Monday Night: PowerScripting Live with Jeffrey Snover & Friends!

The PowerScripting Podcast is pleased to announce: PowerScripting Live with Jeffrey Snover & Friends! Date: Monday, Nov 2, 2015 Time: 6 PM – 7 PM PST (1 hour) Location: the Auditorium at the Hyatt Bellevue in Bellevue, Washington & live streamed at Crowdcast! Agenda The PowerScripting Podcast is live from the Auditorium at the Hyatt Bellevue! Join us in person if you are at the MVP Summit; this event is conveniently close to the MVP reception held immediately after. The event is a live Q&A interview with Jeffrey Snover, Technical Fellow & lead architect of Windows Server & System Center. He is joined […]

The Monad Manifesto Annotation Project

Richard’s log, stardate 2457164.5 Today’s destination is the Monad Manifesto Annotation Project. The idea behind this project is to keep the manifesto intact somewhere on the internet, and to provide the possibility to the community to annotate on the several topics in the manifesto. The idea for this came from Pluralsight author Tim Warner, with the initial annotations being made by Don Jones. Jeffrey Snover gave his permission for this project, but with a big warning: the content only can be shared on the original source page on penflip, and cannot be hosted anywhere else. I am already in the […]

PowerShell… An exciting frontier…


PowerShell… An exciting frontier… These are the voyages of a PowerShell adventurer. Its continuing mission: To explore strange new cmdlets… To seek out new modules; new parameters… To boldly go where no one has gone before!” Richard’s log, stardate 2457163. Our destination for today is my very first post on As you can see, from the opening lines, I approach my journey in PowerShell as a exploration into the unknown, just like the crew of Star Trek, Next Generation did. Till now my journey has been a pleasant one, because you know, exploring PowerShell is a lot of fun! […]

Up Next: Jeffrey Snover and John Slack for the WMF5 pre-release party!

Everybody, you will not want to miss what has become a yearly tradition on the show. Tomorrow, Thursday Nov 20th at 9:30 PM EST, we will be welcoming Jeffrey Snover, the inventor of Windows PowerShell, and the architect of Windows Server, back to the show! He will be joined by John Slack, PM on the PowerShell team to discuss the latest news with the upcoming PowerShell version 5 release (also known as WMF5). As always, the live show will be streamed at, along with a chat room (#powerscriptingpodcast on Freenode IRC) where you can chat with the guests and your fellow […]

Tonight on the podcast–Jeffrey Snover!

Hi everyone, it’s summer and we are recording on Wednesday. Don’t forget to drop by tonight of all nights, because we are pleased to have Jeffrey Snover back again! Topics include JEA, software defined datacenter, DSC for Linux, and anything else that YOU want to talk about! You can join us live at 9:30 PM at and ask questions of the inventor of PowerShell, and architect of Windows Server and System Center. Don’t miss it! Related posts: Episode 249 – PowerScripting Podcast – Distinguished Engineer Jeffrey Snover for the PowerShell v4 Launch Party Episode 20 – Jeffrey Snover is […]

PowerShell Summit N.A. 2014 Session Videos!

Aaron Hoover was kind enough to webcam the Summit sessions he attended, and he’s posted the videos on YouTube. URLs, from Aaron’s channel, are below. Just Enough Admin – Security in a Post-Snowden World – Jeffrey Snover – PowerShell Summit 2014 Windows System Internals with PowerShell – Adam Driscoll – PowerShell Summit 2014 PowerCLI: How to Automate Your VMWare Environment Reports – Matt Griffin – PowerShell Summit 2014 Parallel Execution with PowerShell – Tome Tanasovski – PowerShell Summit 2014 PowerShell for Security Incident Response – Lee Holmes and Joe Bialek – PowerShell Summit 2014 Leverage Multi-Threading for Speeding Up Your […]

TechEd N.A. 2014 Session Recordings

There’s some great PowerShell content now online for your viewing pleasure. Jeffrey Snover and I had a blast doing “Windows PowerShell Unplugged,” and I reviewed some best PowerShell practices (and hopefully provided a little inspiration for your career) in “Windows PowerShell Best Patterns and Practices: Time to Get Serious.” And the #2 overall session of TechEd? “DSC: A Practical Overview,” including a surprise demo (and announcement) from Snover showing DSC running on Linux. Enjoy! Related posts: PowerShell… An exciting frontier… A special presentation on getting started with PowerShell Come to PowerShell Summer School!

