No live show today–back next week!

Hi everyone. Apparently, we didn’t relax enough over the long weekend, and we need more time to recharge! Jonathan has one show in the hopper, soon to be published, and we also have audio from the Atlanta Techstravaganza show from not too long ago that we want to get out to you guys. But have no fear, we will be back for a live show on September 11th! For that show, we are going to have Jason Helmick come turn the tables and interview us this time, so that should be something different. In the meantime–please send us your feedback! In particular, we are always looking for […]

Episode 260 – PowerScripting Podcast – MVPs Don Jones and Jason Helmick on The Scripting Games and More

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell. Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to PowerShell MVPs Don Jones and Jason Helmick Interview Guests – Don Jones, Jason Helmick Links Learn more about the PowerShell Summit Lean IIS in a Month of Lunches Chatroom Highlights: <JasonMorgan_> ## How many teams total? <Vern_Anderson> ## @ Jason – How cool was it making that MVA JumpStart videos with jsnover? <JasonMorgan_> ## Watch out for the ScriptingGuys Forum <Vern_Anderson> ## The one year I had problems was one of the challenges required Hyper-V <Stuwee> ## Don, where are these videos? […]

Up Next guest co-host Don Jones joins Jon Walz as they talk to Jason Helmick

This week on the PowerScripting Podcast, Don Jones (@concentrateddon) is the guest co-host with Jon Walz and the guest will be Jason Helmick (@theJasonHelmick) Items up for discussion will be the Winter Scripting Games 2014, the PowerShell Summit NA and lots more. Join us Thursday Feb 20 at 9:30 PM EST Related posts: Episode 222 – Don Jones talks about the Scripting Games for 2013 and beyond Episode 260 – PowerScripting Podcast – MVPs Don Jones and Jason Helmick on The Scripting Games and More Episode 1 – Fundamental Cmdlets Rocking Roundtable This Thursday!

Introducing the Judges for Winter 2014 Scripting Games

In the last few years there has been a long list of people judging the Scripting Games. Those people were expected to view as many entries as possible, preferably all, and score the entries as well as providing feedback on the individual entries. That is a ton of work especially when you consider that the judges were all volunteers. This time round we’re attempting to spread the load somewhat. Mike Robbins has done a superb job recruiting coaches for the Its their job to look at the entries and make suggestions and hints to the teams – if the teams […]

PhillyPoSH 11/07/2013 meeting summary and presentation materials

John Mello gave a presentation on a script that searches a mailbox for an email by subject and downloads any attachments it may contain. A copy of his scripts can be obtained here. Jason Helmick, Senior Technologist at Concentrated Tech and Windows PowerShell MVP, gave a presentation on “Understanding the Pipeline – Getting your one-liners to work!” A copy of his script can be found here. A recording of Jason Helmick’s presentation can be found on our YouTube channel. Due to audio issues, John Mello’s portion is not included in the recording. Announcements Tickets are still available for the 2014 PowerShell […]

PhillyPoSH November 7th 2013

Meeting Info Date: November 7th, 2013 Speaker: Jason Helmick Speaker Topic: “Understanding the Pipeline – Getting your one-liners to work!” Registration Please register if you plan to attend in person or online. The meeting URL to join us remotely will be included in your Eventbrite registration confirmation. About Jason Jason Helmick is Senior Technologist at Concentrated Tech. His IT career spans more than 25 years or enterprise consulting on a variety of technologies, with a focus on strategic IT business planning. He’s a highly successful IT author, columnist, lecturer, and instructor, specializing in automation practices for the IT pro. Jason is a leader in the IT […]

More Summit Speaker Names Leaked

So, I got hold of one of the Summit planning spreadsheets and have the list of speaker names. Now, these folks haven’t yet confirmed, so there are obviously possible changes, but here’s who’ll be invited based on their proposals: <REDACTED> Augh, they caught me! The complete session list isn’t yet finalized, and there are a few on the “final cut list” that may not actually physically fit, so stay tuned… Lotta Jasons in there. Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t put Helmick in charge of this again. He appears to be partial. There’s also several slots for PowerShell product team members that haven’t […]

Coming Soon: 55039 “PowerShell Scripting and Toolmaking” Course

Later this month, Jason Helmick will be offering a revised “PowerShell Scripting and Toolmaking” course at Interface Technical Training in Phoenix. This new course carries the Microsoft Courseware Marketplace number 55039 – that’s right, this is an official, unofficial course that will be available to all Microsoft training partners! (Courseware Marketplace offerings are not written or endorsed by Microsoft, but they are equivalent to Official Curriculum in many ways, including being eligible for Software Assurance voucher programs. Marketplace offerings supplement Official offerings by providing courses that Microsoft doesn’t have the time or resources to generate themselves.) This course is based directly […]

But wait – there’s more! Scripting and Toolmaking on Aug 1st.

