Episode 237 – PowerScripting Podcast – Shannon Bray on SharePoint Architecture

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell. Listen: In This Episode  Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Shannon Bray about SharePoint Architecture News The Bangalore PowerShell User Group is meeting on August 10th. The Atlanta PowerShell User Group is meeting on August 13th. The Mississippi PowerShell User Group is meeting on August 13th. PowerShell Saturday #005 – Atlanta announced for Oct 26th Interview Guests – Shannon Bray Links Channel 9 – breakout sessions from Shannon Books by Shannon @noidentity29 The Question – Hero/Power – Aquaman Resources PowerShell v4 – Pipelinevariable Common Parameter DSC in depth article form Darren Mar-Elia Follow up titled “GPO […]

Shannon Bray on the PowerScripting Podcast

Join us Thursday August 1st on the PowerScripting podcast with guest Shannon Bray as he talks about PowerShell and SharePoint.  Read more about Shannon here…http://shannonbray.wordpress.com/about/ or follow him on Twitter @noidentity29 Here is the link for the  PowerScripting Podcast http://powerscripting.wordpress.com/