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No live show today–back next week!

Hi everyone. Apparently, we didn’t relax enough over the long weekend, and we need more time to recharge! Jonathan has one show in the hopper, soon to be published, and we also have audio from the Atlanta Techstravaganza show from not too long ago that we want to get out to you guys.

But have no fear, we will be back for a live show on September 11th! For that show, we are going to have Jason Helmick come turn the tables and interview us this time, so that should be something different.

In the meantime–please send us your feedback! In particular, we are always looking for guest and topic ideas. You can mail the show, or tweet to us @powerscripting.

Episode 260 – PowerScripting Podcast – MVPs Don Jones and Jason Helmick on The Scripting Games and More

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to PowerShell MVPs Don Jones and Jason Helmick


Guests – Don Jones, Jason Helmick


Chatroom Highlights:

<JasonMorgan_> ## How many teams total?

<Vern_Anderson> ## @ Jason – How cool was it making that MVA JumpStart videos with jsnover?

<JasonMorgan_> ## Watch out for the ScriptingGuys Forum

<Vern_Anderson> ## The one year I had problems was one of the challenges required Hyper-V

<Stuwee> ## Don, where are these videos?

<Vern_Anderson> I’m having to learn .NET C## at work yuk!

<Vern_Anderson_> ## Jason what’s your favorite type of Steak?

<json_wud> ##is there going to be a DSC in a month of lunches book?

<Vern_Anderson_> ## Why was Don underwhelmed by workflow?

<json_wud> ##Will DSC be a major component of the upcoming Summit?

<BrianK> ## I feel like DSC is important to large enterprise, but how much value is there in it for small-medium businesses?

<BrianK> ## I feel like DSC is important to large enterprise, but how much value is there in it for small-medium businesses?

<Dave_Wyatt> ## I’m sure this has been asked before, but is there any benefit to looking into DSC if you’re already running SCCM?

<DonJ-MVP> ## yeah do that question jon

<JHofferle> ## So what do you manage with Group Policy vs DSC?

<JasonMorgan_> ## So you can patch with DSC?

<json_wud> ##small guys really do want more scripting options. Anything coming down the line to make small/mobile office scripting work for us.?

<PowerSchill> Fun Fact: http://www.mrfa.org/ssn.htm

<rcookiemonster> http://arstechnica.com/science/2009/07/social-insecurity-numbers-open-to-hacking/

<alevyinroc> rcookiemonster: http://www.sqlsaturday.com/303/eventhome.aspx only $10 to cover lunch, the rest of the day is free

<ScriptingWife> JonWalz: for shownotes http://powershell.org/wp/2014/02/19/free-ebook-from-microsofts-scripting-guy-windows-powershell-networking-guide/

<alexandair1>  JonWalz for shownotes http://www.powershellmagazine.com/2014/02/19/another-important-milestone-powershell-magazine-has-published-500-posts/

<ScriptingWife> JonWalz: for shownotes http://www.manning.com/helmick/

<Vern_Anderson> http://www.manning.com/helmick/

<MikeFRobbins> Learn Windows IIS in a Month of Lunches: http://manning.com/helmick/

<Dave_Wyatt> http://powershell.org/wp/forums/topic/download-all-files-error/

<proxb> http://powershell.org/wp/2014/02/17/what-should-the-scripting-games-look-like-next-time/

<Vern_Anderson> http://www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/training-courses/getting-started-with-powershell-3-0-jump-start#?fbid=WMDOzBs5L7r

<Vern_Anderson> http://www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/training-courses/advanced-tools-scripting-with-powershell-3-0-jump-start#?fbid=WMDOzBs5L7r

<Vern_Anderson> http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqPxcTs1F2k-NeZ-igDHvnQ

<MikeFRobbins> Are you following Dave Wyatt on Twitter? You should be: http://twitter.com/SnookieBjorn

<Vern_Anderson> http://donjonesdotcom.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/tattoos.png?w=300&h=95

