv6! Up Next: Configure Exchange with PowerShell DSC with Jason Walker & Mike Hendrickson! Up Next: Jeffrey Snover and John Slack for the WMF5 pre-release party!

Episode 238 – PowerScripting Podcast – Glenn Block & Jim Christopher on scriptcs

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell. Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Glenn Block & Jim Christopher about scriptcs News No podcast next week MVA Advanced Tools & Scripts with PowerShell 3.0 Jump Start MVP Adam Driscoll is working a new project called PoshTools The Florida PowerShell user group is meeting August 20th PowerShell Saturday #005 – Atlanta announced for Oct 26th Interview Guests – Glenn Block & Jim Christopher Links scriptcs homepage scriptcs github org dictionary: nuget | roslyn | sublime text | REPL |  MEF scriptcs WPF calculator sample scriptcs plugin for sublime text beefarino’s ScriptCS PowerShell module Chatroom Buzz <BellyTimber> http://poshcode.org/4325 <halr9000> http://webbrain.com/brainpage/brain/4685C1B4-FE68-2D62-3AFA-CE674E67F742#-638 <MikeFRobbins> irm -Uri […]

Next live show is June 19

Jon and Hal are taking a summer break but we’ll be back before too long! Join us June 19 for the next live show. Our guests will be Glenn Block and Jim Christopher, and the topic is ScriptCS! We may have some TechEd content in the meantime, watch this space! Related posts: Episode 238 – PowerScripting Podcast – Glenn Block & Jim Christopher on scriptcs Up Next: Jim Christopher talks about SeeShell and PowerShell Saturday Episode 270 – PowerScripting Podcast – MVP Jim Christopher on StudioShell and More