We've been doing a lot of interview and guest shows lately.  I just wanted to let you all know that with one or two exceptions, we've interviewed all the people we really wanted to get on the show, and we'll definitely getting back to the more meaty shows in the future.
Once we get the last bit of interviews done, I imagine from time to time we'll still have guests on the show, but it'll be less of a focus and more of a complement.  And spaced between these, we will have more interviews when the occasion warrants.  For example if a big release of some cool software we like happens, we might have the developer on the show.
Show 17 has already been recorded, so once we (and by we I mean Jonathan) get the editing done that'll get posted.  It's an interview show, I think you'll like it.  We were really pleased that they deigned to talk to us mere mortals.  😉
Thanks for listening, and don't forget to send us feedback--we like to hear from you!

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