<JonWalz> http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn249922.aspx look what it says for the ConfigurationMode Property and look at the example

<ps-gregg> http://jdhitsolutions.com/blog/2013/09/building-a-mini-hyper-v-server/

<love_the_tentacl> http://www.amazon.com/Gigabyte-Compact-i7-4500U-Processor-GB-BXi7-4500/dp/B00FNPCKUU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1392954973&sr=8-3&keywords=gigabyte+brix

<love_the_tentacl> http://www.amazon.com/Crucial-2-5-Inch-adapter-Internal-CT960M500SSD1/dp/B00BQ8RGL6/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1392955060&sr=8-4&keywords=crucial+m500

<Vern_Anderson_> http://www.anandtech.com/show/7648/gigabyte-brix-pro

<MikeFRobbins> How about some Louisiana Hot Sauce? http://www.louisianapepper.com/


The Question – Mars Mission

  • Jason – Hot sauce

Up Next guest co-host Don Jones joins Jon Walz as they talk to Jason Helmick

This week on the PowerScripting Podcast, Don Jones (@concentrateddon) is the guest co-host with Jon Walz and the guest will be Jason Helmick (@theJasonHelmick) Items up for discussion will be the Winter Scripting Games 2014, the PowerShell Summit NA and lots more. Join us Thursday Feb 20 at 9:30 PM EST

Introducing the Judges for Winter 2014 Scripting Games

In the last few years there has been a long list of people judging the Scripting Games. Those people were expected to view as many entries as possible, preferably all, and score the entries as well as providing feedback on the individual entries. That is a ton of work especially when you consider that the judges were all volunteers.

This time round we’re attempting to spread the load somewhat. Mike Robbins has done a superb job recruiting coaches for the Its their job to look at the entries and make suggestions and hints to the teams – if the teams wish to take advantage of this option. Looking at the list of coaches – I know I would take advantage of their assistance if I was competing.

That leaves judging. This time we’re using a small group of judges. We have prepared scoring criteria for the events with some additional style points available to the judges. This will make MOST of the scoring objective but we’ve a bit of subjectivity available for individual judges to pick out, and hopefully comment on, things they like or don’t like.

The judges are all very experienced PowerShell practitioners with more books written, talks given, blog posts created and classes taught between them than anyone would want to count. In alphabetical order your judges for the Winter 2014 Scripting Games are:

Don Jones – founder and CEO of powershell.org. Author of several PowerShell books including the highly recommended Learn PowerShell v3 in a Month of Lunches and co-author of PowerShell in Depth. Don is a PowerShell MVP, PowerShell educator, columnist and course creator.

Jason Helmick – Board member of powershell.org. A PowerShell MVP and author of Learn IIS in a Month of Lunches which includes lots of PowerShell. Jason also delivered the recent two-part Introducing PowerShell MVA sessions with Jeffrey Snover. PowerShell educator, columnist and speaker.

Jeffery Hicks – Board member of powershell.org. PowerShell MVP. Co-author of PowerShell in Depth, lead editor of PowerShell Deep Dives and author of other PowerShell books. Jeffrey is also a PowerShell columnist and educator

Ed Wilson – The Scripting Guy. Ed runs the Hey! Scripting Guy Author of several PowerShell books including Windows PowerShell Best Practices and Windows PowerShell Scripting Guide. Ed also delivers PowerShell classes and is a much in demand speaker.

The list of judges is completed by
Richard Siddaway – Board member of powershell.org. PowerShell MVP. Co-author of PowerShell in Depth and author of PowerShell in Practice and PowerShell and WMI. Frequent blogger on PowerShell related topics.

Between them the judges have accumulated over 30 years of PowerShell experience that is focussed on judging the Games. They are all looking forward to the Games and hope to see your entries.

