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European PowerShell Summit

There seems to have been a bit of confusion regarding the European PowerShell Summit as the site will tell you that registration is currently unavailable.
There isn’t a problem and the Summit HAS NOT sold out at this time. WE just haven’t opened registration yet.
Registration will open on 15 July 2014

PowerShell Summit N.A. 2014 Session Videos!

Aaron Hoover was kind enough to webcam the Summit sessions he attended, and he’s posted the videos on YouTube. URLs, from Aaron’s channel, are below.

Just Enough Admin – Security in a Post-Snowden World – Jeffrey Snover – PowerShell Summit 2014

Windows System Internals with PowerShell – Adam Driscoll – PowerShell Summit 2014

PowerCLI: How to Automate Your VMWare Environment Reports – Matt Griffin – PowerShell Summit 2014

Parallel Execution with PowerShell – Tome Tanasovski – PowerShell Summit 2014

PowerShell for Security Incident Response – Lee Holmes and Joe Bialek – PowerShell Summit 2014

Leverage Multi-Threading for Speeding Up Your Scripts – Jason Walker – PowerShell Summit 2014

Advanced PowerShell Eventing Scripting Techniques – Matt Graeber – PowerShell Summit 2014

Using PowerShell as a Reverse Engineering Tool – Matt Graeber – PowerShell Summit 2014

On the Job: Putting PowerShell Scheduled Jobs to Work – Jeff Hicks – PowerShell Summit 2014

The Seven Secrets of CIM – Brian Wilhite – PowerShell Summit 2014

WSMan Cmdlets – Richard Siddaway – PowerShell Summit 2014

Networking Administration with PowerShell – Richard Siddaway – PowerShell Summit 2014

Kerberos Delegation, CredSSP, and Windows PowerShell – Aleksandar Nikolic – PowerShell Summit 2014

The Joy of Intellisense: Tab Expansion – James O’Neill – PowerShell Summit 2014

Trending and Reporting – Don Jones – PowerShell Summit 2014

Leveraging Web Services with PowerShell – Trond Hindenes – PowerShell Summit 2014

Monitoring Using PowerShell – Josh Swenson – PowerShell Summit 2014

Cmdlet-ize the Registry – Richard Siddaway – PowerShell Summit 2014

PowerShell Module Design Rules (and When to Bend Them) – Kirk Freiheit – PowerShell Summit 2014

Closing the Games

The judging is complete for the fourth and final event in the 2014 Winter Scripting Games.
This Games was something very different in that we presented 4 we complex scenarios that were designed to be as close as possible to the type of tasks you may have to perform at work. The solutions required multi-file answers – there’s no way you could solve these with a one liner!

All of the teams that submitted entries rose to meet the hardest challenge I’ve seen in a Scripting Games – and I’ve taken part of judged all but the first Games.

All entries were scored by 2 judges with the judges being rotated to ensure that all judges scored each team in at least one event.

I’d like to thank the judges for their hard work and also thank the coaching team put together by Mike Robbins – most of all I’d like to thank all of the teams that entered for taking part.

In any Games we have winners and the winning teams from these Games are:
1.Kitton Mittons with 19.375 points (8 of 8 scores received)
2.TecHaH with 18.75 points (8 of 8 scores received)
3.Schnipersons with 18.5 points (8 of 8 scores received)

Congratulations to Kitton Mittons for winning the 2014 Winter Scripting Games – if a representative from the winning team could please contact Don Jones or myself we’ll see about getting your prizes to you .

The Games are closed. .
Until the next time.

Scripting Games 2014 – event submission tip

I’ve testing out the judging system using the practice event and one thing jumped out at me.

It was a lot easier to understand the entries for those teams that included a transcript of their entry.

I would very strongly recommend that you include a transcript of your entry running. As a minimum I would recommend that you include:
– the solution running – show each type of input required by the scenario (pipeline, single values, file etc)
– if parameter validation is asked for – show that in action
– show error handling in action if you can
– show the partial contents of any output file

Transcripts make for happy judges. You want your judges to be happy don’t you…

Introducing the Judges for Winter 2014 Scripting Games

In the last few years there has been a long list of people judging the Scripting Games. Those people were expected to view as many entries as possible, preferably all, and score the entries as well as providing feedback on the individual entries. That is a ton of work especially when you consider that the judges were all volunteers.

