Episode 26 – Keith Hill

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A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

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We’ve got a great show lined up for you today.  I am really pleased to announce our guest: Keith Hill, a well-known developer in the PowerShell Community.  Also, as we hinted during the last show, your participation and support makes advertisers happy, and when they’re happy, they give away stuff.  This one is cool because many will enter–and many will win!  Stay tuned for details.  And as usual, we’ve got a bunch of news, tips, and resources to share.


This week’s show is brought to you by Quest Software.

For a limited time, Quest is offering Powerscripting Podcast listeners a free copy of Jeffery Hicks upcoming book, Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell: TFM from Sapien Press.

Go to www.quest.com/powerscripting to register for your copy and download their free graphical user interface, script editor and Active Directory commands.

  • Dmitry (from Dmitry’s PowerBlog) has a tutorial on how to do the impossible–install PowerShell on 2008 Server Core!
  • Marco Shaw wrote a chapter on PowerShell in the newly released Windows Server 2008 Administrator’s Companion according to Marco’s blog post it’s about 80 pages and is an overview intended for administrators that are new to PowerShell.



  • //O// has a beta version of his WMI explorer that uses WPF


  • Article from Dimitry from the PowerGUI team: Execute PowerShell Scripts from Your Smartphone
    Suppose you are on vacation/commute/away from your desk and get an emergency IT request. Would not it be cool to just text the PowerShell commands from your phone to your desk, have PowerShell over there execute the script, and send you back the results?
  • Joel from Huddled Masses has written a powerful snapin for working with HTML and XML files.
  • Dev tip: How to Register Cmdlets, Providers, and Host Applications
    This section describes how to register cmdlets, Windows PowerShell providers, and hosting applications with Windows PowerShell.
  • Hal’s Get-Parameter script (need to blog it first, don’t want to give out this link: http://powershellcentral.com/scripts/255)
  • Bunch of CTP2-specific stuff:
    • Remoting with PowerShell QuickStart(PowerShell Team blog)

      PowerShell V2 introduces a new capability which allows you to remotely manage machines in your organization. I will give a basic overview of PowerShell remoting here and follow it up with some adavanced topics later. Are you ready for the fun..

    • Fun with Script Cmdlets (PowerShell Team blog)
      Script Cmdlets are one of the coolest things about the newer version of PowerShell.  A Script cmdlet allows you to use all of the variety of cmdlet parameter sets inside of PowerShell functions.

    • PowerShell Transactions QuickStart (PowerShell Team blog)
      The second CTP of PowerShell V2 (CTP2) introduces full engine support for transactions – groups of actions that can be finalized or undone in an all-or-nothing way.
    • Joel from Huddled Masses wrote a couple of posts about using STA (Single Threaded Apartment) mode and a few other CTP2 goodies to build some wicked-cool GUI elements using WPF and XAML.

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