Episode 3 – Select, Set, Measure


A podcast about Windows PowerShell.


  • Quest Software has released some beta cmdlets for managing Active Directory
  • PowerShell Analyzer RC1 has been released

In this show I discussed the cmdlets:

  • Select-String
  • Set-Content
  • Measure-Command

PowerShell newsgroup
Quest Software's PowerShell cmdlets for AD management

  • Quoting rules
  • Double quotes - variables are expanded and can contain text right after it


  • Uses of backtick or backquote `
    • Escapes the next character
    • Example "`$user is $user"
    • Can be used to continue to the next line
    • `n is newline
    • `r is a carriage return
    • `t is a tab
    • `a is an alert
    • `b is a backspace
    • `' or `"
    • `0 is null
    • `` is a single backtick


  • Singe quotes "What you see is what you get"even escape characters are ignored

PowerShell moment:

  • I talked about creating 150 user accounts with the new Quest cmdlets
  • I talked about doing a mass Group Policy update using PowerShell to update the gpttmpl.inf files

One Liner:


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