Microsoft Virtual Academy will be broadcasting a live presentation of PowerShell scripting and toolmaking. In this presentation, Distinguished Engineer Jeffrey Snover and Senior Technologist Jason Helmick will get you started turning your automation scripts into reusable tools that look and feel just like cmdlet’s. This fast paced presentation will be loaded with best practices and guidelines for making Advanced Functions and building modules that can be shared with your entire administrative team. Start building your own solutions for your custom business needs and let PowerShell take you to the next level. You don’t want to miss this! Full Page Link: […]

[UPDATED] Last-Minute Summit Info and Changes

Please make sure you’re following this announcements category as you travel to, and attend, the Summit. It’s the best way for us to get out late-breaking news. Registration begins at 8am on Monday, April 22nd, in the lobby of Building 40. Now, sometimes the lobby doors open a wee bit late – so bear with us. The first sessions aren’t until 9am, so there’s plenty of time. Please bring a printout of your ticket from EventBrite, and a photo ID. Session pre-registration didn’t happen – we had some volunteers have emergency health issues that just got us behind schedule, so […]

PhillyPoSH 04/04/2013 meeting summary

Jason Helmick remotely gave a demo of Sapien’s Powershell Studio Ed Wilson, The Scripting Guy, gave a presentation on the different ways to remotely manage a Windows 8 workstation (remotely via the Charlotte PowerShell User Group) Announcements The Scripting games start on 04/25/2013, make sure to sign up! We plan on doing a post mortem once the games are done just like we did with the Winter Scripting Camp Check out the Mississippi PowerShell User, which meets virtually every 2nd Tuesday. Take a look at their schedule which is filled with great speakers. Related posts: Philadelphia Meeting – April 4th, 2013 PhillyPoSH […]

Episode 222 – Don Jones talks about the Scripting Games for 2013 and beyond

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell. Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Don Jones about the 2013 Scripting Games!   News   The Scripting Games are coming in April The Charlotte PowerShell group is meeting April 4th The Philadelphia PowerShell group is also meeting on April 4th UAE PowerShell group is meeting on April 6th The Tampa PowerShell user group is meeting on April 24th Interview Guests – MVP Don Jones Links 2013 Competitor Guide   Chatroom Buzz 16[2013-03-28 21:24:56] <14ScriptingWife> Looks like THE Jason Helmick 16[2013-03-28 21:25:04] <11MVP-DonJ> It is […]

Philadelphia Meeting – April 4th, 2013

Please join us on Thursday, April 4th when Jason Helmick will present an overview of PowerShell Studio from Sapien. Following Jason’s demo of PowerShell Studio we’ll be joining up with the Charlotte PowerShell User Group via Microsoft Lync where Ed Wilson, The Scripting Guy, will be Presenting. We’re excited to join The Scripting Guy in Charlotte and video of his talk will be made available through our public Lync meeting. If for some reason you can’t join us in person you’re more than welcome to join remotely. The Scripting Guy will be presenting “Use PowerShell to manage the remote Windows 8 Workstation”: There are three different ways to […]

Up Next: Jason Helmick on the 2013 PowerShell Summit and his upcoming IIS book!

This Thursday we’ll be speaking to Jason Helmick from Interface Technical Training about his upcoming book from Manning Press which is titled, Learn Windows IIS in a Month of Lunches. The book won’t ship until the Spring of 2013, but you can get early access from Manning today. Also on the agenda, Jason is going to announce plans for the 2013 PowerShell Summit which is the community-organized succession to the very popular PowerShell Deep Dive summits from the past two years. Be sure to join us live every Thursday at 9:30 PM EDT at! Related posts: Episode 23 – […]