Episode 14 – The IDEs are getting better


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

  • News: Software updates, books, PS Virtual User Group (recording will be available)
  • In Resources, we'll tell you about an interview with Jeffrey Snover, and several pieces of software.
  • Cmdlet of the Week: New-Object
  • In Tips, we'll talk about Hal's recent blog post involving benchmarking
  • We've got a one-liner with a GUI.
  • Gotchas about WMI
  • Thanks for feedback from: Mace, John Cook, Justin Stokes


  • PowerShell + is now free for non-commercial use!
  • PowerShell TFM (2nd Edition)to be available soon - May be available already from the Sapien site
    • Don says Sapien tends to run some insane deals on New Years Eve so it may be worth watching out for that
  • PowerShell Virtual User Group meeting #2 was Dec 4th - This was the second virtual event.  Speakers were: Don Jones (MVP), Dmitry Sotnikov (MVP), Oisin Grehan and Jeffrey Snover (Microsoft).  Recording is supposed to be available, but as of this moment, Hal can't find a darn thing about it.  Watch Marco's blog and PowerShellCommunity.org.


Cmdlet of the week

  • New-Object
    • Creates an instance of a .Net or COM object.
    • Examples:
new-object -comobject InternetExplorer.Application
 new-object -comobject "Shell.Application"



[system.Windows.Forms.MessageBox]::show("Hi mom")


  • Win32_Service.Change() methodand weird WMI stuff
    • Rfoust@ #PowerShell was looking for a way to change the service password on remote machines.  There's a change() method but it's paremeters are really odd.  A vbscript example I found shows something like change(,,,,,,,"password") but it doesn't work in PowerShell.  Instead you have to insert $nulls and separate them by commas like so:
    • Solution by Jeffrey Hicks on the PowerShell.com forum thread "Using WMI and/or Get-Service / Set-Service to modify service properties"
    • Why doesn't just changing the properties, which are read-write (as you can see using get-member) do the trick?  We may never know.  :(  (That's a quip designed to inspire a listener to chime in with the answer.)

Thanks again to all of you listeners out there!  Your feedback makes it all worthwhile, keep that rolling in.  Our email address is [email protected], or you can comment on this very blog post.  Also find us on Facebook here (Jonathan), here (Hal),  and here (PowerScripting Podcast group).
Also a big shout out to Steve and the rest of the A Couple of Admins Podcasting crew!

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