Episode 6 – User Groups are Starting to Sprout


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

    • Introduction
    • News
    • PowerShell Analyzer can be pre-ordered for $59 and it will be $129
    • Next update new-qaduser will require samAccountname
    • "The PowerShell Guy" wants to start a Dutch PowerShell User group http://shrinkster.com/q3r
    • Marco Shaw wants to start a Canadian PowerShell User Group http://shrinkster.com/q3s - cool blog with some interesting PS stuff
    • Don Jones said he has podfaded
    • Cmdlets of the week
    • Copy-item
    • Clear-content
    • Get-alias
    • Resources
    • From Pawel  a good article on Processing XML with PowerShell http://shrinkster.com/pzc
    • Also from Pawel  "I have the Step-by-Step book it is not too good still better than Powershell for Absolute Begineers "
    • German book that Pawel will pronounce for us

    • Kevin found a PowerShell gadget for Vista (sidebar) -


PowerShell Gadget is a small gadget that hosts the PowerShell console window in your Sidebar. Commands can be entered straight into the collapsed gadget or, by clicking on the PowerShell icon, the complete PowerShell console is available.



      • Technet Radio podcast "Review of Server Management in Windows Server 2008" - http://shrinkster.com/q4r (direct link to mp3 file)
      • Tips
        • The default user profile is stored in $profile, it does not exist by default
        • test-path $profile will tell you if the profile exists
        • you can open the profile quickly with PS> notepad $profile


    • One-Liners
      • new-item -path $profile -itemtype file -force - to create a profile
      • copy $profile "$env:userprofilemy documents" - back up your profile
    • Gotchas
      • PowerShell challenge answers discussed in Episode 5 do not check for an explicit deny (thanks Pavel!)
      • Some PowerShell graphical help tools like the one from Sapien and the one from The Scripting Guys may have an issue where in the examples the script blocks are not surrounded by {}
    • Powershell challenge
      • Create a function and add it to your profile from within PowerShell (Warning: back up your profile first!)
    • Feedback
      • PowerScripting (@) gmail (.) com
      • Voicemail line 206-202-0377
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