PhillyPoSH 11/07/2013 meeting summary and presentation materials

  1. John Mello gave a presentation on a script that searches a mailbox for an email by subject and downloads any attachments it may contain. A copy of his scripts can be obtained here.
  2. Jason Helmick, Senior Technologist at Concentrated Tech and Windows PowerShell MVP, gave a presentation on “Understanding the Pipeline – Getting your one-liners to work!” A copy of his script can be found here.
    1. A recording of Jason Helmick’s presentation can be found on our YouTube channel. Due to audio issues, John Mello’s portion is not included in the recording.
  3. Announcements
    1. Tickets are still available for the 2014 PowerShell Summit North America, if you’re going then make sure to say hi to Lido Paglia!
    2. We are still trying to arrange for a PowerShell Saturday sometime in 2014, if you are interested in presenting please let us know!
  4. We are assigning homework this week! Hopefully this will be a fun task that we can discuss during our next meeting, so try your hand at the following problem:

Title: On This Day in Pictures

Description: You have folder of photos on your computer that you take with your Smartphone or digital camera. From time to time you want to be reminded of the cool and interesting things you snapped photos of years before on this day. Being a PowerShell scripter you imagine that PowerShell would be a quick and easy tool for exploring your photo’s meta-data to re-discover some fun memories you had by emailing yourself some pictures you took on this same day last year or any year before. You decide to format the email as HTML including the pictures and some data about them. Finally, using the task scheduler to set your script to run every morning so you can take a trip down memory lane with your photos on “this day in history”. As a PowerShell scripter you roll up your sleeves and get to work.


  1. Your script should look into a directory that may contain sub folders for image files (you may want to support .jpg, .jpeg, .png, etc.).
  2. The script should then determine the date a photo was taken. Examining the EXIF meta-data might be handy.
  3. Get the date the script runs and find all the photos taken on the same day other than the current year.
  4.  Finally send an email containing the photos taken on this day in history*

PhillyPoSH November 7th 2013

Meeting Info

Date: November 7th, 2013
Speaker: Jason Helmick
Speaker Topic: “Understanding the Pipeline – Getting your one-liners to work!”

Please register if you plan to attend in person or online. The meeting URL to join us remotely will be included in your Eventbrite registration confirmation.

About Jason
Jason Helmick is Senior Technologist at Concentrated Tech. His IT career spans more than 25 years or enterprise consulting on a variety of technologies, with a focus on strategic IT business planning. He’s a highly successful IT author, columnist, lecturer, and instructor, specializing in automation practices for the IT pro. Jason is a leader in the IT professional community, and serves as board member and COO/CFO of PowerShell.Org and is a Windows PowerShell MVP.

Jason’s publications include Learn Windows IIS in a Month of Lunches, and he has contributed to numerous industry publications and periodicals, including PowerShell Deep Dives, Microsoft TechNet and TechTarget Magazine. He is a sought-after speaker at numerous technical conferences and symposia, and has been a featured presenter in the Microsoft Virtual Academy. He can be contacted on Twitter: @theJasonHelmick

About PhillyPoSH
The Philadelphia PowerShell User Group (PhillyPoSH) is a group of IT Professionals interested in learning and using Windows PowerShell. We encourage PowerShell users of any skill level (from newbie to expert and everything in between) to join.

Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at the local Microsoft office in Malvern, PA. We usually have a quick discussion of community news and upcoming events, along with a 30-45 minute technical presentation. Presentations may run longer if we have a guest speaker, but otherwise we’ll usually wrap with a Script Club, where we work together on a particular scripting problem to learn new skills and techniques!

More Summit Speaker Names Leaked

So, I got hold of one of the Summit planning spreadsheets and have the list of speaker names. Now, these folks haven’t yet confirmed, so there are obviously possible changes, but here’s who’ll be invited based on their proposals:

  • <REDACTED> Augh, they caught me! The complete session list isn’t yet finalized, and there are a few on the “final cut list” that may not actually physically fit, so stay tuned…

Lotta Jasons in there. Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t put Helmick in charge of this again. He appears to be partial. There’s also several slots for PowerShell product team members that haven’t yet been sorted; they may come in a bit closer to the show, once the team has a better grip on their short-term work schedule.

