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Welcome to PowerShell.org, a community-owned and -operated site dedicated to education, assistance, and development. We support all platforms and languages that make use of technologies derived from the PowerShell Language Specification, including Desired State Configuration and more. We are an official activity of The DevOps Collective, a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Click here to visit the official Microsoft page for PowerShell, which includes product downloads.

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About Us

PowerShell.org is an activity of The DevOps Collective, Inc., a nonprofit US corporation. Our Board consists of Don Jones (Chairman, also President and CEO), Jason Helmick (also Vice-President, Treasurer, and CFO), Jeffery Hicks (also Secretary), Will Anderson (also our Webmaster), Richard Siddaway (in charge of Summit content), and Steve Murawski. Past Directors include Dave Wyatt (who continues to run our Build Server) and Kirk Munro. PowerShell.org is independent of Microsoft Corporation, and exists to provide public services, education, and support for open-source projects related to cross-platform PowerShell and DevOps. Our Directors receive no salaries, and we have no employees.