Episode 21 – One-half of Jeffrey Snover


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

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This week, our Intrepid Heroes talk about News in the PowerShell world, bring you fresh Resources from the wild Internet, and share their experiences in the Tips section, with you, the Listener. Oh--and we also interview JEFFREY SNOVER! In case you don't know who he is, he's basically like the Thomas Edison of scripting.

Interview with Jeffrey Snover

And now a word from our sponsor:

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Be sure to listen to the show for the interview. You can read a list of the questions here. The interview ran really long (which is awesome), but at an hour and a half, it was too long for our format. So, we decided to split it into two main chunks.
There is stuff in this interview you have not heard anywhere else before, so check it out. Maybe some people don't like it when Jeffrey talks so long, but we sure did.



Stay tuned, kids! We'll be back after a brief message from our sponsors.

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      The Tips are brought to you today by our friends at ShellTools.

Did you know that PowerShell Plus is a great XML editor? In addition to .PS1 files, you can also work with .PS1XML help files and .PSC PowerShell Console files. Other new features include a really cool console preview pane in the editor which makes edit/test/correct workflow very easy. You can download it today at shelltools.com.

  • Some notable built-in aliases you might not have noticed:
    • diff -> compare-object
    • group -> group-object
    • iex -> invoke-expression
    • ii -> invoke-item
    • sleep -> start-sleep
    • sort -> sort-object
    • kill -> stop-process
  • We discuss a forum post which asks, "How can I verify a URL redirection?" We answer the question using the System.Net.HttpWebRequest .NET object.(from powershellcommunity.org)
  • Assign multiple variables in one expression (Get-PowerShell blog). Andy gets all the air time today.


This one-liner lets you quickly make a GUID (globally unique identifier):
write ([string][guid]::NewGuid())
Also don't forget to check our blog from time-to-time, we like to post little tidbits in-between shows like one-liners so don't miss out! Hal just posted a PowerShell kitchen timer one-liner today.
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