That’s about 63 sessions total. Wow. We’re planning to run continuous sessions from 9am to noon, and then from 1pm to 5pm every day, spread across three tracks. There’ll also be welcome address at 8:15am Monday morning.

Please – tell a colleague. Help us get the word out, because this is going to be amazing. 

Coming Soon: 55039 “PowerShell Scripting and Toolmaking” Course

Later this month, Jason Helmick will be offering a revised “PowerShell Scripting and Toolmaking” course at Interface Technical Training in Phoenix. This new course carries the Microsoft Courseware Marketplace number 55039 – that’s right, this is an official, unofficial course that will be available to all Microsoft training partners!

(Courseware Marketplace offerings are not written or endorsed by Microsoft, but they are equivalent to Official Curriculum in many ways, including being eligible for Software Assurance voucher programs. Marketplace offerings supplement Official offerings by providing courses that Microsoft doesn’t have the time or resources to generate themselves.)

This course is based directly on Learn PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches, and incorporates much of that book’s actual text (in fact, a portion of the course’s sale price goes to the book publisher, with a portion of that going to the book authors as royalties). That’s combined with a full slide deck, some awesome brand-new labs, lab answer key, “starting points” (for lab students who fall behind), and a complete inventory of demo scripts for the instructor to use. It walks through a quick PowerShell review, and moves all the way through creating modules, advanced functions, custom views, and much more. It’s a pretty handy course, and even dives into creating “controller” scripts, such as scripts that automate processes or generate HTML reports. We provide a complete 3-VM build guide, and a simple ISO image containing all of the instructor and student files. Students are even welcome to download that ISO themselves for later reference! That URL will be provided in the student manual.

I’m especially proud of the labs, and thankful to Mike Robbins and Jason Helmick for debugging them for me. Through the main part of the course, students have three lab tracks (A, B, and C) to choose from – and overachievers can work on more than one track. Through each module, the labs gradually build from a basic command to a complete, fleshed-out “script cmdlet” packaged in a module, with a custom view and more. It’s extremely realistic, and it means much of the classroom time is spent on hands-on labs, where students will get the most value for their money.

This course is designed to complement Microsoft’s official 10961 course, which covers substantially the same material as Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches, meaning 55039 is kind of a “sequel” course. Training centers are welcome to offer a 5-day accelerated class that combines both courses; that’s pretty much the class I teach myself. I don’t personally categorize 55039 as “advanced;” rather, it’s more of a specific application of PowerShell – building reusable tools. I do offer an advanced course of my own, and there’s a chance for that to become a packaged course in the future.

After the beta is complete, the course will be orderable in the Marketplace with a suggested price of $150 per student. It’s a full 5-day course, with multiple lab tracks per module, so I felt that was a pretty fair price, especially since students basically get the Toolmaking book “included” in their manual!

If any other trainers would like to know more about the course, they’re welcome to contact me. We will be selling it directly as well, for trainers who can’t access the Marketplace.

Download the table of contents: 55039-TOC

But wait – there’s more! Scripting and Toolmaking on Aug 1st.

Microsoft Virtual Academy will be broadcasting a live presentation of PowerShell scripting and toolmaking. In this presentation, Distinguished Engineer Jeffrey Snover and Senior Technologist Jason Helmick will get you started turning your automation scripts into reusable tools that look and feel just like cmdlet’s.

This fast paced presentation will be loaded with best practices and guidelines for making Advanced Functions and building modules that can be shared with your entire administrative team. Start building your own solutions for your custom business needs and let PowerShell take you to the next level.

You don’t want to miss this!

Full Page Link: http://www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/liveevents/Adv-PowerShell-Jump-Start?CR_CC=200226341

Short Link: http://aka.ms/AdvPwShl



[UPDATED] Last-Minute Summit Info and Changes

Please make sure you’re following this announcements category as you travel to, and attend, the Summit. It’s the best way for us to get out late-breaking news.

