Episode 4 – Get Data and Format the Output

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.


  • New PowerShell book in the works “Windows PowerShell: The Definitive Guide” by Lee Holmes’ (a developer on the PowerShell team) from O’Reilly they have an early access program http://shrinkster.com/p8l
  • Windows Server 2008
  • AD Cmdlets 1.0.2 released – http://shrinkster.com/p8e
    • Support for Vista and Server 2008
    • You now have the ability to create enabled user accounts
    • Dmitry’s PowerBlog – http://shrinkster.com/p8d

Cmdlets of the week

  • Get-content (GC, type, cat)
  • Format-List (FL)
  • Format-Table(FT)


  • Free PowerShell ebook
    • Published by Microsoft Switzerland and recently translated into English due to it’s great popularity
    • Subtitle is “An introduction to scripting technologies for people with no real background knowledge”
    • 44 pages
    • http://shrinkster.com/pau


  • Get started now, jump in – PowerShell is your hammer and you are looking for nails
  • Go through the free manual, work the labs


  • $time = [datetime]::now
  • $time | gm   there is a method called addDays
  • $time.addDays(-90)
  • [datetime]::now.addDays(-90)  – we are calling the static member “Now” from the type literal [datetime]  to see this use [datetime] | gm -static  you will see things like “now” and “today”
  • or you could use (get-date).adddays(-90)

Powershell challenge

  • Use PowerShell to find all of the files or folders in the current directory where System does not have Full Control


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