This time round we’re attempting to spread the load somewhat. Mike Robbins has done a superb job recruiting coaches for the Its their job to look at the entries and make suggestions and hints to the teams – if the teams wish to take advantage of this option. Looking at the list of coaches – I know I would take advantage of their assistance if I was competing.

That leaves judging. This time we’re using a small group of judges. We have prepared scoring criteria for the events with some additional style points available to the judges. This will make MOST of the scoring objective but we’ve a bit of subjectivity available for individual judges to pick out, and hopefully comment on, things they like or don’t like.

The judges are all very experienced PowerShell practitioners with more books written, talks given, blog posts created and classes taught between them than anyone would want to count. In alphabetical order your judges for the Winter 2014 Scripting Games are:

Don Jones – founder and CEO of powershell.org. Author of several PowerShell books including the highly recommended Learn PowerShell v3 in a Month of Lunches and co-author of PowerShell in Depth. Don is a PowerShell MVP, PowerShell educator, columnist and course creator.

Jason Helmick – Board member of powershell.org. A PowerShell MVP and author of Learn IIS in a Month of Lunches which includes lots of PowerShell. Jason also delivered the recent two-part Introducing PowerShell MVA sessions with Jeffrey Snover. PowerShell educator, columnist and speaker.

Jeffery Hicks – Board member of powershell.org. PowerShell MVP. Co-author of PowerShell in Depth, lead editor of PowerShell Deep Dives and author of other PowerShell books. Jeffrey is also a PowerShell columnist and educator

Ed Wilson – The Scripting Guy. Ed runs the Hey! Scripting Guy Author of several PowerShell books including Windows PowerShell Best Practices and Windows PowerShell Scripting Guide. Ed also delivers PowerShell classes and is a much in demand speaker.

The list of judges is completed by
Richard Siddaway – Board member of powershell.org. PowerShell MVP. Co-author of PowerShell in Depth and author of PowerShell in Practice and PowerShell and WMI. Frequent blogger on PowerShell related topics.

Between them the judges have accumulated over 30 years of PowerShell experience that is focussed on judging the Games. They are all looking forward to the Games and hope to see your entries.

Introducing the Coaches of the 2014 Winter Scripting Games

A few weeks ago, just before the announcement to start recruiting your team for the 2014 Winter Scripting Games, I was contacted by Don Jones and Richard Siddaway about an opportunity to become the Head Coach for the Winter Scripting Games. I was honored to have been contacted and I’m a firm believer of taking advantage of opportunities when they emerge, especially when they’re PowerShell related, so I graciously accepted.

One of my first responsibilities was to recruit a small team of coaches. I immediately went to work before potential coaches committed themselves to participating on teams. We had a huge number of people in the PowerShell community who had volunteered to be a coach and while we would have liked to have selected everyone who volunteered, we only had a specific number of positions to fill. Without further ado, here is the list of the coaches for the 2014 Winter Scripting Games:

Name Twitter
Boe Prox @proxb
Carlo Mancini @sysadm2010
Claus Nielsen @claustn
Emin Atac @p0w3rsh3ll
Jan Egil Ring @JanEgilRing
Jeff Wouters @JeffWouters
Jonathan Medd @jonathanmedd
Lido Paglia @nicemarmot
Matt Hitchcock @hitchysg
Rob Campbell @mjolinor
Rohn Edwards @magicrohn
Sahal Omer @GetExchange
Steve Murawski @StevenMurawski

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2014 Winter Scripting Games: The Event Authors

We’re now announcing the authors and scenario names for our four (plus on practice) events in the upcoming 2014 Winter Games!

  • Our Practice Event was authored by MVP Richard Siddaway, who is also serving as Games Master for these Games.
  • Event 1 is entitled Pairs, and was authored by none other than Microsoft Scripting Guy Ed Wilson.
  • Event 2, entitled Security Footprint, will be brought to you by Windows PowerShell team member Lee Holmes.
  • Event 3, entitled Acl, Cacl, Toil and Trouble was created by MVP Jeff Wouters.
  • Event 4, entitled Monitoring Support, was also authored by Richard Siddaway.