Registration begins at 8am on Monday, April 22nd, in the lobby of Building 40. Now, sometimes the lobby doors open a wee bit late – so bear with us. The first sessions aren’t until 9am, so there’s plenty of time. Please bring a printout of your ticket from EventBrite, and a photo ID.

Session pre-registration didn’t happen – we had some volunteers have emergency health issues that just got us behind schedule, so we couldn’t get the mobile app thing going. No fear. Sessions will be on a first-come, first-seated basis. Note that we are spread between two adjacent buildings, so you may have to traipse from one to the other during the 15-minute session breaks.

Meals will include a very light continental breakfast and a lunch. We will endeavor to supply soft drinks throughout the day, but that will require Microsoft employees to shuttle them to us. You’re welcome to bring your own soft drinks. We’ve got coffee lined up. Please respect your fellow attendees – we’ve ordered enough food for everyone, but that assumes everyone’s taking a normal-sized serving. A plate piled high with croissants isn’t normal, and deprives your fellow attendees of their share. Seriously – this happened at a conference I was at a couple of weeks ago. Pretty sad.

Kickoff we will have a VERY SHORT kickoff in each session room at 8:45am. We’ll endeavor to present all general material in both session rooms, since neither room can accommodate all of us at once. Jason Helmick and myself will be handling those duties throughout the event. You’re welcome to come to us with any problems you run into.

Problems may arise – bear in mind this is our first year, and just be patient with us. If you bring it to our attention, we’ll fix what we can, as soon as we can. We really appreciate your help and patience as we try to make a great event!

Wi-Fi is not guaranteed, and we will not have power drops for everyone’s laptop. Please do not stretch your laptop power cord across any walkways – you will be asked to unplug for safety reasons. We suggest leaving the laptop in your hotel room, so help make the room more comfortable for everyone (if everyone brings a laptop and a giant bag for it, it’s going to get cramped).

Parking is limited on-site, and you need to make sure you park in a space that isn’t restricted. Check-in with the building receptionist to see if your car needs to be registered. You can also park at the ExtendedStay America hotel across the street, and walk to buildings 40 and 41. You’re responsible for your own transportation during the event.

Evening events are strictly on-your-own. We don’t have anything official planned. If someone puts something together ad-hoc and tells us, we’ll do our best to spread the word.

This is an informal event – don’t think of the Summit as a conference like TechEd, but rather as a gathering of friends and colleagues. It’ll be less structured, more ad-hoc, and hopefully more engaging.

Please be respectful of speakers while they present, and follow their guidelines on when to ask questions. We do have to push them off the stage at the end of their allotted time, so give them their time to complete their presentation for you. If you have additional Q&A after the session ends, please take it into the lobby so that the next session can start.

MONDAY AT LUNCH we will launch the 2013 Scripting Games with an EnergizedTech opening ceremonies video. It’ll be a pageant – don’t miss it. 12:30pm in each session room.

WEDNESDAY AT LUNCH in the lobby or session room in building 40, you’re invited to meet the Summit organizers (if you’ve managed to avoid us until then) and offer feedback for 2014.

Company Store vouchers may be are a reality, thanks to The Scripting Guy. You will need to use Microsoft transportation to get to Commons, where the Store is located; you’ll be able to spend your own money, up to the voucher limit, to purchase products at employee prices. These products MAY NOT BE RESOLD and are for your personal use (they may be given as gifts). 

PowerShell.org stickers will be available at registration – please, limit 1 per person. We only brought a limited supply.

THANK YOU TO OUR VOLUNTEERS who are helping make the Summit happen – Christopher Gannon and The Scripting Wife, Teresa Wilson, will be running registration and guarding our food from poachers. Jason Helmick will be helping me with room monitoring, pacing, and general content presentations. Kirk Munro ran content selection and speaker relations. And of course, all of our speakers are presenting on their own time, without compensation, although we’ve been able to cover most of their travel expenses.