Episode 249 – PowerScripting Podcast – Distinguished Engineer Jeffrey Snover for the PowerShell v4 Launch Party

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell. Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Jeffrey Snover about PowerShell Version 4 News The PowerShell team has been doing a series of blog posts on DSC Ops All The Things Podcast Interview Guests – Jeffrey Snover Chatroom Buzz- <0halr9000> ## centralized package management support for v5? <0halr9000> ## remoting: why not use SSH? (question from a friend of mine) <12PowerSchill> ## Replacing the ISE with Visual Studio PS <4Vern_Anderson> ## is there any plan for DSC to replace GPOs? <4Vern_Anderson> ## is there […]

Episode 232 – PowerScripting Podcast – Thomas Kisner on Lync and PowerShell

Listen: In This Episode Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Tom Kisner about Lync! News The Windows Management Framework 4.0 preview is available! Learn PowerShell July 18th with Jeffrey Snover and Jason Helmick! The Charlotte PowerShell user group is meeting July 11th PowerShell Saturday Singapore 01 is July 20th! Interview Guests – Tom Kisner Links Tom’s Blog Chatroom Buzz <ScriptWarrior> Been a WHILE since I was able to make one of these   Good to be back. The Question – Superhero/Power –  Super Strength Related posts: Episode 21 – One-half of Jeffrey Snover Episode 40 – Poshboard part duex Coming up […]

Microsoft announces PowerShell v4, DSC

Yesterday at TechEd North America, Jeffrey Snover and Kenneth Hansen began describing features to be delivered with PowerShell v4 in Windows Server 2012 R2 (the company has not yet announced availability dates for either). In particular, a new feature called Desired State Configuration promises to become the foundation for some pretty serious expansion. Essentially, DSC lets administrators write a declarative “script” that describes what a computer should look like. PowerShell takes that, matches the declarative components with underlying modules, and ensures that the computer does, in fact, look like that. Nearly anything can be checked and controlled: roles, features, files, […]

“Super Secret” Snover Session at TechEd

So what’s with the “super secret” PowerShell session being given by Jeffrey Snover at TechEd 2013? First, if you’ll be in New Orleans, plan to attend this. The deal is pretty simple: Microsoft has got a lot of information pertaining to v.Next under embargo, which means people can’t talk about it yet, or even tell you the title of the session. But trust me, if you’re interested in the world of DevOps (and if you use PowerShell, you are), you’ll want to be at this session. PowerShell MVPs were given a sneak peek at what Snover will be discussing, and […]

Up Next: Jeffrey Snover and the PowerShell v3 launch party!

This Thursday, October 25, 2012 on the podcast we welcome back the Father of PowerShell, Microsoft Distinguished Engineer, and lead architect for Windows Server: Jeffrey Snover.  Friday is the official launch date of Windows 8 which includes Windows PowerShell V3, but the real launch party that WE care about is Thursday! Be sure to join us live every Thursday at 9:30 PM EDT at! Related posts: Rocking Roundtable This Thursday! Big show coming this Thursday! Up Next The Winners of the 2012 Scripting Games with Jeffrey Snover and Ed Wilson Tonight on the podcast–Jeffrey Snover!

[UPDATED] Snover School: FANCY Wildcards

So, I'd previously posted about a cool trick Jeffrey Snover demonstrated at TechEd:
Get-Service -Name [a-b]*
This will return a list of all services whose names start with A or B. Now for me, this was a cool trick: I didn't realize that wildcar…