Where did the time go?


First, I go on vacation (this is Hal typing). Then, Jonathan has a big project at work which takes up our next available studio slot. Then, my weekend just totally filled up end to end. I'm afraid we still haven't gotten Episode 23 out yet, folks! But fear not, this will not become a habit. We were really good about the two-week rotation, we'll get back to it very soon.
In the meantime, let me tell you what we're working on in upcoming episodes:

  • An Active Directory special which will have not one but TWO MVPs (plus Jonathan who is a pro himself) around to answer your questions.
  • A VMware special with a manager for part of their powershell efforts and possibly one of the devs on that team.
  • IIS7 has a new PS Provider which will give you a filesystem-style interface to your site's data and metadata (so I understand so far). We're trying to line up the MS Program Manager for that tool, he's volunteered so we just need to make the schedule work out.
  • We've got the WinRM special. I think we'll be able to get someone from the Server 2008 team to show up for that.

And there are a ton of other stuff out there. For example, I just realized we should have a Group Policy special, I know who to call upon for that. GPO Guy to the rescue! Oh, and MOM/SC, I know a local MVP for that who I'll draft for the cause.
What would help us out more than anything from you guys reading is to leave feedback on the blog or send email in to [email protected] and let us know what strikes your fancy the most. Or if you have specific questions about the above technologies relating to how you can use them with PowerShell, send them on please.
We'll get that next episode out RSN!

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