2014 is coming. We’re planning a bigger event, but that means a bigger commitment – we will nee about 130 people to break even (although we’ll be able to handle about 250, if things go as planned). We hope you’ll help us publicize the 2014 event when the time comes, so that we can make it happen for you.


PhillyPoSH 04/04/2013 meeting summary

  1. Jason Helmick remotely gave a demo of Sapien’s Powershell Studio
  2. Ed Wilson, The Scripting Guy, gave a presentation on the different ways to remotely manage a Windows 8 workstation (remotely via the Charlotte PowerShell User Group)
  3. Announcements
    1. The Scripting games start on 04/25/2013, make sure to sign up! We plan on doing a post mortem once the games are done just like we did with the Winter Scripting Camp
    2. Check out the Mississippi PowerShell User, which meets virtually every 2nd Tuesday. Take a look at their schedule which is filled with great speakers.

Episode 222 – Don Jones talks about the Scripting Games for 2013 and beyond

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Don Jones about the 2013 Scripting Games!





Guests – MVP Don Jones




Chatroom Buzz

16[2013-03-28 21:24:56] <14ScriptingWife> Looks like THE Jason Helmick

16[2013-03-28 21:25:04] <11MVP-DonJ> It is THE Jason Helmick!

16[2013-03-28 21:29:56] <5JHofferle> PS is finally taking off at work…I’ve got SQL guys asking me stuff…VMware gurus asking me how to make scripts work better…it’s a good time to be a PowerShell guy.

16[2013-03-28 21:29:56] <2bearstuff> 95023.

16[2013-03-28 21:30:11] <2bearstuff> cat on keyboard

16[2013-03-28 21:30:20] <11MikeFRobbins> 24 days until the PowerShell Summit!

16[2013-03-28 21:30:34] <11MVP-DonJ> God 24 days? I should be nervous.

16[2013-03-28 21:42:14] <14ScriptingWife> I spy Dr Scripto in the background as well as THE Jason Helmick

16[2013-03-28 21:42:31] <8JasonHelmick> You Bet! Love my Dr. Scripto!

16[2013-03-28 21:42:48] <14ScriptingWife> You need to take him a ride on the bike

16[2013-03-28 21:43:03] <8JasonHelmick> I will if I can find him a helmet

16[2013-03-28 21:48:26] <7JimBirley> James Brundage needs to write a book.

16[2013-03-28 21:48:31] <7JimBirley> on Pipeworks

16[2013-03-28 21:48:43] <8JasonHelmick> Agreed..Sir JAmes is Awesome

16[2013-03-28 21:48:51] <7JimBirley> Brilliant

16[2013-03-28 21:49:27] <7JimBirley> saw him at Techstravaganza in NYC on Friday and my head was spinning, in a good way

16[2013-03-28 21:50:44] <8JasonHelmick> Sapien has REALLY cool stuff….

16[2013-03-28 21:51:02] <7JimBirley> 2014 products look really slick

16[2013-03-28 21:51:13] <14PoshJosh> my hashtag will be #ScriptingGamesBaller

18[2013-03-28 21:58:36] <7coderaven> ## can you go into the Verified program just a little plz

18[2013-03-28 22:01:59] <7JimBirley> ## how much is error handling “graded” in the toolmaking process?

16[2013-03-28 22:05:27] <10mjolinor> Give a man a match, he’ll be warm for a minute. Set him on fire, and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life…

16[2013-03-28 22:05:37] <5JHofferle> lol

16[2013-03-28 22:06:35] <2brwilkinson> # How are we handling V2 vs V3 for the games?