As you can see, we have a huge variety, including a great deal of international support, in this year’s events. I can promise you that they’re complex. You will absolutely need the assistance of a team member or two to chug through these, and the scenarios definitely encourage modular development, meaning you can potentially divvy up the work in order to get it all done in the week allowed. Frankly, whether you win or not, a high score in this year’s Games really points to you being a strong PowerShell scripter and team player!

PowerShell Summit Videos

Aaron Hoover, one of our Summit attendees, was kind enough to record via webcam the sessions he attended – and he’s posted about 13 hours of video on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

What I’d like to know from you, if you don’t mind dropping a comment below, is what you think of these. If we offered this KIND of recording in the future, would it be helpful? This is something we can do easily and is affordable from a technical perspective; there’s obviously a production quality compromise. We can do more… but it costs more, and someone’s going to have to pay for it. So… where do you sit on this kind of recording?

  • http://youtu.be/0NeEU3FHp8I Device Management With PowerShell – Ricardo Mendes – PowerShell Summit 2013
  • http://youtu.be/XsnE_OQGvdo Creating a Complex and Reusable HTML Reporting Structure – Alan Renouf – PowerShell Summit 2013
  • http://youtu.be/iV6cYsQDL0Y How Secure Can You Be – Jeff Hicks PowerShell Summit 2013
  • http://youtu.be/qSE06GkQWV4 Standards Based Hardware Management – Steve Lee – PowerShell Summit 2013
  • http://youtu.be/7C53pawPw3Y Workshop – Automating for DevOps – Kenneth Hansen and Hemant Mahawar – PowerShell Summit 2013
  • http://youtu.be/KFA-zSojxqw CIM Sessions – Richard Siddaway – PowerShell Summit 2013
  • http://youtu.be/EloMKpvfES8 PowerShell Web Access – Richard Siddaway – PowerShell Summit 2013
  • http://youtu.be/3deY6e6Npzo Sapien PowerShell Products – David Corrales – PowerShell Summit 2013
  • http://youtu.be/xZtapxf1ytI What I learned Judging 5000 Scripts – Ed Wilson – PowerShell Summit 2013
  • http://youtu.be/Ahvs1rGPk1s PowerShell Events – Richard Siddaway – PowerShell Summit 2013
  • http://youtu.be/U_niW85TtJE Write Modules, Not Scripts – Ed Wilson – PowerShell Summit 2013
  • http://youtu.be/Y8IbadEHoPg PoshMon – PowerShell Does Performance Counters – Ed Wilson – PowerShell Summit 2013
  • http://youtu.be/1XuB71tLNvg Configuring Your PowerShell Workflow Environment – Aleksandar Nikolic – PowerShell Summit 2013
  • http://youtu.be/msHGx-mxWJA Practical PowerShell Integration from Bare Metal to the Cloud – Alan Renouf – PowerShell Summit 2013
  • http://youtu.be/eAZ-agh182g Source Control for IT Pros – Andy Schneider – PowerShell Summit 2013
  • http://youtu.be/pL_Ry5LzX3w Creating HTML Reports with Style – Jeff Hicks – PowerShell Summit 2013
  • http://youtu.be/-ERyfmOmyoI Remoting Configuration Deep Dive – Don Jones – PowerShell Summit 2013
  • http://youtu.be/jMVBN5V0G4Y Advanced Network Scripting with PowerShell – Lee Holmes – PowerShell Summit 2013
  • http://youtu.be/GXkLtEOM-DM Build Your Demo Environment with Windows PowerShell – Aleksandar Nikolic – PowerShell Summit 2013

Note: PowerShell Book Limited Edition Preorders ONLY AVAILABLE as Preorders!

Jeffery Hicks, Richard Siddaway, and I wanted to offer a quick clarification on our book preorders. First, the PowerShell In Depth preorder is currently available, and there are up to 200 units offered through this preorder. You get a signed-by-all-three-of-us book and an exclusive video companion disc. The Month of Lunches bundle preorder will go on sale August 1st, and will be limited to 100 units. It gets you two autographed books, resources disc, and a fun lunch bag.

