Rename Hashtable Key Revised

Last week I posted an advanced PowerShell function to rename a hashtable key. As usual, the more I worked with it the more I realized it was missing something – namely the ability the take a pipelined object. My original version assumed you had saved the hashtable to a variable. But as I was working […]

Convert PowerShell Object to Hashtable Revised

A while back I posted an advanced PowerShell function that would take an object and convert it to a hashtable. The premise was simple enough: look at the incoming object with Get-Member to discover the property names then create a hashtable with each property name as a hashtable key. I’ve a need to use this […]

Rename Hashtable Key

I use hashtables quite a bit. Often generating hashtables on the fly from other sources. But sometimes the hashtable keys that come from these external sources don’t align with what I intend to do with the hashtable. For example, one of the nifty things you can do with hashtables is splat them against a cmdlet […]