18[2013-03-28 22:10:02] <8JasonHelmick> ## Jon – ask him about what IT pros can do to better themselves in their jobs…

16[2013-03-28 22:14:01] <11MikeFRobbins> 22http://www.sapien.com/software/powershell_studio

16[2013-03-28 22:16:29] <14ScriptingWife> Alex is awesome

16[2013-03-28 22:16:37] <14ScriptingWife> Ferdinand is too

16[2013-03-28 22:17:35] <7JimBirley> Ferdinand shared some really cool stuff coming from Sapien last Friday.

16[2013-03-28 22:17:37] <8JasonHelmick> Alex and Ferdinand really care about this community…..

16[2013-03-28 22:17:48] <8JasonHelmick> BUT SCRIPTING WIFE IS THE BEST!

16[2013-03-28 22:17:49] <14ScriptingWife> David C is a sweetheart too

16[2013-03-28 22:17:57] <14ScriptingWife> Blushing

16[2013-03-28 22:30:09] <7JimBirley> Great book review: 22http://mikefrobbins.com/2013/03/28/book-review-windows-powershell-cookbook-3rd-edition/


The Question –


  • The Reddit AMA question: 100 duck sized horses


Philadelphia Meeting – April 4th, 2013

Please join us on Thursday, April 4th when Jason Helmick will present an overview of PowerShell Studio from Sapien. Following Jason’s demo of PowerShell Studio we’ll be joining up with the Charlotte PowerShell User Group via Microsoft Lync where Ed Wilson, The Scripting Guy, will be Presenting. We’re excited to join The Scripting Guy in Charlotte and video of his talk will be made available through our public Lync meeting. If for some reason you can’t join us in person you’re more than welcome to join remotely.

The Scripting Guy will be presenting “Use PowerShell to manage the remote Windows 8 Workstation”:

There are three different ways to manage a remote Windows 8 workstation. The first is to use WMI remoting, the second is to use the computername cmdlets and the third is to use WinRm and Windows PowerShell native remoting. Each approach has advantages and disadvantages for the network administrator. In this session, I will examine each approach, and provide a checklist of criteria to aid the enterprise network administrator in choosing the appropriate technology for a variety of real world scenarios. This presentation combines live demo’s and interactive discussion to heighten learning.

Here’s a little more info about our guest speakers Jason and Ed:

Jason Helmick is a teacher, author, consultant and 25-year IT veteran focusing on Microsoft enterprise technologies and a strong proponent of automation with PowerShell. Jason is a board member of PowerShell.Org and the author of “Learn IIS in a Month of Lunches“. You can follow and contact Jason on Twitter: @theJasonHelmick.

Ed Wilson is the Microsoft Scripting Guy and a well-known scripting expert. He writes the twice daily Hey Scripting Guy! blog (the number 1 blog on TechNet). He has also spoken at TechEd and at the Microsoft internal TechReady conferences. He is a Microsoft-certified trainer who has delivered a popular Windows PowerShell workshop to Microsoft Premier Customers worldwide. He has written 11 books including 8 on Windows scripting that were published by Microsoft Press. He has also contributed to nearly a dozen other books. He has two Microsoft Press Windows PowerShell 3.0 books: Windows PowerShell 3.0 Step by Step and Windows PowerShell 3.0 First Steps. Ed holds more than 20 industry certifications, including Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). Prior to coming to work for Microsoft, he was a senior consultant for a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner where he specialized in Active Directory design and Exchange implementation. In his spare time, he enjoys woodworking, underwater photography, and scuba diving.

Please register if you plan to attend in person or to receive the meeting URL to join us remotely.

Up Next: Jason Helmick on the 2013 PowerShell Summit and his upcoming IIS book!

This Thursday we’ll be speaking to Jason Helmick from Interface Technical Training about his upcoming book from Manning Press which is titled, Learn Windows IIS in a Month of Lunches. The book won’t ship until the Spring of 2013, but you can get early access from Manning today.

Also on the agenda, Jason is going to announce plans for the 2013 PowerShell Summit which is the community-organized succession to the very popular PowerShell Deep Dive summits from the past two years.

Be sure to join us live every Thursday at 9:30 PM EDT at live.powerscripting.net!