Episode 16 – Don gives us the Scripting Answers

PowerScripting Podcast

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

  • Special guest this episode is scripting guru Don Jones, the well-known author of several books, presenter and trainer at conferences and in webcasts and a lot more.
  • Several interesting tips for your scripting


  • We go into the history of PowerShellCommunity.org and future plans for the site. We also go into detail on the sections of the website and the mission of the non-profit organization behind it all.
  • Don gives the last holdouts a really hard sell for learning PowerShell.


  • Huddledmasses.org: Editing Media Tags from PowerShell
    • This started out as a question on the #PowerShell IRC channel (irc.freenode.net) about how to edit tags on mp3 files, but we quickly discovered TagLib#, which lets you access and edit tags on not only mp3s, but on everything from asf and avi to wma…
  • PowerShell Team: Supporting -Whatif, -Confirm, -Verbose – In SCRIPTS!
    • J. Snover: “This is a super-important issue so you should definitely start using this in your scripts that you share with others (that have side effects on the system). Please try it out and blog about it to others so that it becomes a community norm.”
  • $cript Fanatic: Creating and managing processes in PowerShell
    • Shay covers several ways to create and manage processes. WMI, .NET and more. Good stuff.

We ran long with Don, so combined with the slow news cycle for the holidays we just skipped the news this time.
Don’t forget–we love feedback. In particular we’d like to know if you like the guests, or do you like more of the one vs. one approach? It’s a lot of fun to have guests on the show and to do the special interviews and segments. Please let us know if this is getting to be too much or any other thoughts you may have. If you have ideas on guests you’d like to hear, let us know.
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