October Cincinnati PSUG – EMC XtremIO and PowerShell

EMC XtremIO and PowerShell Come join us as we have a special guest speaker David Muegge – Solutions Architect for RoundTower Technologies.  David has been working with PowerShell since Monad and will be sharing with us his experiences and challenges managing EMC’s new all flash array XtremIO with Windows PowerShell including his PowerShell Module MTSXtremIO and some great techniques for real world snapshot management with SQL workloads. Join us for Pizza & PowerShell! Please RSVP at  http://www.meetup.com/TechLife-Cincinnati/events/225960678/   Where: Max Technical Training 4900 Parkway Dr # 160 Mason, OH 45040 When:  October 27th 6-8PM  

Research Triangle PowerShell User Group Meeting – Oct 21st 6PM

This month we will again be hosted by the good people at WorkSmart in Durham, as usual pizza arrives at 6pm and meeting starts at 6:30pm. And we’ll have one of our own speaking, Phil Bossman.  Details below and hope to see you there! Speaker Name: Phil Bossman @Schlauge Session Title: Using flow control in Powershell Functions Session Abstract: Powershell is a powerful scripting language that allows you to build dynamic functions that can accomplish almost anything and flow control helps make that magic possible. We’ll talk about how to use the loops and logic to streamline your function’s flow. […]

Export Subnets from Active Directory Sites and Services

I am back this week with a quick write up on how to export your network subnets from Active Directory Sites and Services. Active Directory Sites and Services subnet assignments are important for healthy replication and for location based services to function properly. The need for this information has come across my desk on several occasions. Even a quick print out would be extremely helpful to keep at your desk.  I have included both Windows 7/2008 and Windows 8/2012 methods to ensure everyone is covered. Head on over to PowerShellBlogger.com for the full article. As always, leave a comment and I […]

Central Texas PSUG October meeting

Topic:Top 20 Active Directory Tasks Solved with Powershell Learn more about active directory and use of PowerShell to manage the most important AD tasks! Speaker: Ricc Babbitt Ricc Babbitt has worked in the IT field for 16 years, designing, installing and maintaining enterprise Microsoft technologies.  Currently, he works for Sears Holdings Corp. as a Lead Systems Engineer supporting their Active Directory, DNS and Exchange environment.  With an organization of over 200K employees, Ricc leverages PowerShell to automate processes, build tools for support personnel, and to be more efficient with day to day tasks.

Testing PowerShell Direct with Windows Server 2016 TP3 Hyper-V

Hey there! I  thought we could test PowerShell Direct together today. Here’s the elevator pitch: In Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10, we can send PowerShell commands from the Hyper-V host directly to its corresponding virtual machines (VMs), even in the absence of guest VM networking. Yeah, that’s cool, isn’t it? What’s just as impressive is that PowerShell Direct works even if PowerShell remoting is disabled on the guest VM! PowerShell Direct also circumvents Windows Firewall. Note that PowerShell Direct requires that commands are sent only from a Hyper-V host to its local VMs. Also, PowerShell Direct is supported at this point only by Windows Server […]

Delete Specific E-Mail or E-Mails From All Exchange Mailboxes

Well this is week number two in my quest to post an article once a week and I am back with a common request for Exchange administrators. There are a lot of scenarios that bring up a need to remove an e-mail or e-mails from all mailboxes in your environment. Perhaps there was a disgruntled employee, a virus outbreak, or a reply all to the whole company. We all know that the “Retract” button is best effort (yes I still miss GroupWise for that purpose). As always we can turn to PowerShell for our scripting needs. The Search-Mailbox command is […]

How to handle oAuth from PowerShell

One of the coolest features of PowerShell is the many tools we have available to work with services on the web, be they SOAP, REST, RPC or even WSDL services.  It’s no question, PowerShell makes it very easy to pull down data from any of these places. Unfortunately, getting data from a service isn’t always as easy as embedding your credentials in a URL. In fact, some services require us to authenticate and ask the user for permission before giving up the goods.  For these, oAuth is the de-facto standard for delegated access.   In this blog post today on […]