These offers will only be valid until the books are actually released. At that time, we'll fulfill all of the preorders and stop further sales. If we only sell 50 units, for example, then that's all that will be sold for that particular title or titles – we won't be offering this on an ongoing basis.

So, if you're thinking you want one of these signed, hand-numbered, limited editions… get on the stick and place your order ASAP. We're working very hard to wrap up production on these books and get them published, especially now that we know Windows 8 / 2012 will RTM in August, so the preorders won't last long. 

[JULY 25 UPDATE] "PowerShell In Depth" Limited Edition Pre-Orders… as they stand…

As most of you know, co-authors Jeffery Hicks, Richard Siddaway, and myself are offering a limited edition pre-order of our new PowerShell in Depth book. You can order from my company's online store; you're pre-ordering a book autographed by the three of us and bundled with a disc chock full of demo videos timed by us. This isn't the same as the publisher's MEAP preview – you won't get the book ahead of time. The disc is exclusive to this 200-unit edition, and each book is part of a 400-unit edition and is hand-numbered.

I'll be updating this post every couple of weeks as orders are received, but here's the rundown so far. Names are listed as shown on your PayPal invoice.

(apologies for any typos in names – I'm retyping these manually from the order list)


  1. Annette Ciotola (congratulations – you got #1!)
  2. James Berkenbile
  3. Niels Grove-Rasmussen
  4. Lester Bolton
  5. Lester Bolton
  6. Dennis Olidis
  7. Bruce Langworthy
  8. Luc Dekens
  9. Reinhard Teischl
  10. Kyle Beckman
  11. Brian Pini
  12. HPM Smits
  13. Marlene Poltronieri
  14. Mark Hourshad
  15. David Grams
  16. Brian Foley
  17. David Dov3
  18. Gregory Holl
  19. Steve Gold
  20. Robert Simmers
  21. Charles Palmer
  22. Firoze Bhorat
  23. Bill Bailey
  24. Magnus Andersen
  25. Dennis Yeadon
  26. Imtiazali Hasham
  27. Simon Anderson
  28. Cheryl Fant
  29. Vivek Shinde
  30. Tom Collins
  31. Strategic Technology Consulting
  32. Y M Wong
  33. Joakim Westin
  34. Frederick Alexander
  35. Tong Young
  36. Alan Florance
  37. Jan Engil Ring
  38. Doug Rohm
  39. Adam Uffalussy
  40. Rick Rodriquez
  41. Thomas Mayeda
  42. Ryan Weaver
  43. Chris Carmichael
  44. Allan Miller
  45. Peter Cook
So just about 105 units left. If you don't see your name in the above, then we didn't receive your order via PayPal – and won't have any information for you beyond that. Try placing your order again, and I suggest creating an account with PayPal (which isn't normally mandatory) so that you can track your order.
We don't have a shipping date on these books yet, but once we do we'll start notifying everyone. You'll receive tracking information in the mail from the USPS once we ship – review your spam folders around that time, if necessary.


Episode 39 – Alex Riedel talks PrimalScript

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.


In This Episode

Today on the PowerScripting Podcast we will be speaking Alex Riedel, lead developer for PrimalScript at SAPIEN Technologies.  While he was on he gave away a bunch of great prizes to the people on Ustream (see what you missed?) We also have a contest for a copy of PrimalScript at the end of the show if you missed it live.


Today’s interview is brought to you by Quest.

Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate script warrior? Find out with Quest’s PowerPack Challenge ’08.
Quest Software is sponsoring a PowerShell Scripting contest where you can test your skills and get paid. Just create some cool PowerShell scripts using Quest’s PowerGUI and then post them to our site. You’ll get a score and our celebrity judges will weigh in as well.

Do you have the muscle to bring home the prize? Check out the details here.


This segment is brought to you by iTripoli!

What can you really do with PowerShell?  With Admin Script Editor the question becomes what can’t you do with PowerShell?  Besides all the advanced code generating tools this is the only tool offering a true PowerShell Forms Designer.  To illustrate what can be done the guys at iTripoli created a full-featured MP3/Podcast player written entirely in PowerShell and delivered as a single script.  Check it out at adminscripteditor.com/player.

We had a great talk with Alex Riedel, listen to the show to hear it!