The Scripting Games

The Scripting Games are, in part, a series of monthly puzzles that are designed to make you think, exercise core PowerShell skills, and even have a little fun! 

Each month, we publish a puzzle. They won’t all necessarily be real-world, but they’ll all be designed to make you think about something important. We’ll try to describe why it’s important, too, since in some cases it won’t be super-obvious. You’ll get a full month to work on your entry, and you’ll be encouraged to post it (we provide posting instructions along with each puzzle, but here’s a hint: have a account). 

We encouraging user groups to occasionally or regularly make the monthly puzzle a part of their meetings. We encouraging them to publicize when they’re doing so, and if they allow virtual visitors, then you’ll have the opportunity to share your solution with a group of peers, work on a solution together, and give each other feedback in real-time. That’s a hugely valuable exercise, by the way, You don’t work in this field alone – start to make some friends and colleagues, even if they’re across the globe!

The following month, we’ll post a new puzzle. We’ll also post a wrap-up for the preceding month’s puzzle. In it, we’ll offer a sample solution and an explanation for it. When possible, we’ll offer Celebrity Participant solutions, often from members of the PowerShell team or from other MVPs. And, when we have volunteers willing to do so, we’ll post a “stream of consciousness” article that shares how that person tackled the problem and came to their solution. Finally, we’ll include some analysis of the entries people posted, including things we especially liked, and things we didn’t like so much. Note that you won’t get individual feedback on your entry – but we’ll try and select representative entries, so that everyone can learn from each other. You should also take the time to browse other people’s entries and maybe learn a new technique!

Please note that we are not offering individual scoring, commentary, or analysis, and that there’s no winner or any prizes. The monthly Scripting Games are about learning and having fun – and we’ll do everything we practically can do make that possible!