Automate enabling and disabling Lync / Skype for Business users

Hello PowerShell.org community, This is my first post here at PowerShell.org, and I have a goal of posting tips, tricks, articles, and solutions once a week. My first exposure to scripting was on my x486 computer. I would always create .bat files to launch my DOS based games from the root folder. I learned complex scripting through the use of VB Script, automating the roll out and updating of Windows 2000 desktops and servers. I quickly transitioned to PowerShell as my preferred scripting language upon its release. I use PowerShell on a daily basis to administer Windows Server, SQL Server, […]

PowerShell Scheduled Jobs and Tableau analytics

Here’s a brief rundown of how we leverage a few Cmdlets from the PSScheduledJob module to manage our Analytics stack. For those of us on the Analytics team at Pluralsight, PowerShell is the lynch-pin which binds our two worlds together. To manage the gaps inherent in all platforms (since one tool would be hard-pressed to cover all areas), we use PowerShell to link the worlds of Data and Analytics (and back). We do this because of its depth and the ease with which we can automate just about anything.               All that said, we leverage […]

Where Are My FSMO Roles?

Hello, PowerShell people! I’ve never posted on PowerShell.org before and so I feel as though I owe you a quick introduction before we dive into the tip I’d like to share with you. My name is Thomas Rayner and I am a Microsoft MVP for Windows PowerShell. I’m also a systems administrator and degree program instructor. I volunteer a fair bit of time as the President of the Edmonton Microsoft User Group (EMUG). EMUG has a more in depth bio for me on their About Executive page in case you want to know more about the person behind the avatar. […]

Research Triangle PowerShell User Group Meeting – August 10th 6PM

This month’s meeting will not be on our usual night, but earlier in the month to accommodate out special guest speaker.  Mr. Ashley McGlone. He is a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer – Active Directory & PowerShell.    Ashley’s Blog  Twitter @GoateeePFE Ashley will be speaking to us about using PowerShell and working with Active Directory. Microsoft Virtual Academy – Using Powershell for Active Directory We’ll be hosted by WorkSmart and the pizza arrives @ 6PM. The meeting, itself, will begin at 6:30PM  

Research Triangle PowerShell User Group Meeting – July 15th 6PM

This month we’ll be at a new venue, TEKsystems in Raleigh. If you aren’t sure who or what they do feel free to check out their website and or speak to a recruiter at the meeting: http://www.teksystems.com/locations/united-states/north-carolina/raleigh Pizza arrives at 6pm and from 6:15-6:30pm Paul Tabor will discuss with us what earned him a copy of “PowerShell In Depth” from June at the June meeting, if you weren’t there.. well it was a great meeting! And I’ll have TWO books to give away this month so cram now while you can as we all know my questions aren’t difficult at […]

Research Triangle PowerShell User Group Meeting – June 17th 6PM

This month we will again be hosted by the good people at WorkSmart in Durham, as usual pizza arrives at 6pm and meeting starts at 6:30pm. June Blender is back to see us, definitely not one to miss!  Details below but please ensure that you bring a laptop running (at a minimum) PS3.0, hope to see you there! Speaker Name: June Blender Session Title: Building GUI applications | PowerShell HelpWriter Session Abstract: Using products from SAPIEN, we’ll learn how to turn your scripts in to applications that you can share. Also, we’ll have a discussion about how to use PowerShell HelpWriter. […]

Creating a small footprint, base image Part 4 | Bringing it all together with automation

In this entry I combing all I covered into a set of scripts to automate the process of creating a small footprint VHDX base image and a WIM to use a sorce that is fully patched. And I added a script to update the files on a regular basis. Check it out and let me know what you think. Creating a small footprint, base image Part 4 | Bringing it all together with automation Related posts: The current and future state of the Windows Management Framework PowerShell… An exciting frontier… The Monad Manifesto Annotation Project Series – Microsoft Certification the […]

Automating with Jenkins and PowerShell on Windows

Take a minute think about how many PowerShell scripts you have written for yourself or your team. Countless functions and modules, helping to automate this or fix that or make your teams lives easier. You spend hours coding, writing in-line help, testing, packaging your script, distributing it to your team. All that effort, and then a lot of the time the script is forgotten about! People just go back to doing things the manual way. I put this down to being out of sight, out of mind. Users who do not use the command line regularly will quickly forget about […]