Episode 14 – The IDEs are getting better

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.


In This Episode

  • News: Software updates, books, PS Virtual User Group (recording will be available)
  • In Resources, we’ll tell you about an interview with Jeffrey Snover, and several pieces of software.
  • Cmdlet of the Week: New-Object
  • In Tips, we’ll talk about Hal’s recent blog post involving benchmarking
  • We’ve got a one-liner with a GUI.
  • Gotchas about WMI
  • Thanks for feedback from: Mace, John Cook, Justin Stokes


  • PowerShell + is now free for non-commercial use!
  • PowerShell TFM (2nd Edition)to be available soon – May be available already from the Sapien site
    • Don says Sapien tends to run some insane deals on New Years Eve so it may be worth watching out for that
  • PowerShell Virtual User Group meeting #2 was Dec 4th – This was the second virtual event.  Speakers were: Don Jones (MVP), Dmitry Sotnikov (MVP), Oisin Grehan and Jeffrey Snover (Microsoft).  Recording is supposed to be available, but as of this moment, Hal can’t find a darn thing about it.  Watch Marco’s blog and PowerShellCommunity.org.


  • Jeffery Snover interview at IT Forum (video from PodTech)
  • Admin Script Editorfrom ITripoli
    • Hal and Jonathan currently evaluating–looks extremely cool.
  • PowerGUIVersion 1.0.12 released, now includes a debugger and more.  Don’t forget the known issues and patch to work with the CTP.
  • SpecOps Command– use Group Policy to deploy and manage PowerShell scripts
    • Can deploy PowerShell itself using GPO–as well as your favorite snapins!
    • Includes new cmdlets
    • All operations that you can perform from the administrative user interfaces you can perform from PowerShell.

Cmdlet of the week

  • New-Object
    • Creates an instance of a .Net or COM object.
    • Examples:
new-object -comobject InternetExplorer.Application

 new-object -comobject "Shell.Application"



[system.Windows.Forms.MessageBox]::show("Hi mom")


  • Win32_Service.Change() methodand weird WMI stuff
    • Rfoust@ #PowerShell was looking for a way to change the service password on remote machines.  There’s a change() method but it’s paremeters are really odd.  A vbscript example I found shows something like change(,,,,,,,”password”) but it doesn’t work in PowerShell.  Instead you have to insert $nulls and separate them by commas like so:
    • Solution by Jeffrey Hicks on the PowerShell.com forum thread “Using WMI and/or Get-Service / Set-Service to modify service properties”
    • Why doesn’t just changing the properties, which are read-write (as you can see using get-member) do the trick?  We may never know.  :(  (That’s a quip designed to inspire a listener to chime in with the answer.)

Thanks again to all of you listeners out there!  Your feedback makes it all worthwhile, keep that rolling in.  Our email address is powerscripting@gmail.com, or you can comment on this very blog post.  Also find us on Facebook here (Jonathan), here (Hal),  and here (PowerScripting Podcast group).

Also a big shout out to Steve and the rest of the A Couple of Admins Podcasting crew!

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