Episode 19 – The Scripting Games are on

PowerScripting Podcast

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.


  • Scripting Games now open by the time you hear us!
  • Citrix Workflow Studio“Workflow Studio, a member of the Citrix Delivery Center product family, is an IT process automation solution that enables you to compose, integrate and orchestrate rule-based workflows across your application delivery infrastructure. Workflow Studio acts as the glue across the IT infrastructure allowing administrators to easily tie technology components together via workflows that enable the system to truly operate as a dynamic delivery platform.”
  • Jeff’s Scripting Blog and More: Practical PowerShell Jeff Hicks is writing a new monthly column for a new eJournal from RealTime Publishers. “The column, Practical PowerShell, will be a regular feature in Windows Administration in Realtime. The eJournal is a free PDF although I think you have to give up an email address.”
  • Windows PowerShell : The Semantic Gap There are 2 worlds: 1. The world as we think about it. 2. The world as we can manipulate it. The difference between these two is what is called the semantic gap.


  • New Video Podcast: PowerShell-Basics.com This is created by Steve from the A Couple of Admins Podcast.  He wanted to create a screencast-only video podcast.  His first show should be out by the time you hear this.




  1. Report all of the USB devices installed
  2. Background a time-consuming task

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