Episode 11 – A new PowerShell community


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.



  • PowerShell Community (powershellcommunity.org)
    • "Real" non-profit organization created by corporate sponsors including Microsoft, Quest, Sapien, and ShellTools.
    • Event calendar, blog hosting, forums, etc.
    • Still under construction.
  • PowerShell Central (powershellcentral.com)
    • Hosted by BSonPosh and lots of help contributed by Jaykul.
    • "All PowerShell bloggers" aggregate news feed, very cool script repository, news, etc.
    • Still under construction.
  • Relaunch and refocus of Powershell Live (ShellTools) as well as a new developer blog. New features in development like context menus for collections and pipelines.



Cmdlet of the week

  • Write-Verbose
      • Use in parameter section of functions and combine with an If statement to enable or disable verbose logging.

    Function Get-Foo {
    Param ( [switch] $Verbose )
    If ($Verbose) { $VerbosePreference = "Continue" }
    Write-Verbose "My verbose stuff goes here
    Write-Verbose "
    and is not seen at all unless"
    Write=Verbose "I supply the -verbose switch"


  • write-verbose "$(Get-Date -f 's') my log entry goes here"


  • Problems occur when a brackets "[" are in your filenames.
  • Careful with following the $_ automatic variable by a colon
    • Out-Host "This $_:won't work right."
    • Out-Host "This ${_}:will."

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