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[UPDATED] PowerShell Summit 2013 Conference Schedule

If you are attending the PowerShell Summit next week in Redmond, you might want to make sure you have copies of the schedule on hand.  There are two tracks, and I have created two pdf documents, one for each track, that provide the full schedule including session abstracts and speaker bios.

PowerShell Summit 2013 Conference Schedule – Track 1

PowerShell Summit 2013 Conference Schedule – Track 2

While those details are very useful, some of the conference attendees have expressed an interest in having a consolidated view of the agenda so that they could see which sessions were taking place on each of the tracks and choose which they were more interested in.  Ask, and ye shall receive.  Here is a consolidated view of the conference sessions on all tracks, with each day on a separate page.

PowerShell Summit 2013 Conference Schedule – At at glance

Note that if you don’t have a ticket for the conference, it is sold out for this year.  We’re planning the 2014 conference now, so keep watching this blog for news about that conference as it becomes available.  There are already a few posts about it that are worth reviewing if you missed them.

Thanks, and enjoy the conference next week!

Kirk out.

Up Next: Jason Helmick on the 2013 PowerShell Summit and his upcoming IIS book!

This Thursday we’ll be speaking to Jason Helmick from Interface Technical Training about his upcoming book from Manning Press which is titled, Learn Windows IIS in a Month of Lunches. The book won’t ship until the Spring of 2013, but you can get early access from Manning today.

Also on the agenda, Jason is going to announce plans for the 2013 PowerShell Summit which is the community-organized succession to the very popular PowerShell Deep Dive summits from the past two years.

Be sure to join us live every Thursday at 9:30 PM EDT at live.powerscripting.net!