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Episode 12 - Our first guest, Brandon Shell

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.



  • Jam-packed show today! We ran so long, we had to skip the cmdlet-of-the-week segment!
  • We have a Special Guest, and in fact our first guest, Brandon Shell, an MVP in Automation and author of the BSonPosh blog.


  • CTP!
  • Citrix "Gets it"
    • As pointed out by Dmitry and others, "From a management standpoint, Citrix is getting high on PowerShell and intend to rewrite the APIs to make everything available from Powershell scripting.
  • Windows PowerShell Virtual User Group Meeting #2
    • Time: December 4th, 2007 at 12PM (noon) EST (New York time)
    • Registration site:
      Event Code: 122431
    • Guests: Don Jones (MVP), Dmitry Sotnikov (MVP), Oisin Grehan and Jeffrey Snover (Microsoft)



  • More VMWare scripting: Invoke-VmCommand.ps1from Brandon
    • List VMs and processes, execute arbitrary commands.
  • Talk about Switch -regex and Brandon's perfect exampleof a useful custom object
    • Why write a wrapper for this existing utility? (hbainfo)
    • Using Switch -regex to process text
  • Marcus asks (and he blogged about it),
    • "How can I fix formatting on a free-form street address field stored in my AD? Can posh help with an output where ... for example, address is split into multiple lines? Like this:
      "400 crap rd,
      suite 150"
    • Ended up using calculated properties to get the results into a table easily:
      $a | format-table displayname,samaccountname, @{
      Label ="Street Address" ; Expression = {
      $_.streetaddress -replace"`n"," " } }

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